15 Most Comfortable Safety Shoes

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There are lots of potentially dangerous situations in a typical work environment including uneven or greasy surfaces, electrical hazard, heavy objects and extreme weather fluctuations. In the presence of these dangerous situations, the work environment can pose a threat to life. However, this can be managed if certain safety measures are observed.

If you find yourself in a work environment where danger lurks at every corner, then a simple protective hat and proper clothing aren’t enough to guarantee your safety. In such cases, you must get yourself some safety workwear.

We have compiled a list of 15 of the most comfortable safety shoes available for the protection and comfort of your feet. We have outlined their major features and presented their pros and cons to make your safety gear shopping a simpler undertaking.

Understanding Safety Shoes

Safety shoes include every footwear designed with the intent of protecting against hazardous situations. The best safety shoes are designed to protect your feet from the dangers of heavy or pointy objects which may fall on the feet in a possible workplace accident. A midsole palate is often included to protect the feet from punctures that might occur when one steps on pointy objects.

Types of Safety Shoes with Varied Toe Protection

Toes are the most vulnerable parts of the feet therefore, the toe area demands extra attention during the production of safety shoes. Below, you will find a variety of safety shoes outlined with an emphasis on toe protection.

Steel Toes

The international standard for safety shoes states that the material protecting the toe must be able to withstand an impact of 200 joules and bear a resting mass of 100kg. Steel has so far proven to be the most reliable material for making the toe protection area because it is not easily damaged and it has been observed to bend without breaking.

Alloy Toes

Alloy toes are like steel toes in many ways; they meet the international standard for safety shoes and do not break under pressure. They offer a little extra since they are thicker and 50% lighter. Being lighter, they allow for ease of movement.

Soft Toes

Soft toes are best suited for comfort as they do not offer any real protection to the users. They are useful for such jobs that present no real hazard for the toes like Plumbing.

Composite Shoes

Composite shoes are made of plastic or carton fiber and comply fully with the international safety shoe standard. Because of the raw materials used in its formation, composite toes are lightweight. They are non-metallic and non-magnetic therefore, they do not affect the temperature of the feet. Because of its non-metallic and non-magnetic nature, composite toes offer protection against electric hazards.

How to find the Most Comfortable Safety Shoes

most-comfortable-safety-shoesSafety shoes should be chosen based on the work environment in which you intend to use them. The dangers of wrong shoe selection may simply be minor injury or  a complete loss of a limb. Below are features you should look out for when selecting safety shoes.

Material and Build

Safety shoes are made out of different materials of varying weight. If you are the type that has to get around a lot while engaged in your duties at work, you may want to choose a safety shoe made out of lightweight material.

Getting the right sole and heel is also important as your heel and the sole of your feet need protection. Most safety shoes come equipped with Kevlar, aluminum or steel midsoles to offer your feet maximum protection from pointy objects that might cause a puncture.

Those who work in damp, slippery or oil-slicked areas need to wear shoes with high traction and slip resistant soles. Some shoes offer multi-directional treading underneath for a better grip. Some safety shoes possess acid-resistant soles to protect the feet in cases of hazardous chemical spills


Most times, the feet and the toes bear the brunt of long hours spent standing in the workplace.

One of the major elements of comfort is ‘fit.’ You must ensure that you get the right measurement to guarantee comfort and top-notch performance.

Comfort can be determined by the prevalent situation in your workplace; some work environments are extremely hot while others are cold. Go for breathable safety shoes in hot climes, this allows easy circulation of air through your feet at all times. Breathable safety shoes will mean less sweat and cooler feet.

In cold climes, chose safety shoes that insulate your feet from the cold.

Durability and Safety

Durable safety shoes can be your best defense against accidents in the work space. Brands know this which is why lots of them are experimenting with boot construction methods that will help them improve durability

To successfully combat such unhealthy situations as mud, debris, wet gravel or snow, durable safety shoes should be waterproof. These unhealthy situations can ruin non-durable shoes.

There are specific shoes designed to ensure the safety of specific professionals. A professional facing the dangers of electrocution should get a safety shoe with an electric hazard rating and top-notch fortification. Such shoes are made of fiber or rubber which are 100% non-metallic and non-conductive to electricity.

List of Most Comfortable Safety Shoes

  1. KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe (Top Pick)

KEEN Utility Men's Atlanta Cool Low Steel Toe Work...

With KEEN Utility Men’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Work Shoe, you get complete protection for your feet!

KEEN Utility men’s Atlanta Cool steel toe work shoe provides some of the best safety available. With these shoes, you have a blend of casual looks with functionality.

Deservedly occupying the number 1 spot on this list is the KEEN Utility shoe. It does not slip on oily or slippery surfaces and does not allow metal or stone chips get embedded in the sole.

Material and Build

This lightweight safety shoe possesses a steel toe, uppers made of water-resistant nubuck leather, a slip-proof non-marking rubber outsole and a double density compression-casted Eva midsole. Rounding it all off is a removable dual-density Eva footbed and a hydrophobic mesh lining.

The lightweight safety shoe has a good traction and weighs 19.22oz/544.3g. Its heels are about 1.25” while the shoes come in US size 7-15 in black, gargoyle and shitake colors.

The safety toes are left and right asymmetrical and meet ASTM F2413-11 I/75 and C/75 safety standards

KEEN shoes are easily cleaned. Simple stains can be removed with a wet cloth while stronger stains can be removed with a bristle brush or a hand towel


The internal support mechanism of the shoe including the footbed design and mesh lining is built to provide arc support and help maintain the feet’s natural balance.

The waterproof breathable mesh uppers allow better airflow which keeps your feet free of excessive sweat. The steel toes, rubber soles and the protective wraparound outsoles promote both safety and comfort. Keen Utility shoes can be worn casually outside the workspace because of their high comfort level.

Durability and Safety

Keen Utility safety shoes are built to withstand slippery surfaces. whether you are confronted with tiled/concrete surfaces or work at a metal shop, the shoes are equipped to get you through hazards posed by pointed objects, jet fuel and oil spillage.

With such quality materials for the sole and the durable heel support, the shoe won’t wear out even if you have to walk 10-15 miles on concrete surfaces daily. It is designed in such a way that your feet is a bit higher than in your average shoes thus protecting your feet from puddles while improving the shoes’ shelf life.


  • Left and right asymmetrical steel toes
  • Oil and slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Mesh liner allows for good airflow and also keeps your feet warm in cold weather
  • Complies with safety standards
  • Possesses reflective webbing for extra safety


  • The pull up and slide tight lacing systems makes the laces looser than it should be.


  1. Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe EH Industrial and Construction Shoes

Timberland PRO Men's Powertrain Sport Alloy Safety Toe...

You aren’t ready for work if you don’t have the Timberland PRO Men’s Powertrain Sport Alloy Toe EH Industrial and Construction Shoe on your feet!

This shoe is designed specifically for industrial and construction workers. With an athletic and casual design, the Timberland Powertrain offers comfort and complete protection through the long day.

It is not only prime for the workspace, it can also serve for home improvement and such outdoor work involving power tools.

Material and Build

Timberland is one of the leaders in the production of safety shoes, especially for industrial use. The Timberland Powertrain is made with premium microfiber, good leather and strong breathable mesh upper layer.

The shoe’s toe area is made of alloy material to provide lightweight protection and flexibility.

It has mesh lining which provides comfort and odor control while its conductive polyurethane midsole removes static from a hazardous work environment.

Its fiberglass offers structural support for industrial tasks while the polyurethane outsole is completely resistant to abrasion. A single shoe weighs 570grams while available US sizes range from 7-15.


The Timberland Powertrain comes with 24/7 Comfort SuspensionTH technology, a comfort technology built specifically to meet the safety demands of construction sites. It offers full support and cushions the feet to reduce feet fatigue.  Timberland will refund your money 30 days after purchase if you don’t feel comfortable.

The alloy-toe lightweight shoes are made from strong and breathable athletic mesh to allow good airflow to your feet. Its width provides extra room for the feet so that the edge of the shoes do not rub against the feet. The mesh lining comes with antimicrobial treatment to help with sweat control.

Timberland’s anti-fatigue technology absorbs shock and provides energy at key parts of your feet to aid comfort. Because it is well-cast with an inverted cone structure, it minimizes the materials needed for its production thereby maintaining a lighter boot and heel weight.

Durability and Safety

The Timberland Powertrain is SD static-dissipative safety compliant which means users have premium protection from electrical hazards posed by open circuits.

The alloy asymmetrically toes do not wear out easily. The Timberland Powertrain can last long even in cases where they are worn 40-70hours a week on concrete surfaces.


  • Alloy material for toe protection
  • Synthetic sole for lightness
  • Premium abrasion-resistant material
  • Antimicrobial mesh lining for odor control
  • Anti-fatigue technology
  • Non-metallic shank for improved safety and support


  • Insoles should have been given more attention
  • It is not waterproof


  1. KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoes

KEEN Utility Men's Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe,...

You can be sure of avoiding most hazards with this KEEN Utility Men’s Flint Low Steel Toe work Shoes!

This shoe combines protective duties with full comfort and high performance. It is a good fit for carpenters, construction workers, warehouse workers, contractors travelling across jobs and industrial personnel

Material and Build

The shoes come in either Gargoyle or forest night colors. It has Nubuck leather uppers, steel toes and rubber soles. The heels are about 1.25” with a platform that stands around 0.5”. The left and right asymmetrical steel toes are specifically built to hold the feet perfectly without discomfort.

The shoe has Torsional Stability Shank (TSS) which offers nice mid-foot support and non-optional double-density EVA footbed for comfort. The outsole is oil and slip resistant and the heel lock is contoured. Available sizes include US 7-15.


The Low Flint shoes have asymmetrical toe protection and the large toe box allows space for the toes to flex and breathe.

The shoe is designed to provide a comfortable fit for your heel.

The inner part of the shoe is designed with a mechanism that provides great arch support to mid-foot and provides balance for every part of the foot. The CleanSport NXT ™ is a technology that allows good airflow which combats excessive sweat while providing natural odor protection.

Durability and Safety

It possesses soft soles with good traction and its treads do not wear out easily. Walking continually for more than twelve hours daily will not cause wear on the shoe.

It has molded support on the toe area which protects the feet from abrasion and mild impact. Keen has patented a toe protection system that offers some of the best protection from accidents. Flint Low safety shoes do not slip on wet surfaces.

The shoe complies with ASTM F2412-11 and F2413-11 MI/75 C/75 EH safety standards.

This shoe is also a good fit for warehouse workers who need steel toe shoes to protect their toes from falling objects.


  • It is oil and slip resistant
  • It offers protective steel toes with leather uppers
  • The toes have extra room and are not cramped
  • Provides natural odor protect


  • It is not waterproof
  • The thin lace tongues can make laces dig into the skin


  1. Timberland PRO Men’s 47015 Titan Soft-Toe Lace-Up

Timberland PRO mens Titan? Soft Toe oxfords shoes,...

The Timberland PRO Men’s 47015 Titan Soft-Toe Lace-up gives you extra miles.

The Men’s 47015 Titan safety shoe is a class above other safety shoes because of the quality that went into its construction. If you work long hours, with at least 10 thousand steps daily, then these shoes are the best fit for you.

Material and Build

The 47015 Titan shoes come in Haystack Brown colors. They are lightweight and are designed to be worn throughout the day. It is available in US size 7-15.

It has full- grain leather uppers, matte-finish and subtle soles which means it can be used for both industrial and casual purposes. A single shoe weighs about 602grams/1.33 pounds

It has a polyurethane midsole and a high-rebound EVA heel insert which provides heavy-duty feet cushioning and energy transfer. Its Polyurethane footbed with mesh lining has antimicrobial properties which help with dry feet and comfort.

Timberland PRO® rubber comes with a heat-resistant rubber compound which offers better traction on wet surfaces. The shoes also possess additional features like; soft-toes, pleasant footbed, cement construction, and well-built slip resistant rubber outsoles.


The shoe possesses an adaptive comfortable footbed that regulates temperature and maintains the comfort of your feet in both hot and cold weather. These materials possess antimicrobial properties that combat excessive sweat and helps to control odor. Those who suffer from foot pain will gain relief from the soft inner lining.

The shoe has PowerFitTM comfort systems that align the comfort zones of the shoe to help with ease of movement and ensure maximum comfort. Are the shoes  uncomfortable? you will get a full refund from Timberland if you return the shoe within 30days.

Durability and Safety

The 47015 Titan is anti-slip and holds one up on slippery surfaces. The shoes are waterproof.

Its leather uppers are triple-stitched and are wear-resistant. The shoes can be put through 12hour workdays because it is made of tough leather that can withstand cuts and abrasions.

Other features include, Antimicrobial properties, contoured design, polyurethane footbed and a molded heel cup. The shoe can be used for work situations or to make a fashion statement in a casual look. The 47015 Titan can stand the test of time.


  • You can return it after 30days if it does not offer you comfort
  • Offers protection from electrical hazards
  • PowerFitTM comfort Technology


  • The soles could have been made stronger.


  1. Timberland PRO Men’s Titan Safety Toe Oxford

Timberland PRO Men's Titan Safety Toe Oxford,Haystack...

With Timberland Titan Oxford safety shoes, you can work on any surface!

These shoes have been designed with two major aims, Safety and reliability. Its wonderful features help working professionals operate at their best with an assurance of their safety. It offers comfort, high performance, durability and all-round protection.

Material and Build

Timberland Titan Oxford shoes come in haystack brown color and are made of smooth, premium, full-grain leather. It has practical laces, a simple sole and good traction. Its soles are made of a strong, heat-resistant rubber compound which means a strong grip on all surfaces. The Titan is very light when equated with other shoes with steel toes.

These shoes do not just help you stay safe while you work, it is also stylish. Some of its best features include alloy toe protection, soft footbed, cement construction and slip resistant rubber outsoles.

The leather and cement construction offer reduced break-in time and a spacious fit. The midsole is made of polyurethane which offers lightweight and strong cushioning. It comes in US sizes 7-15.


Timberland PowerFitTM comfort technology ensures smart alignment of all the major elements for increased mobility and comfort. It offers necessary support to aid convenience all through the day. Timberland allows a 30-days return policy if you do not find their shoes comfortable.

It features a polyurethane footbed with Outlast®, Adaptive Comfort® technology and anti-microbial properties that allows air flow and helps maintain drier Feet.

Durability and Safety

Titan® has a light and durable body and its asymmetrical-shaped toe cap mean the shoe will stand the test of time.

The shoes meet electrical hazard guidelines. It offers underfoot protection so that even when you step on live wires you will be safe.


  • Very comfortable
  • Ankle boot with a synthetic sole
  • Lace front with metal grommets and padded collar
  • PowerFit comfort System
  • Alloy safety
  • Reduced break time


  • It does not have toe protection


  1. Sketchers for Work Men’s Synergy Eskron Alloy Toe Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Synergy Ekron Walking...

Are you looking for roomy shoes? Sketchers is your best bet!

These shoes are perfect for people who stand for 10-12 hours daily for work. If you desire the most comfortable safety shoes with alloy toe protection and full leather uppers, these sketchers are your best bet.

Material and Build

The Sketchers Synergy is an innovative product designed with strong, ultra-light aluminum and other quality materials. It comes in black charcoal colors and is available in the US sizes 7-13

It possesses layered trubuck leather uppers that are smooth, supple and durable. The shoe is fashionable with its synthetic overlay, side S logo and stylish a lacing system. It has stitching accents, stabilizing heel overlays with padded collar and tongue.

The lining of the shoe is made of a soft fabric and a relaxed Fit® technology for comfort. The midsole absorbs all shock while the outsole is made of OSHA-compliant slip resistant rubber.


There is no need break-in Sketchers Synergy because it is comfortable and soft on any feet right out of the box. The comfort is guaranteed by a memory foam insole and soft leather. The shoe guarantee safety and comfort while remaining a good fit for every profession.

For people who have to walk 20-40 miles on concrete floor daily, the soft memory foam and supple fabric lining guarantees a painless experience.

Durability and Safety

The Sketcher Synergy complies with ASTM F2413-2011 I/75 C/75 safety standard for heavy impact and compression. With lightweight safety, your feet are protected from all hazards whether you are working in the yard or doing heavy construction work.

The shoes also meet slip resistant Mark II guidelines ASTM F11677-2005. The Sketcher Synergy surpassed a score of 0.40 under damp/oily conditions.


  • It has a smooth leather body with synthetic overlay
  • Memory Foam Insole for comfort
  • Alloy toe to keep it light
  • It is slip resistant and offers protection from electrical hazards


  • It does not allow good airflow


  1. Timberland PRO Men’s 40008 Mudsill Low-Steel-Toe Lace-up

Timberland PRO Men's 40008 Mudsill Low Steel-Toe...

For maximum Workplace performance, get yourself the Timberland Men’s 40008!

The Timberland Men’s 40008 safety shoes possess all the features of the Timberland safety shoe brand.

It features premium materials that offer comfort and toughness. It surpasses the ASTM safety standards and delivers expected high performance.

Material and Build

This shoe is designed for rough and tough work situations. The major features of the Timberland Men’s 4008 include  breathable full-grain leather, soft fabric uppers, easy nylon and leather ghillie lace-up system. US size 7-15 are available.

Other features include an Ortholite polyurethane footbed with anti-microbial, cement construction that offers minimal break-in time, EVA midsole and Nylon shank that provides structural support. One shoe weighs 672 grams/1.48 pound 


 These shoes are ideal for workers who work in a warehouse, forklift drivers and workersstepping on and off stairs and uneven surfaces for about 10hours and more every day. It allows for maximum standing comfort.

For the best fit, chose a wider size because your feet might swell from a long period spent in a standing position. With wider shoes, your toes will have more room. The antimicrobial properties keep sweat and odor away. The shoe is lightweight with a steel-toe that offer good arch support and strong construction.

Timberland’s 24/7 comfort suspension technology helps reduce foot fatigue, supports foot arch and makes every step comfortable.

Durability and Safety

The Timberland Men’s 4008 is built for durability. It features a rough leather, spongy molded EVA midsoles and strong rubber outsoles that are oil and slip-proof while offering protection from electrical hazards.

The internal back heel and the outer leather remain intact and durable No matter how long you work or walk.

The Timberland Men’s 4008 is waterproof as the footbed never allows water get in which improves the shoe’s durability. It also offers good protection from snow and slush.


  • It possesses steel safety toe
  • It offers protection from electrical hazards
  • It offers cement construction for a quick break-in time
  • It provides easy nylon and ghillie lace-up system
  • PRO 24/7 comfort suspension system


  • The sole’s tongue does not the best grip
  • The shoelaces aren’t long enough.


  1. Skechers for Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-Fit Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Felton Shoe,black,11 Extra Wide...

Skechers Work Men’s Felton Slip Resistant Relaxed-fit work shoe can reduce your chances of sustaining work-related injuries.

The work shoe is an excellent addition to the long line of work shoes released by the award-winning lifestyle brand. Not only is it very functional in work environments but trendy. The shoe was designed with the needs of industry and manufacturing personnel in mind while maintaining a style typical of trendy sneakers.

Material & Build

The innovative release from Skecher was build using resilient and top-quality materials. The materials also provide a great deal of comfort and safety to the feet. The ultra-lightweight non-metallic composite-toe footwear is available in the most widely used shoe sizes (7-14 US) and comes with a synthetic sole.

The heels and platform are of sizes 1.25″ & 1.0″ respectively while the show in general has a lace-up vamp and hard-stitch on its uppers. As expected, the trademark Skechers logo ‘S’ is located on the tongue and side of the shoe.

The full-grain leather work shoe maintains a casual sneaker design and have memory foam topped comfort insoles. To top it all, it is very stable and has high protection abilities, thanks to its flexible slip-proof high-traction rubber insoles. More importantly, it is OSHA-compliant and very flexible, making it very cozy to the feet.


There are not so many workshoe that are as comfortable as Felton workshoes. The ultra-light weight makes it very comfortable to the feet even in tough work conditions. It comes with jerk-resistant midsoles that provide good support for the user when he/she is moving heavy objects for several hours.

It is the recommended work shoe for you if you have reason to stand for several hours or work in really damp floor conditions. Comfort is assured because of its memory foam padded insole insert and padded collar and tongue.

Durability & Safety

If comfort is the most important pro of this shoe, its durability and safety is not so afar off. Its soles are anti-slip and the leather oil-proof. This makes it suitable for areas where water is mostly used. Take, for example, commercial kitchens. It is also an ideal choice for clay tile floors because of its excellent slip resistant factor. Speaking of its slip resistant factor, the outsoles on testing passed the ASTM F11677-2005 Mark II testing standards on spotless red quarry tile. In oily situations, the results showed it to be at the 0.4 mark.

It is also very durable and can last long before its treads begin to wear out fully. Its ASTM F2413-2011. I/75 C/75 rating also makes it highly resistant to compression and heavy brunt.

One of its critical pros is its resistance to electrical hazards. Having satisfied the ASTM F2413-2011 EH, it is approved and certified electrical hazard-proof. It can oppose discharge as high as

Felton is anti-slip and oil-proof. These shoes are great for working in commercial kitchens and the slip-resistance factor is good enough for the clay tile floors. Outsoles pass ASTM F11677-2005 Mark II testing standards on spotless red quarry tile. The slip-proof outsoles display a result of 0.40 under dripping/oily situations.

Felton lasts long enough to wear down the tread. The shoe meets ASTM F2413-2011. I/75 C/75 standards for heavy brunt and compression. Felton has a decent level of longevity based on use. 18 kV 60Jz AC for 1 minute with no electricity flow in excess of 1 mA. It also provides protection for surfaces to prevent them from having any contact with electrically-charged appliance.


  • Protection from electrical hazards
  • Build provides protection from slips and oil
  • Soles have high traction with surfaces


  • Memory foam is located only on the heels
  • Shoes are long but now wide


  1. Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Work RB4016 Athletic Safety Shoe

Reebok Work Men's Sublite RB4016 Safety Toe Athletic...

Keep your feet protected and comfortable with Sublite Athletic Safety Shoe by Reebok!

Sublite workwear is fabricated explicitly for driven, tireless personnel. It has a solid design modeled after the world’s best athletes. The Reebok Work men’s Sublite Work is crafted with modern innovative technology, and it’s ultra-light and durable. It infuses resilience and flexibility into a long-lasting build, making it suitable for carrying out tedious workplace activities.

Obtain the Sublite Work Safety Shoe for optimum protection if you work in a regular industry, factory, storage building, or factory site with high safety standard requirements.

Material & Build

Sublite is made with an authentic anti-slip rubber sole that prevents falls on slippery or wet surfaces. It offers solid steel-toe and double-fold shock dispersing resistor protection. Besides, Sublite comes with softened EVA footbed, cushioned midsole, and a FootFuel™ injected removable that provides endless comfort for elongated standing hours at work.

The superb side edges MicroWeb ensures a steady grip and perfect fit with leather covering for the upper parts of the shoes. The upper parts of the shoes are well covered with leather to avoid metal exposure. There is a sublite foam technology for a feathery weight that makes it easy to lift and keeps your feet stable. SR tread ensures firmness and comfort.

The Reebok Work Men’s Sublite Work RB4016 Athletic Safety Shoe can be purchased in black color, and the US sizes 4-14.


Reebok Sublite has lasting support and is resistant to shocks, high impacts, and instability. Its FootFuel™ footbed tech is flexible and expandable, giving optimal control and solid grips on rough, greasy, or uneven floors.

Sublite’s excellent airflow design withstands extreme temperatures and high humidity. Its breathable nylon mesh makes it a great shoe to wear in the summer months or during an extreme heatwave.

Factory workers or individuals operating near heat-producing equipment like powder ovens will find the footwear is moisture-wicking even in high temperatures up to 450°.

Trip resistance properties provide seamless lift-off and cushioned step for durability and elongated lifespan.

Durability & Safety

The Reebok RB4016 Sublite shoe has an excellent grip performance with ultimate anti-slip and anti-fall attributes. These keep your feet rooted regardless of your weight or floor-type. Sublite prevents foot injuries for cruise ship workers or personnel who regularly have to walk miles on tiles or other hard floors.

Hazard resistance and anti-wear and tear soles with foot protection, locked-in fit, and seamless adaptation for runners.

Reebok Sublite is made from high-quality materials combined with a reinforced exterior that you will hardly need to replace in a long time. Reebok hits out of the park with Sublite’s durability and high quality that is typical of the brand.


  • Has EVA cushioned midsole with high performance steel toe
  • Dual resistor with static disperser
  • Anti slip outsole tech plus comfortable  FootFuel™ footbed
  • 100% Versatilility with high surface responsiveness


  • Requires some time for break-in


  1. Skechers for Work Men’s Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe

Skechers for Work Men's Hartan Slip-On Shoe, Dark...

Need a pair of non-trip, comfortable slip resistance work shoes? The Skechers for Work Men’s Hartan Steel Toe Slip-On Shoe is your best safety footwear for work!

Hartan slip-on shoe features a casual, edge cutting seamless stitching with the standard resistant outsole for comfort and protection. This shoe is made to give you a snug fit while providing all-time safety in the most tedious workplaces. Featuring a breathable steel safety toe and sturdy slip resistant sole, the Sketchers Slip-on keeps your feet stress free under the most exhausting worksite standards.

Material & Build

Hartan slip-on design in different sizes from 7-14 (US) reflects the emphasis on durability and tone protection. Available in brown color, all the materials used are genuine. The upper leather is resistant to wear while the side and heel overlay is incorporated for improved guard against injury.

This shoe combines comfort and style with the beautiful embossed top panel and neat, detailed stitching. You can wear the Skechers slip-on work shoes for a stylish look on a casual outing or a tough workday on the job site.

High-level protection begins with its rubber anti-oil outsole that keeps you safe from falls with unmatched traction and trip resistance. The double side-elastic fabric panels and  Relaxed Fit® design with gel-infused memory foam insole make it easy to slip on and a comfortable snug fit.

Your feet will appreciate the fluffiness of the long padded collar and inner lining made of fabric that allows your feet to breathe. Finally, the shock-resistant midsole ensures zero impact or imbalance when an unavoidable contact occurs.


The Hartan slip-on has a stable, impact-resistant steel toe cap for safety shoes with no need for a break-in period. If you’re a warehouse worker or regularly walk long miles daily on slippery floors, you need the Sketchers Slip-on. Its memory foam insoles provide the comfort your feet need with adequate support for your ankle.

Enjoy flexibility and resilience and avoid foot fatigue and with the soft fabric inner and cushioned memory foam. You can also remove the insoles whenever you want. The shoe is designed to provide enough room for the natural flexing of your toes with a super-wide steel toe. However, the wide range sizes mean you should consider testing if you have a small or narrow-foot width.

Durability & Safety

There is no question that the Hartan slip-on shoes are durable. Featuring a steel toe safety level approved by OSHA and perfect for work-related ruggedness, the shoes meet the ASTM F2413-2011. I/75 C/75 guidelines for extreme stress and compression.

Besides being safe, the Hartan slip-on is resilient, has high wear, tear and puncture resistance, and a guaranteed long lifespan.

Hartan is better known for electrical hazard resistance. It protects you from open charged circuits with electrical hazard (EH) safe fabrication specifically for work environments with high and exposed electricals risks. The shoes are also EH-safe rated and strictly comply with approved ASTM F2412-2011 regulations.

Finally, Hartan slip-ons are nonslip shoes made with moisture resistant properties and ultra-light steel toes that prevent slips when you walk on wet or oily floors. The Slip-resistant outsoles are often meet or exceed the 0.40 score in moist conditions under the ASTM F11677-2005 Mark II testing principles on quarry tiles.


  • Shoe design is safe from Electrical hazard (EH) and exposure
  • memory foam Gel filled shoe inserts
  • Cushioned anti Slip outsole made of rubber
  • Durable leather upper overlay steel toe shoe


  • Wide fit shoe may be unfitted for narrow foot


  1. Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910 Skate Style EH Safety Shoe

Reebok Work Men's Soyay RB1910 Safety Shoe,Black...

Put your best foot forward with the ultra rugged Reebok Work Men’s Soyay RB1910 Skate Style EH Safety Shoe!

This elegant masterpiece from Reebok possesses outstanding safety features borne out of uniquely fabricated steel-toe work boot design. Soyay is innovative and stylish with effective electrical hazard protection and non slippery safety outsole suitable for the most rugged factory and job site activities.

Material & Build

You get to choose a Black Oxford Soyay in different sizes from 5-14 (US) with a classic complete-grain suede leather upper coupled with the support provided by the slip resistant rubber sole.

The classic skateboard oxford shoe leaves no stone unturned: adequate protection against electrical hazard, skid-proof  Grip Master outsole plus soft protection EVA midsole.

You can remove the soft Eva shoe insole or leave it in for your feet to revel in the snug feeling of the rubber heel insert. It also has a delicate lining of nylon mesh and firm grip outsole that provides stability and balance for long-standing hours or any strenuous undertaking.


Keep your feet breathing with the nylon mesh lining that provides airflow in extreme temperatures. If you work with high heat-generating ovens or have to stay around furnaces for an extended period, you need a pair of Soyay. It expands to enhance the airflow so your feet can stay comfortable and dry. EVA cushion insert has a firm grip with sponge and rubber heel wedge that is very easy to slip off when you want.

Soyay guarantees excellence in wearability and hardiness with its authentic Suede leather upper for extreme industrial work while ensuring toe comfort.  Let your feet enjoy maximum comfort and steadiness with its high-traction rubber and EVA cushioned outsole.

Durability & Safety

Anyone engaged in up to fourteen hours of movements either in workshops or substantial industrial activities on hard floors or tiles should have a pair of Soyay for maximum flexibility and ease of movement without any foot fatigue or discomfort.  A perfect fit if you are working in the automobile industry, mechanic workshop, or with oils and chemicals.

Reebok Skate Style EH has been independently tested and certified to meet the authorized ASTM F2413 testing standards. The footwear is designed for all-round protection against accidental contact with electrically charged objects. It has no metal openings that can cause charged wire or circuit accidents.

It is highly resistant to abrasion and wears from chemicals. The detachable EVA cushion insert and rubber heel wedge combination offer the best protection from protruding objects, metals, and high temperatures.


  • Stylish skate-design  with ultimate safety
  • Oil- and abrasion-resistant & anti-chemical damage
  • Optimum electrical hazard safety
  • Ultralight and convenient


  • Has weight and requires time for break-in


  1. Skechers Men’s Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp

Skechers Men's Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnel...

Glide through your workday with reliable comfort and ease in the Skechers Men’s Work Relaxed Fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp!

Smooth work-relaxed fit Soft Stride Grinnell Comp features a roomy fit with a sturdy build and lets you believe in comfort and slips resistant work designs. The Sketcher relaxed fit shoes are great if you work on construction sites, concrete, wood industry, automobiles, or steel manufacturing, or sometimes engage in outdoor trekking.

Material & Build

The Black and Gray Skechers Soft Stride Comp was made with the composite work shoe design without sacrificing style.

The upper part is made of genuine oiled-suede leather coupled with the best quality synthetic mesh fabric to make a classic work shoe. Grinnell has an exotic mashup of casual, work, and sporty outlook with its super stylish lace-up, synthetic side stripe overlays, and well-detailed stitching accents. The 1 1/2 inch heel shoe comes in a range of US sizes -16.s

With a shock-absorbing detachable midsole and memory foam footbed,  Grinells offers extended cooling for your feet without any discomfort or pain. The Soft mesh and fabric shoe lining with stabilized mid-foot and slip resistant traction outsole reduces the risk of slipping while working


Skechers never slays comfort for style. The Grinnell shoe has a perfect snugly fits that hugs the feet in as soft-cushioned memory foam with frictionless insoles. Put your best foot forward in this super airy, breathable shoe with mesh fabric. There is no need for a break-in period. Rest easy knowing you can enjoy long-lasting comfort. Even after a long trek or extended standing at work, your toes remain dry and fresh. There is enough room for natural feet movement, so you experience no aches, numbs, or sores.

Though well known for its unique combination of ruggedness and safety, Grinnell has arch support and tread, offering superior grip without dig into your feet or causing friction. The arch support provides stability and slip resistance when moving heavy objects. At the same time, the Memory foam acts as a shock absorber for movement on tiles or hard concrete floors. They are comfortable while walking/light hiking in wet conditions, or running to catch trains.

Durability & Safety

Reinforced with sturdy lightweight toe to protect your feet from spiky or protruding objects. Durable oiled suede leather upper features for wear resistance, strength, and extended support. You won’t need to be changing your shoes in only a few months. The shoe satisfies ASTM F2413-2011. I/75 C/75 testing standards for brunt force and sudden compression. It’s Electrical Hazard (EH) safe design is rated ASTM F2413-05.

Slip-resistant sole meets ASTM F1677-96 Mark II guidelines at a 0.5 coefficient on drenched and greasy surfaces. Also, they are perfect for working in oily garages, metal surfaces, or highly slippery industrial floors without fear of slips, falls, or skids.


  • Steel safety toe work shoes for exceptional protection against slips
  • Tested under guidelines for impact and compression
  • Smooth oiled-suede upper


  • non-removable Insoles


  1. New Balance Men’s MID627 Steel-Toe Work Shoe

New Balance Men's MID627 Steel-Toe Work Shoe

With this work shoe from New Balance, you can work with no hassles in any work environment.

The steel-toe work shoe has a relaxing feel to the feet. Afterall, it was designed to offer comfort all through the day.

Its safety property isn’t compromised either as it protects the feet from potential hazards. It sturdy outsole provides enough support to the under-feet. As earlier highlighted, the steel toe provides enviable protection to the feet. Why not take off the burden of working under strenuous work conditions by wearing safe and comfortable work shoes. Perhaps, most importantly, it is very durable.

Material & Build

The New Balance MID627 weights only about 488 grams and has a wide range of sizes (7-18) using US charts. The rubber sole and the following synthetic overlay might look ordinary at first glance but they are not in reality. Together with the ABZORB cushioning, they provide the feet with enough protection from electrical hazards. The upper part of the shoe was constructed from choice materials like leather or suede and in some models, woven textile.

The difference in height between the forefoot and the heel is about 10mm while there is a 52 durometer insert present in the shoe. The outsole is a slip resistant one while the shoe comes with an EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) foam footbed that furnishes the feet with unrivaled cushioning.

The IMEVA (injection-molded EVA foam) midsole was installed for a sturdy yet smooth cushioning while the Gusseted tongue was put in place to improve the protection in the mid-foot area,


When it comes to comfort, the New Balance Men’s MID627 Steel-Toe is one that keeps resurfacing. It just more than coming with a breathable build, Its slip resistant outsole, tempered steel-toe cap and foam cushion all provide a lot of comfort to the feet.

If you are still not satisfied with the padding that came with the shoe, you are allowed to include an extra padding. There is also enough room for your toes to move about in the show. Using this shoe, you can stand for 8-12 without any complains of aching feet.

The EVA foam included in the shoe is one of the biggest pros in buying the shoe. It is very comfortable and can be worn through the day. This is especially true of most individuals with a high instep or high arch.

Durability & Safety

To guarantee its users an additional layer of safety, the shoes were tested using ASTM F 2913-11 standard. The resultant value was 0.7 in arid and drenched conditions while it gave 0.5 for soaked and greasy conditions. As expected, the slip resistant sole worked perfectly well on oil, coolant spills and water. This makes it a good fit for warehouses where liquids are regularly used.

Quite remarkably, the shoe does well in electrically charged zones. It dissipates electricity through a walking plane consequently reducing the exposure to statistic electricity. This property satisfies the standards and requirements listed by ASTM F 2412-11.

This lovely from New Balance has a tempered steel toe cap that protects the toes and feet from getting hurt by falling heavy objects.

627 features a broad-flanged, tempered steel-toe cap that offers safety in dangerous work situations (meets ASTM F 2413-11, I/75 and C/75 brunt and compression safety guidelines)


  • High slip resistant properties
  • Midsole contains Injection-molded EVA foam
  • Perfectly arched heel drop


  • Not exactly waterproof
  • There are complains about the left and right steel toes not being asymmetrical


  1. KEEN Utility Men’s Destin Low Steel Toe Work Shoe

KEEN Utility Men's Destin Low Steel Toe Work Shoe,...

KEEN Men’s Destin Low Steel Toe Work Shoe gives your feet optimum protection when you have to work long tedious hours in the industry.

A great choice for adhering to even the strictest safety guidelines, KEEN men’s Destin Low steel toe work shoe is highly protective of your feet and has a slightly lightweight enough for easy lifting. Not only is this shoe very roomy so your toes can enjoy natural flexing, it is also trendy – an ideal choice for casual outings.

Match KEEN men’s steel toe shoe with any personal protective wear for complete workplace protection. You can stand long hours, walk miles or run conveniently as the insoles hugs the natural curves of your feet in soothing softness.

Material & Build

KEEN has a long-standing reputation of innovation and quality. The Destin Steel work shoe is excellently crafted from long lasting resilient materials. It features a synthetic sole with double asymmetrical steel toes and a cozy insole that you can choose to remove whenever you want. The upper part of the shoe is made with a fine mix of leather and textile.

Maintain balance and support while working on the job site or factory with the METATOMICAL EVA footbed with double density. KEEN design is great for working in the industry and also perfect for casual outings or boardroom meetings. The shoe is easy to clean and has a weight of about 22.1 oz or 625.5g

The outsole of Destin men’s low work boot is made with super slip resistance material to prevent trips or falls on wet and oily floors and surfaces. The full featured logo safety shoe has the KEEN logo embossed on its sides and is available in Cascade and Bombay Brown size 7-15.


The Destin Steel toe shoe is a rare work boots that offers comfort, style and protection all in one. The Hydrophobic/Hydrophilic 2-zone stress-free innovation has a soft and smooth foot lining so you do not feel any cramps after standing for long hours or walking on uneven floors. The roomy inner and high arch is especially suitable for individuals with wide broad feet and offers a soft insole that supports both the feet and the ankle.

KEEN steel toe is highly recommended if you have a high preference for perfect fitting. The sizes have no discrepancies and you can be sure of getting your exact fit. If there is any need, you can remove or replace the insoles with anyone of your choice.

Durability & Safety

KEEN utilises a foolproof protective design that keeps your feet snug without compromising durability. The extreme comfort outsoles and advanced steel toe technology provides a soft protective covering for your toes and allows for easy flexing and movements.

With ESD-safe and anti slip soles, the shoe has thick abrasion resistance and a wide outer part that lasts long without wearing at the edges. More than that, the leather material that provides most of the outer covering is water proof and highly resistant to unfavorable weather.


  • Complete grain soft textile and waterproof leather material
  • Flexible removable insoles
  • Leaves enough toe room, with a high arch and heel-box
  • Soles are resistant to greasy floors and protect from electrical hazards


  • Shoes are a little heavy


  1. PUMA Safety Men’s Metro Rio SD

Puma Safety Blue Mens Leather Rio Low SD AT Oxfords...

Get a great dose of comfort and flexibility with the Safety Men’s Metro Rio SD by PUMA.

The brand delivers their absolute best with this safety work boot that offers excellent work protection if you work within any job site that has high risk of electrical discharge. Protect yourself with its static dissipative feature and work with confidence. PUMA men’s Metro provides body charge conduction and meets the highest safety standard for static electricity reduction. It also prevents shock impacts with the highly innovative anti slip soles.

Material & Build

PUMA delivers on style and safety with this Safety Mens Metro Rio that is made with fine suede leather and a unique perfect fit technology. The heel is one of it’s high points with a height of 1 12” and an EVA soft cushioning pad that gives you optimum shock and impact resistance.

Metro Rio comes in US sizes 7-13 with a trendy lace up and stitching different from your average work shoes. Flexible BreathActive lining plus Evercushion® PRO footbed soothes the feet and provides dry airy comfort even when you sweat. Most of all, the slip proof TPU outsole has high traction, is ultra light and easy to lift.


The highlight of PUMA Metro Rio is its high level of comfort. The shoe is topnotch when it comes to fitting and toe protection. The BreathActive lining technology plus the insole makes it airy and reduces discomfort from sweating. High arch and wide design provides support for weak ankles and flat foot while the super soft footbed offers underfoot comfort.

With PUMA Men’s metro shoes, you can work all day on your feet and enjoy smooth and seamless break-in.

Durability & Safety

Metro Rio safety shoes have improved resilience and is resistant to shocks and heavy impact. If you work in areas with risk of compression, the shoes provide adequate safety through its aluminum toe cap that passes ASTM F 2413-5 I/C 75 testing guidelines. Outsoles have the best traction, are anti-slip and provide safety when working in wet or oily surfaces.

For electricity hazard environment, the shoe offers an encompassing static electric protection through accumulation reduction and protects against accidents from contact with electrical circuits. The shoes pass the testing guidelines for ESD on safety from electrical components and server hardware while the heels provide stability and excellent shock resistance.


  • Aluminum toe cap provides safety
  • Shoes pass testing guidelines for brunt & compression
  • Lace-up design is unique and offers protected fit


  • The shoe has a relatively small tongue

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