10 Best Work Boots for Women

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If you are a female trying to carve out a career in harsh workspaces, you need the best work boots for women you can get for several reasons we will discuss in this article.

Because of the innumerable dangers prevalent in the workplace, safety wears have become more important than ever. The mitigation of such hazards is the reason work boots have become an indispensable part of the apparel required of industrial workers whether they be males or females. Even persons whose jobs are on the fields or spacious industrial areas are not excused from the aforementioned safety requirements, irrespective of their duties on site.


Guaranteed Safety

With work boots, you will be safe from several hazardous occurrences and objects in the workplace like sharp and protruding objects, falling heavy objects and dangerous chemicals. The right protective footwear also reduces the probability of electric shocks, injuries or foot trauma.

Great Grip

Most work boots possess slip resistant outsoles that allow you to work and walk on slippery and uneven surfaces without the fear of a fall. Workers whose jobs are carried out in a slippery environment experience improved productivity and fewer injury records with slip resistant work boots.

Improved Foot and Leg Support.

Jobs in which work boots are compulsory are such that involve tough and repeated physics activities. The legs are bound to grow tired and become more vulnerable when your lower body doesn’t receive any real support. Most work boots have an extra heel, ankle and arch support built-in to cushion the demand placed regularly on these body parts.

Full Comfort.

Productivity levels are known to drop when workers are not comfortable. The workday becomes more tedious and elongated so that at the end of your shift, you feel like you have gone through a crucible, all you want at the end is to free your feet and get some much-needed rest. Acquiring work boots that fit perfectly will remove some of the discomforts automatically. Wearing the wrong size of boot is amongst the major causes of discomfort while purchasing bargain boots with little or no cushioning is another causative factor of discomfort.

Stylish when paired with hard hats and coveralls.

Nothing else will look as good with your work clothes as work boots. Work boots scream readiness for tough jobs as well as hard hats and coveralls and as we already know, ladies work better in the right apparel.


All work boots offer the same basic protective features but there are several variations and specialized types built specifically for particular jobs or functions.

Designed for Functionality

Steel-toed Safety Boots

This is the most ubiquitous workboot style. Every manufacturing company and construction site management demand that their workers wear these sort of boots. This type of shoes come with steel plating on the toe cap to ensure that your toes are kept safe from heavy falling objects, sharp objects, chemicals, burns, etc. They are made in the form of comfortable sneakers and also in the style of the popular conventional leather clogs.

Puncture-Plated Outsole Boots

There are numerous professionals in dire need of protective footwear besides construction and industrial workers. Law enforcement officers, miners, demolition teams, rescuers and foresters face the danger presented by sharp objects and other hazards in the line of duty. Before a boot is adjudged to be puncture-plated, it must undergo rigorous standardization tests. If it successfully undergoes corrosion-resistant outsole plating built to withstand 270 pounds of pressure and an outsole material that exhibit zero chances of cracking after it had be put to use and flexed over 1.5 million times, then it can be considered puncture plated.

Weather-Proof Boots

Weatherproof boots are designed to withstand negative weather conditions and because of this, they are always insulated and waterproof. Insulation and waterproofing materials are used in a balanced manner to ensure it is useful even to those who work in warmer or dryer climate. Mesh materials are built into some of these Waterproof boots to keep the water out while ensuring acceptable levels of warmth. Other boots are thicker and built to keep both cold temperature and water away.

Electric Hazard boots.

Electric Hazard boots are designed specifically with a special sole and an upper material that stops the flow of electricity from the shoe to the ground. With such protective measures in place, the wearer is protected from electrocution. They are particularly important for workers who have to contend with artificial or natural electricity in their workspaces. Before a boot can be called an electric hazard boot, it should be able to protect one from a minimum of 600 volts of electric current.

Boot Features to consider


First questions to ask yourself before picking a boot; “What is my line of work? What do I need this boots for?” most boots appear the same, a weatherproof boot looks exactly like a puncture-plated boot and may look interchangeable, yet, both shoes are designed to protect you from specific dangers, each of them doing a particular job.

Another detail to consider is the height of the boots, are they high-cut or low-ankle boots? This is important because it influences how well your boots function. Low cuts offer more mobility for people who have to work on their feet while high-cut boots do better keeping cold and moisture out.

Material and Construction.

A boot made of premium quality products will offer you more protection than one built with lower quality products. This means you should be interested in the quality of the material used in building the uppers, midsole and outsole of your boots. The materials used in making boot uppers differ for many products, some use premium leather, others use mesh, textile and Aluminium to make a great safety boot.

The best outsoles are made of high-quality leather, although most brands have been known to create an exclusive synthetic sole for specialized boots. Puncture-proofing, insulation, electricity and water-resistance are features created with extra materials.

A lacing system that will stand the test of time is dependent on the quality of the lace and hooks. The lacing system is important because it plays an important role on the wearer’s long-term comfort and productivity in the workplace.

Fit and Comfort.

You should be comfortable in the fitting of your boots. Feet size and width often differ from one individual to the next and it remains particularly important that you choose a pair of boots that does not offer safety features required of your job, but also ensure your feet are well-supported and comfortable as you do your job.

Generally, women’s sizes are usually 2 sizes smaller than men’s sizes. While this is true, some brands request you just go a size below to allow enough room for toe movement and thicker socks. Some brands and boots are designed for people with wide feet while some are designed for users with narrow feet, designated D for narrow feet and EE for wide feet.

List of the Best Work Boots for Women


Timberland PRO Women's Titan WaterProof Boot,Brown,9.5...

Sitting comfortably at the top spot for the best women’s work boots are Timberland’s Pro Women’s TiTAN Waterproof Boot. This is an all-weather, traction boot designed to carry you through heavy-duty workdays without adding the drag average working boots offer because of their weight. What’s more? It’s stylish too!


The PRO TiTAN men’s boot has an all-leather design with an appealing slender profile and a pseudo-heavy-set appeal. The contours are designed to provide steady footing and are not too bulky for the feet. It has mid-high shafts which go above the ankle with the sole purpose of providing great support while in motion but dip a few inches lower at the back to ensure your ankle has all the comfort it needs.

It has an easy-to-clean and water-resistant leather uppers attended by a durable form. It is supported by TiTAN alloy at the toe cap for that indispensable safety workboot feature. It also possesses a durable outsole made of slip and oil-resistant rubber material enhanced by efficient and high-traction lug pattern.

Its high-quality design equips you to thread extreme weather conditions, protects you from electrical hazards and offers outstanding grip.

Material and Construction

The full-grain leather used on this product has been cured to make it a stronger and firm. Its stitching is done with great precision to ensure the boots remain in their best condition even when they are exposed to extreme weather conditions or environment. The TiTAN speed-lacing hardware is incorporated into the boots along with thick round laces in fish eye hooks that ensure lacing up is easy, fast and secure.

For extra heel and ankle support and reliable cushioning, the insole is coated with rebound heel inserts. The midsole is made of polyurethane and contains a strong shaft extending 6 inches from the arch which ensures sole and arch support.

It has an outsole made of the special Timberland PRO rubber-based material with slip and oil-resistant consistency. This ensures the perfect grip and firm footing on difficult surfaces, the sole is also electric hazard certified.

Fit and Comfort.

Some might consider this boot a tad heavy since it took 6 pounds of solidly built materials. This may be unacceptable for workers who must remain mobile at work but the little weight offers better bearing and does not present such inconvenience that similar boots with very low safety features offer.

Practicality is assured by PRO TiTAN’s comfortable weight and interior. Full day comfort is guaranteed by the mesh lining and textile cushion on the inner. This boot is made out of a combination of rubber and leather yet it remains lighter than most heavy-duty work boots at 6 lbs. Because of the soft leather and well-lined interior, Break-in period is short.

For odor control, the shoe has Agion antimicrobial treatment in place with Outlast Adaptive Comfort temperature sock cover that ensures moisture never builds up in the shoe.

Break-in time is made much shorter by the soft leather, the TiTAN alloy safety toe allows flex room for your toes, a Mesh comfort lining with Agion microbial treatment ensures odor control while a polyurethane midsole offers durable cushioning.


  • Waterproof leather.
  • Mid-high shaft for forward support and rear mobility.
  • Roomy TiTAN alloy toe cap.
  • Strong-grip traction outsole.
  • Protection against electric hazards.
  • Fast and secure lacing hardware.
  • Lightweight leather uppers.
  • Odor controlling antimicrobial technology.
  • Comfort temperature sock to ensure dry feet


  • It feels stiff before the break-in
  • It’s a tad too heavy, not great for hiking



KEEN Utility Women's Detroit Mid Steel Toe Work Boot,...

Here is a hardworking boot designed for hardworking women. The KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Steel Toe Work boots are designed to stand strong under wet conditions, offers great traction and toe protection. Above all, it offers a hard-ass look that will go well with your favorite work ensemble.


The KEEN Utility Women’s Detroit Steel Toe Work boots are a tough low-cut boot that blends the comfort and fit of hiking boots with the functionality and protection of safety boots. KEEN leads the market in designing hiking boots. Their hiking boots are known for a natural and snug fit, roomy toe cap and high traction soles and it is these mouth features that KEEN has brought into the workboot market.

These features can be seen in the moulded steel-reinforced toe cap, built to ensure your feet are free from minor impacts, abrasion and other harmful elements in the work space. The snug fit ensures the heel enjoys additional support. The asymmetrical shape of the toe box ensures the boot follows the foot’s natural contour which means lots of flex room.

Although the boot is waterproof, pouring rain can still penetrate the interior which means it is not advisable for you to stand out in the rain or storm. If you are forced to stand in shallow water or take a quick jaunt through the rain, these boots will stand its ground as water-resistant work boots.

Material and Construction

The Detroit has a blend of leather and textile uppers just like most of KEEN’s hiking boots and active footwear. While the leather is there to guarantee waterproofing and provide safety, the Mesh textile material ensures breathability and comfort through the long day.

The steel toe cap is built into the Detroit’s strong slip resistant rubber outsole, an outsole which is guaranteed to move with ease along slippery and unsteady surfaces because of the aggressive lug pattern designed for a powerful grip. Arch support is provided by a strong shaft that extends a good 5.25 inches from the arch.

Also incorporated into the Detroit’s mesh fabric is the KEEN dry technology which keeps moisture out while ensuring breathability for assured warm and dry feet.

Fit and Comfort

Because of its style of design, combining the best features of hiking boots and safety boots, the Detroit offers the best comfort and support to its wearers. Despite the strong and sturdy toe cap, the boot remains a lightweight 2 pounds, weighing 3 times lighter than Timberland’s PRO TiTAN. This lightweight nature means the Detroit is best suited to jobs that require that the wearer to be constantly in motion otherwise, the difference in weight wouldn’t be very perceptible.

The lightness and the comfort of the interior layering make this workboot one of the best for walking or working in the streets, beach or mountainous terrain.


  • Steel toe cap
  • The heel fits snugly
  • An asymmetrical toe box means the shoe follows the feet’s natural contour.
  • Waterproof uppers
  • Great traction
  • Good fit
  • Comfortable interior
  • Useful for outdoor activities, urban and mountainous terrain.
  • Exceptionally lightweight.


  • Its low cut design means very little support for the ankle
  • Although it’s waterproof, the low cut design means it can’t stand heavy downpours and flood water like its mid-cut equivalents.



TimberlanD Women's White LeDge MiD Ankle Boot,Dark...

The White Ledge Women’s Hiking Boots from Timberland functions much like the PRO TiTAN but with a lighter make-up.


The White Ledge was originally designed to be a hiking boot, much like the KEEN Detroit. But compared to the PRO TiTAN, it is much lighter at 4.2 pounds which makes it a go-to-wear for outdoor activities.

It has a weather-proof body and a heavy-grip sole suitable for making the long rounds in challenging fields during the rainy seasons. Its high-traction sole ensures mud doesn’t cake over and protects the wearer from an accidental fall.

You receive the right amount of vertical support for your ankles and legs without inhibiting your gait due to the ankle-length cut-off which means you are in control during hikes.

The obvious absentee is the traditional steel toe safety feature which is a potential deal-breaker for most people who work in construction or certain industries. For less harsh work environments, the wide and solid toe box offers a good layer of protection.

Material and Construction

The mesh textile on the uppers of the White Ledge is limited to the cuffs and tongue edges while the rest of it is covered with sturdy waterproof leather, unlike the Detroit hiking boots. The seams are expertly constructed and do not allow water in. These boots handle rain showers very well although you cannot slush through a pool of water in them. The white Ledge is your man for all-weather, dedicated to service throughout the year.

Despite the stiff outer covering, your feet are still very safe from blisters because of the gusseted tongue and padded interior. This is even truer in the first couple of weeks before they are fully broken in.

Timberland’s D ring and speed hook lacing system provide fast and easy lace-up to promote efficiency.

To establish a secure and unique grip for its safety boot line, Timberland incorporated its Motion Efficiency System into the heavy-duty rubber outsole.

Fit and Comfort

Just like other fitting work boots, the White Ledge is built to offer full comfort through active workdays. It has a snug fit and remains easy on the arches because of the nice padded collar, gusseted tongue and a trim heel design. You also have an insole layered with a removable, Dual-density EVA footbed for additional heel and arch support.


  • It isn’t too heavy at 4.2 pounds.
  • Waterproof leather and water-sealed seams.
  • D-ring and speed hook lacing hardware.
  • Padded interior and gusseted tongue for a snug fit and comfort
  • Dual-density Eva Footbed
  • Full comfort


  • It doesn’t have a steel toe
  • It is a tad heavier than most hiking work boots but it makes up for this with the great comfort and nice feel on offer through a long day.



Ad Tec womens Logger Boot, Brown, 7.5 US

We have only presented low-cut and mid-cut ankle boots so far which are all good except for people who would prefer high-cut, heavy-traction boots like the Adtec Women’s 9” Logger Brown Work boots.


While most hybrid women’s work boots are intent on giving consumers a bit of everything that should be on a workboot, the Adtec Logger is specifically built for intense yard work and for improved productivity on slippery and difficult terrain.

The high cuff length provides enough ankle and leg support for your intense outdoor work. It also protects one from heat, dangerous objects and venomous animals like the snake. Besides the above, the long cuffs are bound to keep your feet warm and dry on rainy weather.

What you have here is a high-traction workboot that has oil-resistant synthetic soles with deep lugs running into its 0.5-inch platform and 1.5-inch heels. With this kind of traction, you can walk on snowy paths, rough farm lands and yards with more ease and comfort.

Material and Construction

The uppers are designed with a crazy horse water-resistant leather built into the sole with Goodyear welt construction technology. It has soft, plain toes without a steel plating underneath, which poses no problems for outdoor use where its fashionable imported leather is generally accepted as possessing enough protective qualities.

It has an imported synthetic sole built as powerfully as the leather uppers. You have a midsole supported by a 7.75-inch shaft for a comfortable arch support. The lugs on these boots are top-drawer lugs, they are deep, positioned strategically to ensure a reliable wear in any weather or terrain.

Fit and Comfort.

Most brands advice you to get a size or two above the normal size for work boots to ensure you get enough room and air for thick socks, the Adtec logger workboot is designed to fit you snugly. Get your standard size, it even leaves enough room to ensure your feet aren’t squished.

These boots are very tough and demands some time to be fully broken in. It retains a warm and snug fit all day which makes it fit for rigorous work. Despite its merits, it is not good for hiking at any pace because the new leather is often rubbing against your heels and ankles while the long cuffs aren’t comfortable for long hikes because they are less flexible and inhibit strides. If you need it for yard work in changing weather and rough terrain, then it provides you with the best traction and protection you need.


  • Leg support and protection is provided by the high cuffs
  • Full-traction lug sole.
  • It has water-resistant crazy horse leather.
  • Comes with a good year welt construction
  • It has a 7.5-inch shaft
  • It is warm and snug for all kinds of feet
  • It has a wide toe box for space and toe protection


  • It has no steel toe protection.
  • It doesn’t protect against electric hazards
  • It is no good for long hikes
  • It has a tough upper leather that isn’t easily broken in.



KEEN Utility Women's Canby 6' Alloy Toe Waterproof Work...

If you desire shoes that offer you lots of comfort while you walk and work, go for KEEN Utility Women’s Canby AT WP Industrial and Construction shoes


The Canby AT WP is constructed to provide your feet with enough room for unencumbered fast paced motion just like all of KEEN utility boots. The Canby is designed for strong-grip and for all weather.

The non-marking, oil-resistant outsole has a well-designed lug pattern on it for exceptional traction. Its uppers are made of the typical waterproof, breathable membrane which KEEN is known to use in its trusty working and hiking boots. It has an Aluminium supported toe box which is lighter than steel toe cap.

It is a mid-cut boot designed to provide a combination of ankle support and free movement with high front cuts that dip lower at the bank. It has a hardy lacing hardware, triangular D-rings and rear grip to secure the knots in place.

Material and Construction 

A combination of gray leather and breathable textile make up the upper materials. The leather ensures sturdiness and waterproofing while the membrane ensures breathability for your feet even during long days.

Its midsole is a compression-molded EVA designed to provide a snug and comfortable layer for the soles while protecting the wearer from the tough outsole which possesses 90-degree heels for arch support.

Fit and Comfort

The Candy AT WP is a lightweight and comfortable workboot which means it is perfect for a good hike or a heavy-duty work in industrial and construction sites. It fits nicely for both wide footed folks and those of narrow feet.

This boots are obviously comfortable offering great protection from falling debris and sharp objects, yet, it will not protect one from electrical hazards which is a major consideration in most heavy-duty jobs that involve electricity operated machines. It also provides very little sole protection against sharp objects which one might accidentally step on. Before you purchase these, consider your workplace and whether you can sacrifice all these other safety features for the comfort Canby AT WP offers.


  • It has lightweight Aluminium toe support.
  • It has water-resistant and breathable leather and mesh uppers.
  • Its mid-cut cuffs allow for uninhibited movement and ankle protection.
  • slip resistant rubber outsole
  • Strategic lug pattern.
  • Secure, sturdy and easy lacing system
  • Comfortable compression-molded EVA midsole


  • It doesn’t possess electric hazard certification.
  • It is water-resistant but not waterproof.
  • Its synthetic uppers are less durable than pure leather
  • Poor lower leg support



Skechers Women's Relaxed Fit Workshire Fitton Soft Toe...

Sketchers Workshire Fit-on Women’s Boot blends durability and comfort perfectly. It doesn’t really have all the necessary workboot features but if your aim is to acquire comfortable work boots that lasts a long time, these boots are your best bet. This brand also has Skechers Work boots for Men to select from


The Workshire is an ankle boot made of leather with cuffs reaching up to five inches above your ankles. With this design, you are offered lots of foot and leg support for the long and demanding workdays.

It has a rubber outsole that provides good traction. Although the lugs do not go as deep as those on the Adtec logger boots or the Timberland Pro TiTAN, they grip level and rough surfaces well-enough to provide you with good footing. The leather uppers are not fully water-resistant but are thick enough and warm enough to ensure that your feet are warm and dry when you are caught under unexpected showers. If you are caught under sustained rain showers or have to wade through large pools of water, you may not be so warm and dry.

Metal eyelets and thick round laces which holds the boot comfortably in place make up the lacing hardware. While the toe box has enough flex room for your toes, it does not have steel plating.

Material and Construction

It has authentic leather upper that is tough and durable, more so when the wearer takes good care of it after every use. It has strong rubber outsoles which is slightly adaptable under the arch to help keep it comfortable for hikes whilst also offering full underfoot protection despite the fact that it isn’t a puncture played shoe.

It has soft cushion overlaying its interior and breathable textile to ensure comfort and breathability beneath the sturdy leather exterior.

Fit and Comfort

Yorkshire takes its nice roomy features from Sketchers’ Relaxed Fit design. The brand came up with this design to offer hard working women a good pair of heavy-duty boots that also provides them with maximum comfort.

To offer relief for the tension that often builds up in the ankle and lower leg, these boots are designed with padded tongue and a thick cushion.  It has a removable Memory Foam insole and great interior cushioning for a perfect fit which gets even better as the boot is put to use. To crown it all, you have a pull-on tab built into the heel panel to facilitate easy entry.


  • Great ankle and leg support.
  • It provides great traction for hikes and heavy duty jobs
  • Its leather uppers is water-resistant
  • Great lacing hardware
  • Relaxed Fit design.
  • Removable Memory Foam insole
  • Pull-on tab included


  • It does not have steel toe plating
  • It is not slip resistant
  • Poor traction
  • Doesn’t offer electric hazard protection.



Thorogood Women's 6-Inch MO Work Boot, Brown, 8 M US

The Thorogood Women’s 6-inch MO Workboot may look a little too relaxed for a workboot, but it can be a beast when you take it to the worksite.


The MO workboot is a US made 6-inch workboot that offers great protection for the heel, ankle and lower leg. It has a flatter sole than most work boots with a heel just a few millimeters higher than the platform yet it provides optimal comfort especially for workers with wide or flat feet.

Although the leather is supported at the toes, there is no heel support which means it may not be the best choice for constriction or busy industrial sites.

To ensure you have a good grip and remain comfortable in uneven terrain, the midsole has an insert of Dual Density Shock Absorption Footbed.

Material and Construction

The elegant uppers are prepared from Tobacco-oil tanned leather which besides being sturdy also has a rich finish. It is constructed using Goodyear’s storm Welt construction which means the boot is weather-proof up to a certain degree.

It has a crepe sole positioned roughly half an inch under the arch and more than an inch thick around the heels. It provides excellent grip on slippery and uneven surfaces in spite of the fact that its lugs do not run deep. It is not as sturdy as most rubber boots on this list with reinforced rubber outsoles.

Fit and Comfort.

The Thorogood boot offers full comfort to ladies with wide or narrow feet. The base of the shoe is wide enough to accommodate flatter feet while its lacing hardware ensures a snug fit for any type of feet. The lace-up system ensures the boot stays comfortable and secure while guaranteeing necessary ankle and leg support.


  • Its 6-inch height aids full ankle and leg support
  • Its flat sole is suitable for flat or wide feet.
  • It incorporated dual density shock absorption footbed
  • It’s uppers are made of Tobacco oil-tanned leather
  • It has a Goodyear storm welt construction.
  • It has secure lacing hardware.


  • Poor water-resistance
  • Basic traction
  • Less durable outsole.
  • Zero electric hazard protection
  • Poor arch support




The 7124 mid-cut Waterproof and slip resistant Women’s Leather Boots are amongst the best from the Avenger Safety Footwear brand. This pair is very durable and offers a sturdy frame and durable outsole. It lacks many necessary safety features.


Although the 7124 looks simple, it is sturdy. It has an all-black leather blended with rubber components and crowned with secure round laces on round D-rings and upper cuff hooks. Its tough leather keeps water at bay while providing a strong and supportive structure for the toes, arch, ankles and heels.

Although the outsole is contoured to ensure support for strides during long hikes, hiking in boots with such tough hide as this one is not an idea worth encouraging. The lugs allow great grip which makes the boots great for working out of doors and on the yard. The 7124 is a great choice for those who work on wet or slippery surfaces because of its slip resistant rubber outsole.

Material and Construction

The boots upper is constructed from full-grain black leather with waterproof membrane. Cushioning is provided in the boot’s interior by soft and breathable textile. The black leather isn’t breathable and this might mean discomfort when used in high-temperature environment. One advantage of the thick leather is that your feet are kept warm, dry and relaxed in cold climes.

Fit and Comfort.

In a bid to ensure ease of movement without compromising on ankle support, the 5-inch cuff banks are incorporated at the lower rear of the boots. The warm and dry feel offered by the boot provides a great deal of advantage to those workers who have to struggle against wet and cold feet throughout their shift.

The 7124 appears rather bulky and may not be a snug fit for users with narrow feet. It was designed to allow breathing room for the feet and also for the worker who would like a pair of thick warm socks.


  • Water-resistant
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Contoured sole
  • Full-grain leather uppers with waterproof membrane
  • Provides support for the ankles and heels
  • It has a roomy toe box for flex and a wide profile to allow for the use of thick socks.


  • Lacks steel toe reinforcement
  • May be too wide for narrow feet persons.
  • It is bulky
  • It doesn’t offer electric hazard protection



Twisted X Women's 9' All Around Work Boot - Versatile...

Here is your chance to go cowboy! The WAB001 Women’s All-around Work boots are there for when you want to get down in the dirt and get things done!


The Twisted X brand built their brand on the creation of authentic leather cowboy style boots and it is from their stable that this 9-inch multi-purpose boots are coming to the ladies. With the WAB001 what you get is the classic high-shaft, no lacing and square toe look.

The high-shaft handles the double duty of protecting your lower leg while on the saddle and also keeping you safe from insects and dangerous animals underfoot. The underside fits perfectly in most stirrups which means mounting and dismounting is made much easier.

You have a low heel made of rubber instead of the usual Cuban heel. The rubber outsole is there to ensure great grip and sure footing which makes the boot a good bet for utility purposes.

It offers the necessary protection you should expect from a workboot although you won’t be getting a very strong outsole or reinforced toe.

Material and Construction

It comes with comfortable uppers made of mesh-supported leather which are easily maintained because it can be machine washed and touched up with anti-bacterial technology. It possesses a moisture-wicking footbed tasked with drying moisture and ensuring dry feet. The insole is flexible and has a composite sandwich shank integrated for maximum stability.

WAB001 has an outsole made of flexible rubber slab with low lugs. Although the traction is nothing compared to that of some of the boots examined above like the KEEN Detroit, it can be managed on most level surfaces.

Fit and Comfort

This boot is designed to serve a variety of purposes although it is best suited to yard work and cowboy duties. The frame fits snugly on both wide and narrow feet while the shaft remains snug without inhibiting any other thing. With the warm and dry footbed, sweaty feet are put under considerable control while the wide outsole is designed to guarantee balanced footing and ensure a confident cowgirl.


  • It is 9-inches high
  • Mesh-supported leather uppers
  • It is machine washable
  • Incorporates anti-bacterial technology
  • It has a moisture-wicking footbed
  • Flexible insole with a composite sandwich shank
  • Flexible rubber outsole for balanced footing


  • Lack of steel toe reinforcement
  • Non-aggressive lugs
  • It is not slip resistant
  • It doesn’t offer protection from electric hazards
  • It is not suitable for long hikes, indoor or industrial work sites



Cat Footwear Women's Kenzie ST Construction Boot, Bark,...

Taking the final slot on the list is the Kenzie Steel Toe (insert link). These boots pays great attention to utility and durability without completely ignoring structure.


The Kenzie mid-cut boot has its shaft stretching 6-inches from the arch, a long way above the ankle. It has unremarkable uppers that offer the basic expectations of a workboot; steel toe protection, durable lacing hardware, cushioned cuffs, heel support, decent traction and comfortable interior.

All of these nice features are integrated into a slender non-compromising package. Although it doesn’t boast of premium slip-resistance, the lugs offer a good grip. It has uppers that offer considerable water-resistance and a sole that provides a decent amount of support and protection. It doesn’t offer protection from electric hazards and is not as sturdy as other boots with steel plated outsoles.

Material and Construction

It has an upper made out of full-grain leather that can resists water considerably. It also has reinforced steel plated toe box to provide basic safety in the workplace. It has a soft textile lining to ensure a warm interior.

It has a treated rubber outsole molded with a practical and fierce lug pattern which is durable albeit less flexible.

The boot construction follows safety and quality standards and meets ASTM certification.

Fit and Comfort.

Caterpillar boots have been known to run slightly above size which means it may be wise to get one just a half size under if you desire a snug fit. If you get one slightly wider, that space can be filled up with thicker socks or just allow your toes some breathing room.

Besides a good fitting, the Kenzie is considerably comfortable. The leather may begin to bear down on your ankle and heels when you have to work a long shift but it is undoubtedly better than most average work boots. Weighing in at just 3lbs, it is considered one of the lightest work boots in the market.


  • It is six inches high and mid-cut
  • Offers ankle and heel support
  • Steel toe protection
  • Considerable traction
  • Full-grain waterproof leather uppers
  • Lightweight
  • Full ASTM compliance


  • Hard leather uppers
  • Slightly too warn in high-temperature environments
  • Might run slightly higher than normal size
  • It doesn’t offer electric hazard protection.

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