10 Best Running Shoes For Bunions In 2019

There are times in your life when you have to take critical decisions. Your health is among the most important issues that you have to address and be competent to find solutions for problems that pop-up and may be harmful. First, let’s examine which could be the best running shoes for women with bunions and in following up the same list applied for the best running shoes for bunions and hammertoes that is a related foot condition.

One of the most persistent problems that have to do with muscle and skeletal deformities of the foot and its curve is the bunion development. Well known to orthopedics and podiatrists across the nations, bunions are small defections of the foot skin that are developed primarily on the big toe bones and cartilages.

Genetic and other factors are causing the bunions to flare up as an inflammation of the joints and ligaments underneath the toe skin. They are apparently on the external side of the toe and are constantly causing extreme pain. This pain is so unbearable that can make your stay at home and impose barriers even in wearing your favorite shoes.

That is why modern shoe producers have already introduced new, high-tech pairs of shoes that can properly address the issue of developing bunions for most of the people. While many of you are stuck with your beloved kicks, the quest to find the best bunions shoes could become a challenging procedure.

10 Best Running Shoes For Bunions

The real challenge is to find shoes that have similar benefits to people with the same health issues with bunions and hammertoes. Let’s check some of the latest pairs of shoes that can make the difference for all of you who suffer from foot deformities.

1 ASICS GT-2000 6 Running Shoe

One of the pair of shoes that makes running with bunions an easy task. They are comfortable and stylish for modern women to run into, they give you more energy on every step and they have high-mileage durability which is a key point for shoes in this category.

They also have a DUOMAX system that makes them extra comfortable for long hour use and heel-to-toe GEL technology cushioning that protects the bunion area as well as the foot curve.


  • Removable sock liner to present better-cushioning performance
  • Exoskeletal heel counter for improved support
  • DUOMAX system for excellent stability
  • It features a lower-density top layer in the midsole
  • Various width options with traction
  • They are very lightweight


  • Size may vary
  • Very poor durability according to a couple of tasters

2 Saucony Omni 16 Running Shoe

Another great pair of shoes that is among the most valuable in the list of the best shoes for bunion running. These shoes can make the difference for your appearance since they are stylish and you will not pay a fortune to purchase them.

In addition, the shoes are offering an 8mm offset cushioning that is among the most competitive on the market. They have a FlexFilm strong and lightweight material to their upper side that allows for fewer layers and lighter profile which makes them perfect for running and action sports.


  • 100% Synthetic and imported
  • Updated Everun Topsole to offer smooth landing in the heel
  • Tri-Flex outsole for a more comfortable ride and protection
  • Sauc-Fit Technology for enhanced fit with increased comfort
  • They are very lightweight and breathable for running


  • They are little bit expensive
  • Minimal color variety

3 HOKA ONE ONE Clifton 4 Running Shoe

This pair of shoes is usually reported to be among the best shoes for bunion running and in general, gives you an idea what people are looking for when they form the list of the best running shoes for bunions.

The shoes have an award-winning Clifton lineage that is not anything you have seen before in terms of comfort and relaxation. They can help you enhance your speed while running due to their special aerodynamic abilities and features.

They also have a modern style that can give you a lot of attention when you are walking or running. Their mesh upper is breathable giving your feet the chance to remove heat and sweat and keeps you out of fungus infections.


  • Most users are pleased with the updates made on the Clifton 4.
  • A number of users said that the shoe is ideal for long-distance running and training.
  • They are most comfortable than the previous version
  • They are durable and breathable also
  • They provide perfect support for running
  • Very well designed by their engineer
  • Very comfortable for having enough space in the toe box


  • The price of the shoes is a little bit high
  • Size may vary

4 Mizuno Wave Rider 21 Running Shoes

These can be among the most successful shoes and score high enough in the list of the best running shoes for bunions. It is a very respectable brand in shoes and can give you enough variety to choose from. They are famous for their ability in running and other action sports. They also give extra space to the swore feet to move and breath.

This pair of shoes comes easily at your place with AMAZON services and can fit any size of feet since there are plenty of sizes that you can choose from. There is also a money-back guarantee that you can get for the first 30 days after the purchase and use with no further questions.

Mizuno with their 100-year history can give you the innovation you need in the insoles and other movable parts of the running shoe. That is why they are in the list for the best running shoes for flat feet and bunions which usually appear together.


  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Its midsole makes it durable and comfortable
  • They are flexible, smooth and lightweight to ride
  • Soft anatomical sock liner offer better arch support and cushioning
  • Fit in motion upper for flexible support


  • Minimal color options available now
  • Size may vary

5 ASICS GT-2000 5 Running Shoe

While looking for the best sneakers for bunions you should stop at this pair of shoes. A well-recognized and established shoe company worldwide like Asics has created a top pair of shoes to present to the public.

It consists of structured cushioning and support which makes it easier to run long distances. This pair of shoes also features a FluidRide which is a unique system developed by Asics to the midsole of the shoes that provides extra support to the heel and the foot curve especially while running at high speeds.


  • 100% Synthetic and imported
  • Impact Guidance System Technology to enhance foot’s natural gait
  • DuoMax system for better stability and support
  • The mesh provides a comfortable upper
  • The FluidRide midsole offers more cushioning and durability


  • Minimal color option available
  • They take time to break

6 Brooks Glycerin 15

In our search for the best running shoes for bunions it is necessary we make a special reference to this pair of shoes. Brooks company is an established name in the field of running shoes for decades now. Finally, they have developed a stylish design that matches the needs of modern women while running.

The shoes are lighter than the category average and have improved flexibility. They have also softer feel with an updated midsole design that makes it easier for a long-distance runner to wear them.


  • Mesh upper
  • Durable outsole
  • Better cushioned footbed and steady ride
  • Maximum unique color available
  • Super DNA midsole and 3D print technology used for a secure fit


  • A bit expensive
  • Can make squeaky sound for a few days

7 ALTRA Torin IQ Road Running Shoe

This is another crucial stop for the list of the best running shoes for women with bunions, which isn’t an easy job at all. The bunions are a harsh condition that requires special footwear to be healed.

Altra has added IQ technology to provide you with live feedback on foot strike, cadence, impact rate and contact time. The same time the Torin IQ’s razor-thin footbed sensors provide onboard coaching to help you improve your technique and form on-the-run.


  • 100% Textile and Synthetic
  • They are lightweight
  • Natural Ride System
  • Ultralight EVA midsole by using the best technology
  • Reflective Upper and comfortable
  • Perfect for running and walking


  • They are expensive
  • May difficult to connect the altra app

8 Brooks Adrenaline Gts 17

One of the Brooks innovative pair of shoes that ranks high in the list of the best running shoes for bunions. These are the shoes that are ambitious enough to close the gap between the great manufacturers and the affordable ones.

The present enhanced stability for the user and their synthetic material is ecological and gives more resistance to weather conditions. The insole gives more comfort to the user especially when he uses good quality socks and the midsole is a Brooks company innovation that gives extra comfort to the heel and top toe.


  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • High cushioning
  • Well designed
  • Extremely lightweight


  • The toe box are narrow
  • Can fell tight for insole

9 ASICS GEL-Foundation 12 Running Shoe

This is by far the most respectable shoe in the list of the shoes for bunions. Their technical innovations in the midsole and the heel support give runners a new opportunity for quality running.


  • 100% Synthetic and Imported
  • Provide better arch support
  • Rear foot and forefoot GEL cushioning
  • Its hard rubber sole makes it durable and tough
  • Comfort sock liner
  • Maximum Support Last accommodates orthotics


  • The toe box is narrow
  • Not very lightweight

10 Altra Torin 3 Athletic Shoe

This is the pair of shoes that scores higher in the list of the best running shoes for bunions. These are respectable shoes produces by a well-known manufacturer.


  • Most Comfortable
  • EVA midsole with A-bound top layer
  • They provide high cushioning
  • They are lightweight shoes
  • Looking good for their unique design


  • Narrow toe box reviewed by few runners
  • Not enough breathable

Awesome List of 10 Best Shoes for Bunions Running


So If you have developed a big bony lump at your bottom foot, then you should be very considered about the selection of best running shoes for bunions. We hope that you will be very helpful to read our guide.

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