10 Best Shoes for Kickboxing

Your feet are going to feel a lot more relieved when you are going to wear kickboxing shoes. When training in such a demanding sport you deserve to wear only the best shoes that are supportive of the sensitive soft tissues of your feet.

The kickboxing footwear needs to be comfortable when you are running or standing and feel like a solid rock every time you need to hit the other players. If you want to win a kickboxing game then you need to find the best shoes for kickboxing. This review is about the shoes you intend to wear when you try to perform the kickboxing.

What To Wear To kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a difficult sport. Lots of training is required- both aerobic and anaerobic -to develop your muscles and get some physical stamina. It will help you feel a lot better when racing. This happens especially when you are having the best shoes to wear.

Some of the most competent kickboxing shoes have a thicker outsole that helps you find the best traction and grip to the court. Then you should pick the shoes that are made from quality swede and synthetic textiles. They give you strength during the game while making you a champion.

What to Consider While Buying the Best Kickboxing Shoes?

First, you need to consider their width that is crucial for your perfect fit and comfort when you are competing. Especially, when trying to find the best shoes for kickboxing you should be aware of the forefoot area that is crucial for the balance of the user. This can make you lose the race, especially when your toe fingers have less space to move.

Then a foamy midsole is always a must since it can take the shape of your feet. This is an important fact for heavy-weight athletes.  Sometimes they try to compete barefoot but they realized that this is a practice they should abandon.

Kickboxing Footwear Vs. Boxing Footwear: The Differences

There are certain differences between the kickboxing and the boxing footwear. The kickboxing shoes have an elevated upper mesh and shaft to cover the majority of the ankle and foot arch areas. It’s an important aspect for the kickboxers, who are most willing to kick the opponent to win the race.

On the other hand, boxing shoes are the ones that are flat and less elevated to the ankle area. Athletes that perform boxing prefer perfect traction and lightweight shoes. This helps them to keep their balance. They are not allowed to use their kicks to finish their opponents.

Benefits of Wearing Good Shoes for Kickboxing

When you are wearing the best shoes for kickboxing you are about to thrive in the competition. You will feel free to make an excellent performance while being more confident about the final result of the game.

Kickboxing shoes have a better leather layer which can take the shape of your feet. This helps you to feel them as a part of your skin. These shoes are having more cushioned areas, especially in the heel and foot curve areas, helping you to withstand the pressure from the ground. Kickboxing involves lots of impacts and there is no other choice than choosing wisely for them.

What To Look for Cardio Kickboxing Footwear

Cardio kickboxing footwear has been a special segment of the regularly produced shoes. All brands have introduces this kind of kickboxing shoes to attract more followers. This happens to help the cardio exercise as well.

Shoes should have an elevated outsole so that you can easily jump when performing aerobic training. Additionally, they should be breathable since airflow to the inner feet will define how durable you would be on the kickboxing court.

Cardio is not an easy task to cover with regular shoes since you need accuracy and swiftness.  Such features can be only provided by running shoes and sneakers that are among the best kickboxing footwear that is offered online.

Feature of Good Shoes for Kickboxing

Most of the good shoes for kickboxing have irresistible features which you cannot easily find another kind of footwear:

  • Breathability: Small holes on the top of the shaft are giving you increased airflow that decreases the temperature inside the shoes. It can help to reduce sweating during the game and give you the winning streak.
  • Solid and flexible outsoles. Outsoles usually have more lugs to give you an enhanced grip on the terrain. At the same time, they must be flexible enough to offer you a choice to move freely. Then you can easily hit the opponent.
  • Removable insoles: It is a great feature reassuring the hygiene level of the users. Insoles can be easily washed and rinsed with soap and water and dry in a matter of hours.
  • Extra cushioning on the heel area: The cushioning can make you feel less pain when hitting the ground. A more relaxed footbed can easily give you a competitive edge to win the kickboxing game.

10 Best Shoes for Kickboxing

1. Otomix Men’s Warrior Bodybuilding Boxing Weightlifting MMA Shoes

A really great pair of shoes that can easily protect your ankle and foot arch areas. Labeled with the winning sign these shoes are having a perfect suede cover to give you a smooth and stylish appearance to the courts.

There is a roomier forefoot area than in the previous models, making you feel more balanced when performing. Most of the outsole is covered with special lugs to give you extreme grip no matter the condition of the boxing terrain.

This pair of shoes is perfect for kickboxing and can always give you more comfort. Not to mention, that their extreme cushioning can also give you more comfort than ever before.

Finally, the tongue and lacing system is innovative to offer you a perfect fit and enable you to find more stamina every time you are playing a kickboxing game.

2. Ringstar Fight Pro Martial Arts Sparring Shoe

Ringstar is giving to the public one of the best shoes for kickboxing. You will feel more comfortable to fight against any opponent when wearing these shoes. Their lacing system although being basic can give you more bending stretch and power than you could ever find in other established brands.

The outsole is rigid and durable to external weather conditions. You can not easily sweat when you are wearing this kind of shoes that are breathable.

The insole is really easy to remove and wash so that you can be always ready for the next game. Wearing these shoes makes you feel a lot more confident for the next game.

Finally, these shoes are coming into special colors for you to choose the one that better fits your needs and desires. You should buy the shoes that are matching your winning expectations when performing kickboxing.

3. Under Armour Men’s Toccoa Running Shoe

This is a great pair of shoes designed for the most competent kickboxers. This pair has a lower elevation on the sockliner so that you can adjust orthotics in case of injury. The prevalence of injuries in kickboxing is high and this feature helps a lot. It makes the Under Armour shoes to take a competitive edge among other opponents in class.

They are perfectly balanced from heel to forefoot and can help you keep the toe fingers away from the ground. These shoes are increasing your stability by moving the center mass of your body to the forefoot area. It can help you kick your opponent faster and more efficiently.

Under Armour is a brand name in shoes that keeps importing all of its raw material. This is another proof that you will only get the best quality shoes to help you succeed in your goals in kickboxing.

4. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5

This a great pair of shoes for kickboxers with thousands of sales worldwide. They are covering the ankle area and have a stylish black color. The protection of the ankle occurs when a special rubber strap securely passes over the anatomical structures and offers more stability to users.

Adidas is known for its quality and persistence in creating stylish shoes in the category. Outsoles are rigid enough to make you hit harder the opponents. On the other hand, they are flexible and give you many grades of liberty when running on courts.

Insoles are securely placed inside the shoes and can be easily removed if you need to clean them. There is a cushioning inside the shoes giving you extreme comfort especially to heel and foot curve areas.

5. Otomix Men’s Original Lite Martial Arts Karate Taekwondo MMA Weightlifting Kicking Shoes

This is the pair of shoes that have been made for kickboxers. Designers have decided to lower the outsoles and give more stability to the users. This is the quality that people love in these shoes.

These shoes have an elevated upper mesh and shaft to look more stylish. This elevation helps you to keep ankles into their natural position and reduce the impacts of mild injuries.

Otomix shoes are giving extra credits to feet protection. The lacing system consists of a single strain of laces which can be bent anytime. The outer layers of the shoes are waterproof and give you enough protection when being outdoors.

They are the most multitasking shoes for kickboxing ever made.

6. ASICS Men’s Matflex 5 Wrestling Shoe

These shoes are the best effort for ASICS to establish as a kickboxing brand. These are among the best women shoes for kickboxing that can give you enough support when needed.

Gel technology helps you avoid the extra pressure from the ground. ASICS has also been the leader brand in new synthetic textiles.

These features offer ASICS another great place among the best kickboxing shoes companies.

The shoes are made of a combination of synthetic and textile parts and add on to their waterproof character. Not to mention, that shoes already have a practical lacing system that helps you put them on faster in case of emergency.

This pair of shoes can also protect the kickboxer and relax his toe fingers from being pressured while the game occurs.

7. Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

This is a pair of shoes that have been created for the competitive kickboxing and wrestling market. You can never go wrong with these shoes.

Insoles are lightweight and can hold their position no matter the level of your feet’ mobility. Inner parts of shoes are softer so that you can easily wear them with no fear of getting injured.

Cushioning exists in the heel area to give you extra protection against impacts. The forefoot area although it seems less spacey, can easily accommodate your toe fingers and give them back their natural mobility.

You can stay stable and balanced when wearing these shoes, which is important to be successful in kickboxing.

If you buy the right kind of shoes, it will help you to thrive in any possible game.

8. Adidas Kick Shoes Martial Arts Sneaker White with Black Stripes

Adidas is giving to the public a very convenient pair of shoes for kickboxing. Insoles are soft and tender, giving you much time to get used to these shoes.

Also, they have an internal anti-sweating layer helping your feet secrete less sweat and have drier training experience. Shoes are coming in multiple colors for you to choose from. In this case, black shoes are the top selection of fans giving a severe attitude to kickboxers.

The mesh and shaft are breathable enough to let the airflow pass through the holes of external swede layers. This feature can help people to down-regulate their capacity of air conditioning inside their shoes which is heavily impacted when playing kickboxing.

Definitely a great pair of shoes which are easy to have.

9. Rival Boxing Lo-Top Guerrero Boots

Innovative coloring is the greatest feature of this pair of shoes. Not to mention, that they can last longer since they are made from a special rubber alloy which with time. does not lose its abilities

The outsole area has larger lugs to keep grip and traction to the highest acceptable levels. This is a special advantage of helping kickboxers be more stable when fighting.

Finally, these shoes are more comfortable than their opponents. They feature a cushioned insole alongside heel and foot arch areas which are great to make a comfortable environment to the sensitive parts of your feet.

10. Adidas Men’s Combat Speed 5

Last but not least a highly sophisticated pair of shoes from Adidas. It was originally presented as a wrestlers’ pair of shoes but it ended up being the best shoes for kickboxers. One of the best shoes for kickboxing available online.

The softer insole makes you last longer to the kickboxing court There is a special tongue that covers foot arch giving you enough protection when injured. Breathable to the fullest extent, this is the pair of shoes that shows little aggravation to people who had experienced some kind of injury when playing kickbox.

Criteria To Choose The Best Kickboxing Shoes


This is an important aspect of all kinds of shoes. If your shoes are not having a perfect fit, you will return them to the seller no matter how attractive they may appear. As you can see this happens especially to people that find it hard to disengage from best fitting shoes.


Being breathable can be a priority feature of kickboxing shoes on a worldwide basis.  Accumulated heat should get away from your feet immediately. A breathable tongue and upper mesh would cut by half the breaking times during kickboxing sessions.


Most of the modern shoes are well-known for their comfort. This can easily be provided since modern shoes are having a greater width to fit in every foot.


Security features are those giving a glow to your kickboxing shoes. Many of them have an extra adjustment for their sockliners so that they can accept orthotics in case of injury. Their insoles are removable, and their upper mesh and shaft are always open and breathable.

Another feature is style, and this is completed by the existence of many shapes and colors for kickboxers to choose from.


The majority of shoes are durable to the fullest extent. Even when there is heavy rain outside, your shoes are not going to let it in. Durability is there for people that are running in the terrain court and need some attention on outer parts of the shoes.


Finally, there are support issues that can make your shoes look tempting. Modern shoes are supposed to have greater support for lower feet and especially the ankle and metatarsals area. Not to mention, that there is a special hotline for inquiries over kickboxing sessions that count for the support for people who are training.

Now that we have examined thoroughly all the best shoes for kickboxing as well as the kickboxing sneakers, we are about to answer to specific questions. These are what you were always likely to do but there has been no time for people to get together and discuss them.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What kind of shoes do you wear for kickboxing?

The best kind of shoes would be reinforced sneakers. These are lovable by the general public and can give you a better appearance at kickboxing courts. These shoes can easily elevate your height to have a greater vision for the opponent.

Q. Do you have to be barefoot for kickboxing?

No there is no such suggestion from the founders of kickboxing. Many injuries may happen when people are competing barefoot primarily to their footbed. However, this time we have seen people performing kickboxing barefoot but this is not a common practice.

Q. What does kickboxing do to your body?

Kickboxing is fixing your cardio rate and it helps you to maintain a well-developed muscle system. It can also help you efficiently reduce your weight.

Q. What kind of shoes should I wear for cardio?

Sneakers with a lower shaft would be the right shoes for cardio exercise no matter what.

Q. What are the best shoes for high impact cardio?

High impact cardio must get loafers since these shoes are not associated with great physical movement. You can wear them in leisure time and still be efficient and comfortable.

Q. What are the best sneakers for cardio?

Sneakers for cardio come into a vast variety of colors and shapes. Most of them are having a red or orange color that stimulates your senses. They and make you keep going on during exercises and improve your physical endurance.

Q. What are the best shoes for exercising?

The best shoes for exercising are running shoes. They have a flat bottom to keep you closer to the ground. Their outsoles are more durable and have better traction and grip to ground level.

They should be the shoes of choice for any person willing to exercise regularly.


All types of shoes are good for the reason you are getting them. When being in a cardio exercise you should always opt for shoes that are more lightweight and get you to the center of the attention.

Make sure you are getting the best available shoes for your sensitive feet that need extra protection. Anytime you are using these shoes you are improving your health. Footbed and foot arch areas are better treated by these shoes. You can also get improved performance in kickboxing and stay always active.

This is an objective for these shoes that are here to help you with cardio exercise.

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