10 Best shoes for HIIT Workouts Review 2019

The HIIT process is one of the most valuable assets of modern training. There are many options when needed to have a fruitful time developing your muscles while training. To find the best shoes for HIIT workouts training is a demanding quest that takes a lot of time to come to perfection.

When exercising in HIIT you put your feet in extreme pain and fatigue. Multiple times you will feel sweaty and uncomfortable in your shoes, due to the intensive exercise that goes beyond the limits.

Finding the right footwear remains the primary goal when getting introduced to HIIT exercise.

What Exactly are HIIT Shoes?

Shoes that are made for HIIT are more durable and flexible than all the other categories. The best shoes for HIIT are those with higher upper mesh and shaft which can embrace the leg. The metatarsals area should be adequately protected from pressures.

Another essential feature is the outsole. The best shoes for HIIT do have some durable rubber alloys in the outsole area which becomes rigid enough to produce more friction to the ground. This is needed to anticipate the slipping phenomena in uneven terrains that you usually meet when training in HIIT methods.

Why HIIT Exercise is Better for Your Health?

The HIIT exercise is equally beneficial for all the systems of your body. It constitutes a constant change between the aerobic and the anaerobic exercise that can develop your muscles while giving you more stamina and exercise the respiratory system as well.

People suffering from higher blood pressure will find the HIIT exercise exclusively better than anything else they may have tried in the past. This is because HIIT exercise can easily reduce blood pressure and make you feel a lot healthier.

Another, great benefit of the HIIT exercise to your overall health has been the transformation of your muscle skeletal system. The pressure coming from your exercise can easily make your bones a lot healthier and strong. At the same time, the ligaments are getting closer one to each other and create a perfect environment for your development.

HIIT exercise is really the latest revolution in the training programs.

Benefits of a HIIT Workout

For people that suffer from acute pain find that the adoption of the HIIT workout on a regular basis could be a lot beneficial. The HIIT exercise gives more flexibility to the foot curve and can develop the mass of the muscles there.

This workout also gives more energy to the body. When performing HIIT exercise there are more chances to burn fatty acids and give instantly more energy to the body in forms of sugars. This is a great benefit since HIIT exercise nourishes your muscles without aggravating your sugar bloodstream levels.

Finally, people who perform HIIT regularly have their feet relieved from the pressure of the everyday chores. This is because HIIT exercise can stretch the ligaments of the ankle and forefoot to give more flexibility that can overdrive the painful symptoms of various diseases.

So, if you are suffering from deformities, the best advice would be to start HIIT exercise.

Features of a good HIIT Exercise Shoes

The pair of shoes that are more dedicated to the HIIT exercise is usually a lot different than the regular ones. The HIIT shoes are having a greater forefoot area to withstand the intensity of the exercise. That is a great difference among other types of shoes.

The best shoes for HIIT Workouts come with more lugs on the outsole to offer greater stability to the user and increase the traction and grip to the ground. Made from lightweight materials, the HIIT shoes are letting the airflow passing through their mass and can remove all the sweating from your feet. The HIIT exercise shoes are having a midsole that is usually made of a foamy material to absorb all the shocks from the external environment. This midsole has also greater insulation to keep the water out and also give more protection to the user from the adverse weather conditions.

Finally, the HIIT exercise shoes are having a specially designed sockliner area where orthotics can be easily adjusted. This happens because most of the HIIT athletes are suffering either from foot diseases or foot injuries and are sometimes in need of such external mechanisms to support their walking abilities.

Some of their great features are as follows:

  • Greater forefoot
  • Larger lugs on the outsole.
  • Breathability.
  • Extra insulated midsole.
  • Sockliner.

Best shoes for HIIT Workouts

These are some of the best shoes for HIIT, now available on the market:

1. Nike Metcon 4 Cross Training Shoes

The Metcons shoes have a great shape and are considered to be one of the best shoes for HIIT workouts. This pair has a lightweight profile making it easier to wear when running. The external part of the shoes is more waterproof than the average type of shoes in the category.

Not to mention, that the shoes are having more sophisticated cushioning in certain parts of the footbed like the heel and the foot curve. That is why the Metcon shoes are among the most comfortable shoes to wear when training with HIIT methods. The upper mesh and shaft are more breathable than all the other and make it easier for you to wear from prolonged periods of time.

Finally, the insole has a special layer than is anti-microbial adding up to the overall hygiene of your feet.

2. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoe

No matter if their title refers to male users this series of shoes is said to be among the best HIIT shoes women’s can find it easy to wear when exercising. Hard exercise has been made easy wearing these shoes thanks to their great aerodynamic shape giving more energy to the user anytime he wears them.

The insole is the most comfortable part of the shoes. The cushioning applied to the heel makes the pain go away especially to persons that are suffering from chronic foot pain.

Not to mention, that the outer leather part of the shoes is waterproof enough to give you more protection against heavy rain while training.

Finally, the shoes are having a great forefoot area which gives more movability to the toe fingers. This enables you to be more stable while training and can take all your pain away.

3. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze WN Sneaker

This newly presented pair of shoes has attracted the views of all people around the world that are dedicated to HIIT exercise. The shoes are believed to be among the best HIIT shoes available for you to purchase them directly from the web.

They are a lot more spacey than the usual ones giving the chance to persons suffering from pain on the heels or other feet deformities to perform HIIT training efficiently and without any painful syndromes.

The cushioning on the heel and foot curve areas is revolutionary. It consists of special microfibers that absorb the user’s weight and at the same time protect the footbed from the pressure coming from the ground.

Finally, these are the most stylish shoes you could ever have in your closet. Coming in multiple colors and shapes the shoes are there to make HIIT exercise not only feasible but also modern and stylish.

4. Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 Flexweave Sneaker

Shoes made for perfection. Once more these are the shoes for HIIT training that are mostly specialized in retaining the natural shape of the feet with no pain involved during the training. For all these reasons reviewers are considering this pair as one of the best shoes for insanity readily available for online order from physical stores or e-shops.

They have longer upper mesh and shaft to protect the foot arches as well as the ankle areas. This feature gives them also the chance to safely bend the shoes on your feet respecting the anatomy of your metatarsals.

The smart lacing system is strategically placed to exert the less needed pressure to keep the shoes safe on your feet. Additionally, Crossfit shoes are energy absorbent, especially in the outsole area. They have more friction when struggling to start running and less grip to the ground when running at a higher speed to give you back all the lost energy.

Really superb and revolutionary shoes!

5. New Balance Fresh Foam Arishi V1 Running Shoe

Another great type of shoes perfect for any kind of training and specially designed for female users. This particular series has been presented to the public as one of the best shoes for plyometrics and have stayed in the top of the ranking for much more time than any other opponent.

The upper mesh and shaft are very strong and flexible to keep the feet safe against any controversial pressure from the ground. Not to mention, that there is special care taken for the ankle area which is adequately protected and supported.

The insole keeps on being softer than the competition and has special cushioning in the heel area to keep you pain-free from all impact issues.

Finally, the shoes are having a superb lacing system that uses state-of-the-art laces to give more safety when running that the shoes are going to stay on your feet at all times.

6. Adidas Powerlift.3.1 Cross Trainer

The strap is making a difference in these special shoes created for all action sports and extreme training. They are considered to be among the best shoes for Hiit workouts and can make you feel comfortable even after prolonged hours or exercise.

The shoes are having a special midsole layer that supports the user’s weight when needed and keeps your footbed pain free when lots of pressure is exerted from the ground.

Additionally, the outsole is rigid enough to withstand the adverse weather conditions (rain or sun) and the same time is equipped with high-tech lugs which are giving you more grip and better traction over all kinds of terrains.

7. PUMA Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

These are the shoes with the well known higher upper mesh and tongue that protects the women ankle joints when performing hard training. The shoes have been reviewed as the best shoes for Hiit and can make a lot of noise when you are wearing them since they give you unbeatable style and comfort under any circumstances.

The outer part is made of quality textiles that make the shoes lightweight and breathable. This feature is really helpful to persons performing HIIT training since it lowers the temperature of the inner feet and can cease all the sweating phenomena.

People with painful syndromes may soon realize that their HIIT related pain has gone away anytime they wear this pair of shoes.

8. Inov-8 F-Lite 195 Cross-Training Shoe

Another great type of shoes from a revolutionary brand that is producing high-quality shoes all the time. This special edition is made for men and has been characterized as one of the best shoes for Hiit which are able to make the difference when you wear them.

The outsole makes less noise than other shoes and gives you back part of the energy spent for friction, enabling you to run faster with less fatigue.

The insole keeps on being softer than the average, while the cushioning system embraces the whole footbed for better care of your feet while exercising.

9. Nike Metcon 4 Running Shoes

The most revolutionary shoes of our age. They are said to belong to the best shoes for Hiit and can give you more comfort and less pain when you suffer from various diseases and need to perform HIIT training.

The upper mesh keeps on being softer and embracing the whole foot arch for safer use. The laces are stronger than ever before and securely attach the shoes to the feet.

Finally, the insole has a special anti-microbial layer that prevents infections while improving your total hygiene profile.

10. Reebok Crossfit Sprint TR Training Shoe

Another best shoes for Hiit which makes a difference among the competition for the longer shaft and the softer tongue that embrace the foot arch. In addition, the shoes are having stronger side parts to prevent supination and pronation issues after long use.

The genuine leather keeps all the water out of the shoes making them waterproof. The insole is soft enough where needed and can be always removed to be washed and rinsed for better care of your feet.


The best shoes for Hiit workouts are the ones that make you feel comfortable when you are wearing them. Especially for people suffering from many painful diseases or other feet deformities, it is necessary for your shoes to relieve any painful syndromes you may appear when training.

Shoes are the most important part of your appearance and sometimes they can even decide your performance. Make sure you are giving yourself only the best quality of shoes and you will never have to regret your investment.

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