10 Best Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery

There are times when you need to perform a foot surgery so that you find your lost anatomy and fee relieved. Some other times the best shoes to wear after foot surgery is the only reason that keeps you alive and makes you strong. After all, there is hope after such a serious medical procedure.

When staying in the hospital for a long period of time your feet are gradually changing in terms of size and sensitivity to external stimulations. This is the time when you should be aware of all dangers coming with the footwear that is not adequate after foot surgery. Your efforts should be toward the purchase of a special shoe type that decreases the possibility of permanent restraints to your feet when wearing them.

Things To Consider Before You Buy These Shoes

Some people think that all shoes are the same. This doesn’t apply to shoes that are supposed to be worn right after serious foot surgery. First, your new footwear after you leave the hospital should be lightweight and balanced enough to keep you safe when walking.

Then, their insoles must be made of foamy material that can adjust to the special shape of your feet. This is important since you don’t want to hurt your feet right after the foot surgery when your soft tissues are already swollen and inflammatory.

Finally, after surgery shoes should be roomy enough for your foot curve and foot arch areas. The softer the mesh and tongue the better for you. Not to mention that the forefoot area is among the most important ones to make you feel better again since its flexibility will determine the level of toe fingers mobility.

What Shoes You Need To Wear After Surgery

The best types of shoes that you should consider buying after a serious foot surgery are the sneakers. This type of shoes is absorbing all pressures coming from the environment and gives you a great sense of comfort when walking or standing.

Additionally, they are usually made of fabric that is lightweight and can serve multiple purposes. You need a lightweight shoe to anticipate the gravity which makes you hurt.

Finally, you should always keep away from the high heels shoes when you are exiting the hospital after foot surgery. This type of shoes may aggravate your situation and even cause you a lot of problems in the area that has been operated.

Benefits of The Broken Foot Shoes

Shoes that are determined to serve people that have a broken foot are specially designed for this scope. They have certain benefits that stand out among others and make them unique in the market:

  • Breathable making airflow coming in the inner side of the feet
  • Offer more room for the soft tissues to move without hurting
  • These shoes could rapidly heal the post-surgical trauma
  • They can adjust their sockliner to accept orthotics to help you walk
  • Post-surgical shoes are more cushioned in the heel and foot curve for comfort

Features of Sood Shoes To Sear After Foot Surgery

There are many benefits by the use of perfect shoes after serious foot surgery. These have to do primarily with keeping the normal foot movability without interfering in the healing procedure.

After major surgery in your feet, soft tissues down there may be severely damaged and irritated. There is only one solution to keep you safe and comfortable. Try to have shoes that are absorbing all the external pressures and can easily anticipate your weight when walking or standing.

Features of this kind of shoes include:

  • Excellent aerodynamic profile gives you more energy to walk
  • Outsole must be extra lugged for increased traction and grip
  • Insole is supposed to be cushioned and softer to adjust to the feet shape
  • Forefoot area is usually larger to keep toe fingers shape and mobility increased
  • Lacing system is usually avoiding laces and introducing straps for less pressure

Best Shoes To Wear After Foot Surgery

1. Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace

This is one of a kind pair of shoes that can give you more stability than ever before when performing foot surgery. It has been known as one of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery and this title has been given after much consideration.

First, it has a great shape giving you more energy when walking on standing. Then it has a pneumatic bracing which is removable and can withhold cast when needed.

You have plenty of room for dressing when needed. It is equipped with interior air cells for better protection of the operated areas, which can be inflated independently from other parts of the shoe.

Finally, it comes with a hand pump that helps you adjust the air pressure manually to the desired level of support. These are premium footwear for people who are trying to recover from a massive foot surgery.

2. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

Another great type of shoes that are registered as one of the best shoes after foot surgery in general terms. It has special anatomy low-profile and soft that keeps you mobile and safe when you most need it.

It has a black color that matches all your dressing needs no matter if you want them for formal use or leisure time. The lacing system is made of elastic rubber bands that are embracing the foot arches without exerting extra pressure to the swollen feet.

The shoes are having extra room for the cast to easily enter and also give more importance to your comfort by adopting special cushioning on the footbed area.

They come in medium size and are well fitted both for male and female users as well.

3. Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace

The right pair of shoes for you to recover quickly from painful foot surgery. This special series of shoes are well known to be one of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery for reasons that are identified in the market.

They have a semi-rigid shell that supports the limb without hurting it. There is a soft strike technology which can absorb all external pressures and keep the healing procedure going.

These shoes are also having overlapping, duplex air cells that provide intermittent pneumatic compression to reduce the edema.

Finally, these shoes are open frame, enabling a lot of airflow to your inner part of the feet.

4. Vive Post Op Shoe – Men, Women Fracture Recovery

One of the most revolutionary shoes you may choose after surgery. They are considered as best shoes for after foot surgery and can help you a lot with the healing process.

They are adjustable to wear either to the left or the right foot. A secure fit is provided with the powerful straps which are not pressing the feet. There is also a versatile toe design that can be used in both feet as well.

Finally, such shoes are equipped with non-skid rubber soles to make your grip monumental no matter how slippery the terrain you are walking on maybe.

5. Ossur Rebound Air Walker Boot

These shoes have a great profile that meets the expectations of all younger people having undergone a serious foot surgery. They are mentioned in the list of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery for several reasons.

First, they can feet all sizes for men and women and are extremely easy to apply on feet that have cast after a serious injury.

There is also a special device called air walker that reduces the pressure from the Achilles tendon when walking or standing.

The integrated air pump gives you the chance to adjust the air pressure to the parts of the feet that need more protection.

Finally, the rocker bottom promotes a natural, stable gait while the soft toe bumper provides extra protection against mild impacts of the toe fingers.

6. BraceAbility Post-op Shoe for Broken Foot or Toe

These shoes have been proved to be extremely popular among the female population that has undergone foot surgery before. They are higher in the ranking for the shoes to wear after ankle surgery for extremely important features that they promote to the public.

First, they have a great strapping system that secures shoes to the feet without pressurizing them. There is also an anti-slip protection thanks to the rubber outsole, keeping you safe anytime.

Finally, they are opting out for comfortable mobilization thanks to the orthopedic soles that they have as well as their lightweight and breathable profile

7. United Ortho Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

An innovative type of shoes that are better handled to help people heal up after a massive foot surgery. These are the shoes that enter the list of the best shoes for stress fracture since they provide enough comfort to the swollen feet.

First, their plastic molded uprights with steel reinforcement are there for increased durability which helps support the limb while providing protection.

Rocker sole and shock-absorbing insole offer a sense of natural gait to allow doing all daily chores.

Then there are medial/lateral air bladders to give you the preferred compression and increase the level of comfort.

Finally, their shoes refer to size chart and understanding fit guide that includes all types of patients and shoes available in the world. You will definitely find the pair matching your size.

8. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

These shoes are registered as one of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery for several critical reasons.

First, they have a lower profile than the competition to help you put them on easily. They are made of quality rubber straps that keep your feet breathable all the time. Then you have a really comfortable insole absorbing all shocks from the environment when you are mobilized.

Finally, the shoes are excellent in anti-slipping abilities giving you a safe grip whenever you are able to finally start walking after surgery.

9. Premium Post Op Broken Toe/Foot Fracture Square Toe Walking Shoe

The type of shoes with great impact on persons that suffer from acute pain syndromes after serious foot surgery. These particular series is considered to be the shoes for stress fracture recovery of choice when your feet are still swollen and in severe inflammation.

They give you an essence of cleanliness since you can easily wash and rinse them. They also keep your feet breathable avoiding any hygiene problem after surgery.

They are equipped with an adjustable ankle strap to keep you safe when walking. These shoes are also performing a rigid rocker sole as well as traction sole to allow the use of ambulation and pressure reduction when needed.

10. Darco Slim Line Cast Boot

These are by far the most basic but effective shoes you can buy to wear after foot surgery. They are meant to be the best shoes to wear after foot surgery for their simplicity of use as well as their great ability to be put on and off.

They have a Velcro material to help you open and close them easily. These shoes are coming in a black color that fits all persons.

Finally, they can be worn on the right or left foot with the same efficiency.


The selection of the best shoes to wear after foot surgery is not an easy task at all. It is important to find the pair of shoes that keep you comfortable and lets your wounds heal up quickly.

Invest time and money in searching for the right post-operative shoes since they are the only tool to guarantee your recovery.

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