Best Shoes for CNA

The CAN which stands for Certified Nursing Assistant is a tough job that requires lots of standing up and lots of walking through the aisled of the hospital. So it is very important to think about your foot care in everyday life. The best shoes for cna are those who can keep the anatomy of the footbed intact and protect it at the same time.

Since most of the CNAs are taking long walks in the hospital they need to be lower than the median shoes to provide better traction and comfort. Not to mention, that these shoes should have a professional look and make you use them in leisure time as well as contributing to your budget.

Why You Need a Good Pair of CNA shoes?

The best shoes for CNA are needed to protect you from mild impacts at work and give you better balanced when needed. Given the fact that the hospital is an extremely dangerous place to work the CNAs need all the protection they can take from their shoes.

Anti-skid abilities are required by the shoes since hospital aisles may become slippery from times to times and provoke severe injuries to the CNAs. Most importantly, they need to have comfortable insoles to keep the CNAs feet in great shape so that they can last for longer shifts.

How To Choose Perfect CNA Shoes?

The perfect CNA shoes are those who fit your personal needs and match your expectations in terms of style as well. You need to choose them carefully to ensure that they are not over-pressuring your foot arches area. This can be done by selecting shoes that have a modern lacing system that consists of a single strap.

Moreover, you should find the perfect size that fits your footbed and most importantly find shoes that have a removable insole. This is important since you need to wash your insoles on a weekly basis to ensure proper hygiene in a highly sterilized environment like the hospital.

Features of Best Shoes for CNA?

There are many features associated with the use of the best shoes for CNAs and these are:

  • Perfect fit. Can make up to 50% of your decision to be serious about it
  • More room for toe finger. This is crucial for letting them move freely and provide better balance
  • Better grip. You always need all the grip you can find to ensure you stand up all the time
  • Improved cushioning. This is important to keep you comfortable when standing up all-day

Benefits of Best Shoes for CAN

As you can see there are a lot of benefits that the best shoes for CANs can give to you. First, you feel secure at work which is valuable by both employees and employers. Then you never find yourself tired during the shirt.

Not to mention, that you can better serve the patients since part of the energy spent on walking and standing is coming back to you. Your feet deserve the best treatment and these shoes can provide it to you whether you are a registered nurse or a CNA that are equally important and hard to perform.

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