15 Best Shoes for Spartan Race In 2019

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One of the toughest races that a runner could pursue in his training log would be the Spartan Race. Traditionally, Spartan Race has been the historic run from Sparta to Athens in ancient Greece that a human messenger performed in less than a day. It is about a 300 miles distance which is not an easy task to do. Below are the best shoes for Spartan Race reviewed with better quality.

Nowadays runners are always trying to exercise in hyper-marathon races like the Spartan Race. But to be successful they need to wear the right shoes. This article is about the various shoe models that are currently on the market. Their advantages should be considered as an asset for every single runner that wants to train at a professional level.

Multiple chances are there for running shoes to present their qualities and thrive in terms of sales volumes. The right shoe should match the right person and this is the time you know more about modern high-tech shoes and ways to improve your endurance while participating in a Spartan Race.

15 Best Shoes for Spartan Race

1 Salomon Womens Speedcross 4 Trail Sneaker

Salomon Womens Speedcross 4 Trail Sneaker
1,206 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The synthetic leather and fabric that completely cover the shoe surfaces are unique in quality and durability across the market.
  • Their extra strong rubber sole is by far more durable than the previous models.
  • The lower heel level makes it easier to run and feel extra comfortable.
  • The ContaGrip outsole is among the greatest innovations of Salomon since it offers superb grip and higher traction to the road than the competition.

Salomon shoe industry has a great tradition in making quality footwear that is adequate for long distance races. The Speedcross series pair of shoes are among the best shoes for spartan race and give the runner special privileges while training.

The extra durable sole, the solid construction as well as the lower heel level are major advantages of this type of shoes that offer stability and speed to the user.

2 Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

Salomon Men's Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe
4,395 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The 100% synthetic leather and quality plastic fibres that make up the shoes are a Salomon innovation which adds on to the shoes’ endurance.
  • The rubber sole is made of quality materials that are imitating the way the foot curves and give extra comfort to the user.
  • There is also an Ortholite insole which creates a protective layer for the foot curve that is crucial for the user stability while running.

Another great shoe by Salomon is here to conquer the men’s market in the athletic field. Considered as one of the best spartan race shoes, the SpeedCross for men are giving extra freedom and flexibility to people that train in long distance running.

Looking at the style of the shoes it seems pretty fashionable and can be worn both in formal and casual occasions. The upper mesh and tongue are made of quality fabric that is lightweight reducing the total weight of the shoe as a whole. This creates more comfortable footwear for long distance racing.

The heel support is also exceptional. Pressure is diverted to the foot arch and the runner feels energetic enough to complete the race at any time.

3 Reebok Women's All-Terrain Super Running Shoe

Reebok Women's All-Terrain Super Running Shoe
87 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The wear upper is Duragrip which stands for extra strength and endurance while racing.
  • Drainage ports are found in strategic places so that heat and sweat are instantly abandoning the feet for enhanced comfort.
  • The specially designed traction outsole gives a lot more control to the user while changing directions.
  • New lugs are installed in the front and rear parts of the outsole to improve the traction when passing from rough terrains.

Absolutely the most extravagant pair of shoes that you may encounter while searching for long distance running footwear. The Reebok company has a long tradition in creating shoes that give a lot of assistance to runners and this specific series is considered to belong among the best shoes for spartan race sprint.

With special shape and colours available, all female runners will love to be the centre of attention while wearing this pair of shoes. The extra cushioning improves the comfort of the shoes as well as the upper mesh which is waterproof and prevents the flooding of the insole when running under heavy rain.

4 Merrell Men's Trail Glove 4 Runner

Merrell Men's Trail Glove 4 Runner
682 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The sole is Vibram making it easier to move quickly over rough terrains.
  • The Mesh and TPU upper are vegan-friendly adding up to the ecological profile of the manufacturing company.
  • There is also a trailerprotect pad that enables underfoot protection which is crucial for long distance runners.
  • The breathable mesh liner, as well as the shockliner, can absorb intense heat and also can adequately cooperate with orthotics if needed.

A rather simple shoe has managed to enter the list of the spartan race sneakers that have a greater influence on the long-distance runners. The Merrell company always presents innovative products to the public and this time the miracle has happened again.

This is a really light shoe that can be worn for multiple hours without causing any foot swelling or painful reaction. The upper mesh and lacing system are consistent and assist each other to keep the foot and ankle in the right position while running. The breathability of the mesh materials is enhanced so that heat absorbance to the environment occurs in a natural way.

5 New Balance Women's WT610V4 Trail Shoe-W, Grey/Pink 8 B US

New Balance Women's WT610V4 Trail Shoe-W, Grey/Pink 8 B US
228 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • Fabric and synthetic leather are cooperating in giving extra style and dynamics to the shoes.
  • The special texture of the outsole gives a lot more grip than the previous models.
  • The upper mesh is quite lighter than the competition and adds on to the extra comfort of the runners.
  • The unique lacing system that attaches to the lateral ends of the shoe, keeps the foot stable and aids the runner to earn time and finish the Spartan Race.

A well-respected company like New Balance couldn’t do anything else but presenting the only state of the art shoes that could potentially dominate the market. The new Trail Shoes are listed as the best shoes for spartan race and their abilities prove that statement.

Their shape reflects the dynamic solutions that New Balance has evolved and applied so that runners can receive more energy from the road to continue their race. The extra cushioning creates a natural defence shell for the foot and ankle while running. Finally, the extra space provided by the rubber bands in the forefoot assist in the flexibility and agility of the user.

6 adidas Originals Men's Cf Racer Tr Running Shoe

adidas Originals Men's Cf Racer Tr Running Shoe
99 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • These shoes are carrying the Adidas brand which already makes them desirable and fashionable.
  • The rubber sole takes the shape of the user giving the foot more space to move and stretch while running.
  • The outer lugs are a solution invented by Adidas to finally enter the watery terrains that many athletes need to pass from while racing.
  • Special styles and colours are more than welcome and can meet the expectations of every possible user.

Another paradox shoe from Adidas who is fond of creating shoes that only a segment of the market can really admire. However, these shoes are said to be the best running shoes for spartan race which is vital testing for durability and safety.

The outsole is kept low so that people with lower heights can easily find their balance while wearing these shoes. In addition, the upper mesh area is able to receive large amounts of pressure and heat and diverse it to the environment. Finally, the cloudfoam racer trail is essential for the safety and stability of the runner.

7 Altra Women's TIMP Trail Running Shoe

Altra Women's TIMP Trail Running Shoe
113 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The gaiter trap technology makes it easier to assist you to hold your grip at any time.
  • The fully cushioned Zero Drop platform and the Footshape toe box create extra room for your feet while running so that you feel comfortable.
  • The midsole is ultralight and extra durable so that it diverts the pressure to the whole surface of the feet.
  • The special lacing system attaches firmly with the upper mesh to ensure the proper adherence to the feet.

The Altra company keep on being the spirit of innovation in the domain of women athletic shoes worldwide. This series of shoes are believed to belong to the best shoes for spartan race and they have special qualities to support that.

Their extreme fashionable appearance makes it easy to be distinguished among the people who participate in a Spartan Race. The outsole has immense lugs that make it easier to hold your grip even when you are running over dusty roads and slippery surfaces.

The heel protection system remains remarkable taking advantage of the extra cushioning that is located close to the ankle and heel area which absorbs all the extensive pressure from the road.

8 Salomon Men's Xa Pro 3D

Salomon Men's Xa Pro 3D
1,809 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The shoes offer tremendous levels of stability which relies on the special architecture of the outsole.
  • These Salomon shoe series enable the Precise Fit using a QuickLace system that ensures a comfortable fit for any foot.
  • Special aggressive grip relies on the multiple outer lugs that keep their shape even after long hours of running and improve the overall grip.
  • The 3D made Chassis makes it easier to take the shape of your feet even from the first application and use, making your shoes feel like a natural part of your body while running

Having another great Salomon pair of shoes in our list of top shoes for Spartan Race is really remarkable. The XA Pro series is made to become one of the most desired spartan race sneakers to be available on the world market.

Their special midsole foamy material makes it easier to get the shape of your feet while running and relieve you from the pressure that you feel from the road. The outsole is made of quality rubber material which can keep its shape and abilities even in the most adverse weather conditions.

The upper mesh and tongue are made of lightweight fabric that is enhancing the breathability of the shoe, while the same time the waterproof materials that cushions are made of pose a natural barrier to outer and inner coming moisture.

9 HOKA ONE ONE Women's Clifton 4 Running Shoe

HOKA ONE ONE Women's Clifton 4 Running Shoe
953 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • Affordable price related to the innovations offered by the shoes.
  • Many different designs and colours can match all individual needs of the potential user.
  • Extra lightweight material makes it easier for you to run long distances with minimum disturbance.
  • The breathable fabric lining offers extreme in-shoe comfort and adds on to the better heat absorbance while running.

The HOKA manufacturer keeps on delivering you some of the best athletic footwear available online. This series that are intended for women athletes are virtually the good shoes for spartan race since they incorporate all the desired innovations that can take you further in this challenging race.

The outer surface is made of quality textiles that allow the free flow of air through the shoes and give a dynamic shape that has minimum resistance to the atmospheric air while running at higher speed.

The insole is softer than ever offering extra support to the bones and tissues of your feet and keeping your foot arch intact while running. Finally, the outsole is equipped with highly sophisticated lugs which are unique in the category and increase your grip while running long distances. This is also an energy saver crucial for the successful termination of the Spartan Race.

10 New Balance Men's MT410V4 Trail Shoe-M, Black/Silver, 10 4E...

New Balance Men's MT410V4 Trail Shoe-M, Black/Silver, 10 4E...
1,373 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • An all-terrain outsole gives you the chance to run easily in multiple terrains.
  • The IMEVA foam midsole, a New Balance innovation, makes the shoe to adjust to your weight and anatomy profile for enhanced comfort.
  • The padded tongue with the logo lace keeper is locking the shoes to your feet for multiple hours.
  • The technical trail runner which features sturdy stripe overlay at ghillie lacing loops and rear heel pull supports adequately the feet in the harsh running conditions of a Spartan Race.

The New Balance enhanced technology applied in these series of shoes adequate for male runners makes them one of the best shoes for spartan race which is by far the most demanding long-distance race ever organized.

The great shape of the show follows the human anatomy and creates extra comfortable conditions for the user while running. The insole is made of soft foamy material that reduces shocks and pressure coming straight from the road surface.

The midsole is firmly attaching to the shoe giving it endurance and stiffness to ensure the longevity of the footwear under any possible conditions. The upper mesh and tongue are connected to each other and consist of special lightweight fabric to ensure the proper ventilation of the inner foot as well as the firm attachment of the shoe to the foot at any time.

11 Saucony Women's Cohesion 8 Running Shoe

Saucony Women's Cohesion 8 Running Shoe
1,306 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • Extreme availability and extra low prices make this pair of shoes affordable for all.
  • The XT-600 Carbon outsole supports the feet and adds on to the endurance and longevity of the shoes.
  • The Heel Grid system makes it impossible to aggravate the pressure to the heels. The runner can easily go on with running with no pain experienced.
  • The forefoot has special rubber material to give enhanced flexibility to the user. The gait is improved and the running is made easier.

If you are looking for the best shoes for spartan race sprint then the Saucony new series for female athletes makes the difference and could easily be your final decision.

Extreme style and fashion will keep all female runners satisfied while running giving them a boost to their mood so that they can successfully finish the Spartan Race. The lacing system although being basic, it helps in the firm attachment of the show to the feet.

The outsole gives extra grip to the user while running at high speed and ensures her stability in all slippery terrains. Finally, the insole is made of special foamy and anti-microbe material that support adequately the foot and improves hygiene during races.

12 Inov-8 Men's Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe

Inov-8 Men's Terraclaw 250 Trail Running Shoe
196 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The lace-up mesh upper makes up for more centralized support and comfort of the user.
  • A layered lightweight toe cap is specifically made to provide more protection to the feet.
  • The diagonally sewn tongue and upper mesh are keeping debris out of the shoe.
  • The outsole has triangular lugs which release grit and gravel, giving extra energy to keep on running till the finish line.

Now let’s check one of the best shoes for spartan race which are proposed from the INOV manufacturer, a worldwide leader in the domain of the running shoes.

Their unique style attracts attention while passing by. The sizes and colours are endless so that you can find the edition that fits your needs and matches your tastes. The insole is softer than ever keeping you steady and comfortable during the Spartan Race.

The outsole is firmly attaching to the rest of the show ensuring that the integrity of the footwear is guaranteed. The heel area is equipped with special cushioning which is adequate for persons that suffer from running diseases like tendonitis or flat feet problems.

13 ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes
2,512 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The RearFoot Gel Brand Technology Cushioning System absorbs all shock during impact phase and ensures a smooth transition to midstance.
  • The sockliner is removable so that it can accommodate a medical orthotic.
  • The AHAR outsole is an Asics innovation. It is located in critical areas of the outsole for exceptional durability and enhanced stability of the user.
  • The trail specific outsole is using reversed lugs to provide uphill and downhill traction on all types of terrain.

These are by far the most affordable spartan race sneakers that you can possibly find online. Their abilities in long distance running are endless and their technological innovations are unique among the competition.

Proud followers of the Asics Gel technology the midsole creates a healthy environment for the foot to run adequately and offer extra comfort to the user. The lacing system keeps on being classic and offers unique attachment of the shoes to the feet surface.

14 adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost M Running Shoe

adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost M Running Shoe
687 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • Affordable pricing and availability in designs and sizes.
  • Great insole and outsole construction to keep the longevity of the shoes active for a long time.
  • Enhanced heel support for better stability during races.
  • Classic lacing system that attaches firmly the shoes to the foot surface, increasing the safety of the user.

If you are looking for the best spartan race shoes then Adidas maybe your final decision. The Ultra Boost M Running series integrate all the different abilities of modern footwear to make you safer and comfortable while running long distance races.

The special shape of the show gives extra attention to the ankle protection. The outsole is uniquely designed to read the abnormalities of the road and alleviate the pressure to the whole surface of the feet rather than the area of the heel or the foot arch.

15 Salewa Men's Ultra Flex Mid GTX Mountain Training Shoe

Salewa Men's Ultra Flex Mid GTX Mountain Training Shoe
26 Reviews

Things We Like:

  • The Michelin outsole gives outstanding traction and stability over hard and uneven terrain.
  • The Gore-Tex Extended Comfort Lining makes the shoes waterproof and breathable under any conditions.
  • The existence of a Flex Collar gives your ankle's rear range of motion an increased pattern for better performance during descents.
  • The famous 3F system is the trademark of SALEWA and connects the instep area of the shoe with the sole and heel. This ensures flexibility, support and correct fit where it's needed.

If this is your final decision you may have chosen the best shoes for spartan race which are so unique among the competitors that nobody will know what exactly you are wearing. Salewa keeps on being a specialized company in the domain of athletic shoes, it provides you with some of the best running shoes ever made.

The cushioning system is exceptional giving extra support to the feet and the outsole is revolutionary since it enhances the grip in all terrains.

Awesome List of 15 Best Spartan Race Shoes


As you can see choosing the best shoes for spartan race may be a challenging issue. A lot of brand names are here to ensure your safety and wellness during the demanding long-distance race. You make sure that your choice reflects your personal needs and body specifications for maximum comfort and satisfaction.

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