10 Best Shoes for Sciatica Problem 2019

The sciatica disease is quite common across people of different ethnic and educational backgrounds. It has primarily to do with acute or even chronic pain on the sciatic nerve that passes through your legs. The best shoes for sciatica can give some part of the solution.

Most of the times, the kind of shoes that you prefer to wear may improve or worsen the situation. It has been shown that when you are opting out for sneakers you are taking the pressure away from your footbed. This helps you to feel better at once.

What Exactly is Sciatica Problem?

Sciatica problem is an inflammation caused by pressure to the route of the sciatic nerve through the legs. The sciatic nerves (one for each leg) are deriving from the lumbar vertebrae and sometimes they are pressed in that level due to herniated disks.

This is the most common cause of the sciatica problem that starts with loss of feeling when touching things and goes on taking away the motor function of the feet. There are ways to make things better by choosing the right shoes for your special occasion.

The painful syndromes are triggered every time you move, and you must be careful and wear only adequate shoes. The right footwear can protect you from unnecessary pain and distress situations, which are common in sciatica disease.

Features of a Good Shoe for Sciatica Pain

Regarding the best shoes for sciatica features, the cushioning is really important. This is where the pressure from the road is exerted. The cushioning can absorb a lot of these adverse powers and give you a sense of relaxation when wearing the shoes.

Additionally, the upper mesh is of great meaning. This part of the shoes is crucial since it comes in direct touch to your foot arches. All this embracement may lead to increased pain while you are walking or training and could worsen the sciatica pain.

Most of you want the shoes to be balanced and have great endurance.  It is a golden point for the best sciatica shoes. The outsole needs to be durable enough to withstand the pressures from the road. Flexibility is needed to some point so that your sciatic nerve isn’t getting pressurized.

No need to say that shoes must be breathable by any means. This is the most wanted feature for persons that suffer from sciatica. Since the sciatic nerve is overreacting, it produces more sweating to the inner feet. The right sciatica shoes are having more tiny holes on the external part of the shoes to let the airflow pass through and make it easier for you to wear them for prolonged periods of time.

Finally, take extra care to the forefoot area where the fingers are. he most successful sciatica shoes are always having a larger and roomy forefoot area. Since the sciatic nerves are ending on the toe fingers, the more room you give them to move the better for easing your pain.  

Some of the best features that your sciatica shoes should contain are:

  • Extra cushioning on the heel and foot curve areas:
  • Softer upper mesh and tongue:
  • Steady and durable outsole:
  • Breathability
  • Forefoot area 

Best Shoes for Sciatica

1. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 18 Running Shoe

This is a great pair of shoes that gives you more room for treating the painful areas of your feet. Specially designed for women that suffer from sciatica, they have more room for the foot curve area which is cushioned enough to give great comfort when walking or running. Said to be one of the best shoes for sciatica.

They come in multiple colors and styles for you to choose the one that pleases you the most. Their outsole is made from a special rubber alloy that gives more friction to the road and can offer you intense grip and great traction all the time.

Synthetic leather gives you a more lightweight profile and the rearfoot and forefoot GEL system absorbs all vibrations. On the other hand, the rubber sole is durable enough in adverse conditions while the FluidFit upper can give more breathability and comfort to the foot arch.

Finally, seamless construction gives less irritation to the sciatic nerves.

2. Merrell Bare Access Arc 4 Trail Running Shoe

A really revolutionary pair of shoes that can heal your sciatica and make you look a lot more stylish when you are wearing them. The shoes are designed for women and can protect the foot curve and arches against any possible injury while training.

Sciatica problems are also eased by the special design of the insole, which can absorb all the abnormalities of the ground no matter how intensive your training may be.

They can be easily washed and rinsed to keep them clean all the time. Moreover, vegans can find them superb as they are made only from ecological products.

Smart lacing system stops the extra pressure to the foot arch while the EVA midsole system takes the shape of your feet and eases the pain. These are the shoes you were always waiting for.

3. New Balance W1260v7 Running Shoe

One of the newest models in the market that are registered as shoes for sciatica relief integrating all the best solutions to ease the pain. Women wearing them are feeling more relieved to perform their daily chores since they are feeling substantial less amount of acute pain from the sciatica nerves.

Shoes are having a perfect fit for women special anatomy and give more cushioning to the sensitive areas of the heel and foot curve. Not to mention, that q lightweight upper can relieve the pain that involves the pressure on the foot arches, common in sciatica patients.

The combination of textile and synthetic is giving a lightweight pair of shoes. Please notice that all parts are imported to ensure proper quality and  ACTEVA LITE midsole gives improved feeling to the footbed.

This pair of shoes is also equipped with an absorb crash pad, which keeps pressure phenomena away when training.

4. Reebok Runner 2.0 MT Running Shoe

These are the shoes for the next generation of users suffering from sciatica problems. They are said to be fine-tuned as best shoes for sciatica pain, giving more importance to pain relief that the appearance.

However, these shoes are durable and have a basic style that matches all user needs. Specially designed for men, the shoes offer improved balance and increased stability.

To be more precise, the rubber sole gives more flexibility to the shoes and the mesh upper is breathable to relieve excess sciatica sweating.

In addition, the high-abrasion rubber outsole gives more grip to the users and the lightweight design is perfect for training with no pain syndromes. Give yourself only the best shoes to get rid of the sciatica pain once and for all.

5. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Finally, women with feet disorders have found their best walking shoes for sciatica being available online. The shoes are of perfect quality giving you enough balance to keep on doing your daily chores easily.

The upper mesh and shaft are looking stylish and can perfectly bend together with the metatarsals area to the ankle. More importantly, the shoes are having a smart cushioning system giving less painful syndromes from sciatica when walking or training.

On the other hand. these are man-made shoes for enhanced fit while the sole is made of synthetic material for a lightweight profile.

The side support gives you extra protection from supination issues and there is also a lacing system which is approved for less pain in sciatica suffering persons. Never in the past has been presented such a successful pair of shoes for persons suffering from sciatica syndrome.

6. New Balance 928v3 Walking Shoe

This is the pair of shoes that women suffering from sciatica opt-out to purchase against other competitors. It is said to be among the best sneakers for sciatica that can give you increased protection against acute and chronic pain.

The shoes are primarily made for women with sciatica pain giving more cushioning to the dangerous zones of the heel and the foot curve. Additionally, they offer increased room for the forefoot to give more mobility to the toe fingers and reverse the pressure coming from the ground. This creates a more comfortable fit when training with no pain issues involved.

Shoes are having leather of high quality and give you style when wearing them. Their rubber sole has special abilities to improve your grip and the EVA midsole takes the shape of your feet for immediate pain relief.

The existence of a separate roll bar technology keeps always pressure away of your feet which is a meaningful innovation for persons in pain from sciatica. Finally, lacing technology secures the shoes on your feet when performing everyday tasks.

7. Burnetie High Top Vintage Sneaker

An alternative type of sneakers made for men, registered as one of the best shoes for sciatica problems. It has longer upper mesh than usual to keep your ankle safe during daily walking or training sessions.

It is the one and only pair of shoes with a revolutionary outsole that is durable under any conditions. The lacing system is solid and can easily make you feel secure that the shoes are not going to abandon your shoes at any circumstances.

These shoes are made of quality cotton for better breathing of the inner feet. They are more lightweight than their opponents to ease the pain from sciatica. This is something that other pairs don’t offer and has a great impact on lowering your painful feelings.

To sum up, the heel cushioning contributes to best comfort with its special design while the Ortholite insole gives more protection to painful footbed due to sciatica.

8. Ryka Women’s Sky Walk Walking Shoe

Made for women that suffer from sciatica these shoes are said to be the best running shoes for sciatica relieving the pain while exercising. The shoes have a modern design giving you great aerodynamics when running and taking away the reverse power that worsens the pain from sciatica.

These shoes are great for leisure as well as for sports use since they can be combined with all your clothes. Their genuine leather and quality mesh offer you a special appearance.

The insole is softer and eases the pain from sciatica as well as the improved cushioning system gives more relief to the heel and foot curve. Both are equally important in offering you quality time when wearing shoes. The memory foam sock liner gives you the chance to adjust orthotic, which is sometimes necessary when coping with sciatica.

9. ASICS GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe

This is the latest model that has been characterized by reviewers as the best shoes for sciatica for a variety of reasons. First, they give more room to the sensitive parts of your footbed protecting you from the acute pain of sciatica.

They also have a special cover over your foot arch to stop all the pressure coming from the laces and protect you from the chronic sciatica pain that may spread.

Important is that the rubber sole gives more stability to painful feet since the rear and forefoot GEL systems are relieving the pain of sciatica. They do it effectively as well.

Innovative P Guard Toe protector helps you avoid injuries during impacts and the gender Specific Cushioning gives more protection to men suffering from sciatica. This is an all-time classic sciatica pair of shoes that gives a solution even to the worst of the conditions.

10. ASICS Gel Resolution Tennis Shoes

Finally, this pair of shoes gives extreme solutions to women suffering from sciatica. Said to be one of the best sciatica pain relief shoe they offer extreme protection to the heel and forefoot areas.

Their cushioning system keeps on being revolutionary and gives you all the latest trends of technology to reduce all the pain associated with daily activities when having sciatica issues.

The shoes are having imported parts that are giving extreme quality. Not to mention that the rubber sole is waterproof and gives great traction.

There is also a smart lacing system that is bending firmly the shoes to the feet while the shaft is measuring from top to low for extreme comfort. You can dream on these shoes and your sciatica pain really goes away at a glance.


These are the best shoes for sciatica being available online. They can offer you great protection and ease of all the pain symptoms even from the very first day of use.

Make sure you are always investing time and money in your sciatica shoes since they are the only medium material between your precious feet and the ground. Feel better when suffering from sciatica with these perfect pairs of shoes.

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