10 Best Orthopedic Work Boots

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You can easily acquire work boots that automatically changes your appearance to that of a super-model, even if it is only from the waist down. But sometimes, a pretty appearance and safety features just aren’t enough. If your job demands that you stand for 8-12 hours then you need a little extra support for your feet. It is in such cases that best orthopedic work boots swoop in to save the day.

The best orthopedic work boots are designed to provide support for your feet on all sides thus insulating them from issues that may arise from straining your feet for too long. If you already have foot issues like plantar Fasciitis, orthopedic shoes make the pain more bearable while check-mating further damage. Below are the top ten best orthopedic work boots which we have selected based on particular design choices meant to reduce the strain on your feet.

Defining Orthopedic Work Boots 

Orthopedic work boots are shoes constructed deliberately to align perfectly with the natural structure of the foot. The heels, ankles, arch and every other part of the foot that require extra support to help a worker stand for long is improved by orthopedic boots. To achieve the required support certain design elements are included in these boots like detachable orthotic insoles, strong steel shanks, ankle bracing, proper lacing etc.

Advantages of Orthopedic work boots:

  • By helping prevent common foot pain and back pain, orthopedic boots offer the wearer quality medical benefits. if you are like most people, you must have been forced to wear a low-quality shoe at least once in your life and I am sure you haven’t forgotten how they made you feel; the pain in the heels, the rigidness on your arches, the pain that climbs and radiates around your lower back when you stand for 4-5hours etc. If you wear such poor quality boots continually, it is bound to alter your heel, arch structure or thread permanently which in turn may cause lifelong pain in the feet. Orthopedic shoes ensure you don’t battle such problems by supporting your feet from all sides.
  • Most manual workers are known to suffer Plantar Fasciitis, a foot ailment which means a chronic heel pain. The Plantar Fascia is a ligament connecting the heel bone to the toes, it passes through the arch of the foot. Standing for long periods especially with some weight attached, leads to the deterioration of this ligament which in turn leads to a pain in the heels. Orthopedic shoes which often comes with orthotic soles help to reduce the pain of Plantar Fasciitis.
  • Because of diabetic neuropathy, one may not really feel the sensation of blisters and ulcers in the feet and these blisters, if ignored, may result in the amputation of limbs for diabetics. Orthopedic work boots, particularly diabetic boots come complete with inserts that help prevent skin blistering in patients with diabetes.
  • When it comes to comfort, orthopedic boots beat out all other footwear. With naturally shaped toe boxes and plush insoles that offer support, you get boots that are designed to offer premium comfort. Every worker needs a level of comfort to put in their best work.
  • With advancement in technology, orthopedic boots aren’t the ill constructed unappealing bits you dread, they have evolved to the point of offering you the comfort you desire in an appealing design.

We endeavored to include both comfortable boots with detachable insoles and therapeutic diabetic boots for this orthotic work boot compilation.

Who needs orthopedic work boots?

Everyone will benefit from owning a pair of orthopedic boots whether you have foot ailments or not. While it helps those with foot troubles deal with it, it also helps healthier folks prevent future foot and back pain. Below are some of the problems that may require you to get orthopedic boots.

  • Foot Pain: While this is an obvious one, people do not often associate sore toes, painful toes, swollen arches etc. with wrong boots. Orthopedic work boots offer your feet enough room while ensuring that the feet doesn’t just bounce around while you walk. Because of its roomy nature, nothing rubs against your foot or causes your skin to break.
  • Heel pain: Heel pain is one that should be taken seriously because it is not as simple as a shoe bite or a toe stub. Pain in the heel may be indicative of Plantar Fasciitis. If you find that it is, you can control it by wearing orthopedic shoes with orthotic soles, metatarsal pads and reducing the pressure you put on your feet.
  • Pronation and Supination: The problem might just be in the way you walk. Paying close attention to the position your foot fall in when you walk will show you whether the foot rolls inward (Pronation) or whether your ankles turn outwards (Supination). If you still have doubts, create an impression of your wet feet, a large C curve in the arch may indicate supination while zero curve may indicate pronation. Wearing orthopedic boots will help you prevent any problems.
  • Leg length and discrepancy: To discover whether there are discrepancies in the length of your feet, check the old soles of your shoes, the pattern of wear on the soles will tell you whether your feet are unequal lengthwise. Wearing orthopedic work boots can ensure you plant both feet at the same level.
  • Hip and Leg injury: Anyone who suffered a recent injury to the hips or legs needs the right support for the feet. If you don’t get the necessary support, your joints may not heal in the proper position. With orthopedic work boots, you will get all the support you need to heal quickly.

Major features of best orthopedic work boots

From a large stable of work boots claiming to offer premium comfort, we have picked out ten that actually make good on their claims. With safety needs and healthy foot forming the basis of our decision, these boots were selected based on the following features;

Detachable Insoles: The sole of the feet are one of the parts that require full support from orthopedic shoes because insoles share direct contact with the bottom of the foot. You can improve the quality of a boot by attaching orthotics customized for your particular arch shape or foot ailment but you can only do this if your booth has detachable insoles. All the boots included on this list possess removable insoles.

Comfort: We would have been completely remiss if we were to select the best orthopedic work boots without comfort as a major consideration. The best boots ensure that your feet feel as comfortable as possible after each long day and it isn’t just about the insoles, the best uppers for comfort are those made of soft materials that doesn’t rub and aggravate your skin.

Arch Support: You should look out for premium arch support in your orthopedic work boots. This becomes more important if you are of heavy build and have to carry heavy loads at work. We considered the quality of insoles and the type of shank, favoring steel/fiberglass shank.

Traction: Slipping and falling are amongst the major dangers in the work place. We chose orthopedic boots that have great grip on most surfaces like wet, uneven and slippery surfaces. Deep lugs or drastic thread pattern improves the grip of every boot.

Safety Features: Because we are dealing with work boots, safety is an indispensable quality so we considered features like steel/composite toes, waterproofing, oil resistance, slip resistance, electrical hazard, etc.

 Durability: Most work boots fall apart very quickly which is why we examined these work boots to ensure they have reinforced seams, scratch resistant uppers, sturdy soles and vigorous laces. These are some of the basic attributes that show these boots to be the best quality in the market.

List of Best Orthopedic Work Boots

  1. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots

Cat Footwear Men's Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boot,...

Caterpillar Second shift steel toe work boot has a name that is as ambitious as it is fitting. They are durable and quite inexpensive. They come with detachable insoles which means you can replace them with premium orthotics that gives your feet the best comfort available while upgrading your boots to the same class as high-end boots for less than half the price. This is the kind of leather boot that won’t quit on you and to crown it all, it has some of the best safety features required in a work boot. You have steel shanks built-in for arch support. These shoes deserve nothing less than the top place on this list!


The makers claim that Caterpillar Second Shift steel toe orthopedic work boots can keep your toes in great comfort even through the second shift and we do not doubt them because a lot of users who have used these boots for years also testify to their efficacy. They are made of full-grain water-resistant leather uppers, it is durable and not harsh and your feet are given a lot of flex room. The waterproof leather can be made even more waterproof with a coating of beeswax or the like.

The ankles stand a good six inches high from the arch while the ankle collar is padded to ensure soft contact with the feet when you are in motion. You have four eyelets for the laces ad two speed hooks for easy and fast lace-up. The caterpillar brand can be clearly seen at the top of the collar, marked in a triumphant yellow.

The interior of the boot is covered with nylon mesh materials which work in chorus with the Climasphere sock liner to keep moisture from your feet. You are less likely to get blisters on your feet when the feet are dry which makes this good news for diabetic patients as these boots ensure they can work without worrying about their skin breaking down.

There are two models of the second shift boots in the market: One that comes with steel toes and another that comes without them. If you work in heavy-duty industries or in construction, then the steel toe is what you should go for because they meet the ASTM F2413-05 M 1/75 C/75 rating  which guarantees that they can take up to 75 pounds of direct impact without damage. In these boots, you also have a toe and sole that is built to protect you from electrical hazards as it can protect you from up to 600 volts of electricity in a dry environment.

These boots are constructed using the Goodyear welt construction which means you can easily re-sole when the old sole wears out while having a pair of boots whose sturdiness you can trust. Even at that, the second shift is so durable that you may never have to re-sole for a long time.

Comfort and Support

The caterpillar second shift has detachable and contoured insole which works so well that folks who would usually get custom orthotics find this a good fit and do not purchase custom orthotics unless this one wears out. These insoles work best for people with flat feet with the Climasphere liner ensuring that your feet enjoys an all-round softness. To protect the ligaments and absorb shock from walking in graveled and uneven surfaces, you have an arch supported by the strongest type of shank; the steel shank.

You can get these boots in sizes 7-14 in medium and extra wide models. If you have wide feet or extra bunions, you should go for the extra wide model which offers more room in the toe box.


  • Detachable contoured insoles
  • It offers good value for money
  • Extremely durable
  • Strong steel shank
  • Steel toe
  • Electric hazard protection
  • Good year welt construction


  • It is not fully waterproof


  1. Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss 6” Steel_Toe Boot

Timberland PRO mens Pit 6 Inch Steel Safety Toe...

With Timberland’s PRO Pitboss orthopedic work boots, what you get is quality at a prize that won’t make you break the bank. The brand brings its vast experience in the business of boot making to bear, ensuring that no safety feature is neglected. You have detachable cushion insoles to help cement the Pitboss boot’s position as the most comfortable boots in the market. Their proprietary sole is guaranteed to last. Timberland know their boots and ensures their products tick all the right boxes which are why their place on this list is well-deserved.


Timberland’s PRO Pitboss has durable Nubuck leather uppers which will show signs of scratch if they are abused ceaselessly. It has a Goodyear welt construction which guarantees a powerful welding between the uppers and the sole although you can re-sole easily if the sole wears out, don’t worry, it won’t wear out easily. The ankle is 6 inches from the arch with the top of the ankle well-padded to ensure soft contact with your feet. You have 3 eyelets for passing the laces and 3 hooks which ensures the laces are made secure against the ankles.

These boots come with a steel-toe which complies fully with ASTM F2413-05 M 1/75 C/75 standards. You can also get them in soft model. You also get a boot with electrical hazard protection and ASTM F2413-11 compliance. For a great grip on all surfaces, these boots have oil ad slip resistant durable soles with semi-aggressive thread. For moisture and odor control, the interior of the boot is lined with Cambrelle liner which offer anti-microbial treatments too. To cap it all, these boots are lightweight with size 9 boots weighing about 25 ounces each.

Comfort and Support

Timberland PRO Pitboss orthopedic boots come equipped with detachable, open-cell polyurethane footbeds with Agion anti-microbial treatment which most users don’t replace with orthotics because they are very comfortable and lush to step on. For arch support, you have a lightweight nylon shank and polyurethane midsoles. The nylon shank helps absorb shock when you walk on rugged surfaces while also promoting free foot movement although it does not offer the level of shock absorption offered by the steel shank.

You can get these work boots in sizes 7-15 in medium and extra-wide models in brown, wheat and black colors.


  • Detachable insoles with Agion anti-Microbial treatment
  • Cambrelle anti-microbial liner
  • Steel-toe
  • Padded ankle collar
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Electric hazard protection


  • It is not water proof


  1. Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Cat Footwear Men's Diagnostic Steel-Toe Waterproof...

Caterpillar comes up with lots of surprises in the comfort department. While their diagnostic boots offer lots of safety features, they also provide insulation which helps to maintain the natural temperature of the feet. These boots aren’t for the lily-livered, they are tough and ready to go the mile. In case you think I am kidding, these boots come with great arch support and a removable EVA foam insert with gel technology that stimulates the feet. These boots help you walk and work and these attributes make them deserving fixtures on this list.


The Caterpillar Diagnostic boots come packed in an audacious design which captures the attention of most workers especially when it comes to the dark beige version. It comes with water-resistant leather uppers situated 6 inches above the arch. Its interior is lined with 220g Thinsulate insulation which ensures that the temperature of the feet are maintained. In cold climes, these boots keep your feet warm while in the cold days, it helps to ensure that your feet retains a good level of coolness. There is a nylon mesh lining designed to keep your feet dry.

The Caterpillar Diagnostic has steel-toes that comply fully with ASTM safety rating and it is capable of bearing the brunt of heavy items falling on the toes. The boots have CAT SRX slip resistant rubber soles which are tough and ready to carry you through long and repeated shifts. For improved traction, you have the ladder grip technology which ensures you can walk confidently on rough terrains. These boots aren’t just limited to your work, they are also perfect for a hike because of the aggressive thread on the sole. For comfort and to protect the skin around the ankle from blisters the ankle collar is padded. An extra incentive here is that these boots provide protection against electric hazards.

Comfort and Support

For comfort, the Caterpillar Diagnostic boots spot a detachable EVA midsole, the technology soaks up the energy you apply while walking and push that back into your work thereby adding a spring to your steps. Besides a literal spring to your steps they also offer a cushioning effect for the underside of your feet. For arch support, a steel shank is included. These boots deal very well with shocks from uneven terrain very well while also ensuring a round the clock fresh feet.

You can get these boots in sizes 7-14 in medium and extra wide width.


  • Detachable gel-based EVA midsole
  • Steel Shank
  • Steel-toe protection
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • 200g Thinsulate insulation
  • Water-resistant uppers
  • Padded ankle collar


  • The lace eyelets/hooks could have been built to last longer


  1. Dunham Men’s Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot

Dunham Men's Cloud Mid-Cut Waterproof Boot, Grey - 12...

The Dunham Cloud Mid-cut orthopedic work boots are your jack of all trades. They are not specifically designed to serve as work boots, they can serve workers who have to be on their feet for the greater part of the day and face no danger from falling items and they also make excellent hiking boots. Besides all these, the Dunham Cloud is lightweight, weighing half of what the caterpillar second shift weighs. The level of comfort in the Dunham Cloud is enough to earn it a place on this list.


Standing just 4.5 inches from the arch, the Dunham cloud are really special boots. Although safety is sacrificed for comfort here, most professions that do not require heavy-duty boots will allow these. Why weigh your feet down with 60-80 ounce boots when you can slide on the 36 ounce Dunham and feel light as air? The upper is made of water-resistant leather, each piece of the upper seam-sealed to ensure that water doesn’t sneak in through the gaps. The Dunham has gusseted tongue attached on both sides to keep debris and water out. For soft contact around the ankle, the collar of the ankle shaft is padded.

You can’t match to war in these boots since they do not offer safety toe protection although a toe-bumper is included. The design means they are ineffective at jobs where one may encounter the falling of heavy objects or stub toes regularly but they work perfectly in workplaces where you have to stand or walk around for long. There are 4 metal eyelets for the laces and 2 speed lacing hooks added in spite of the short ankle collar.

For powerful grip on hard and uneven terrain, the Dunham’s soles are perfect hiking through the toughest paths. To improve traction, there is also a multidirectional lug pattern which gives you the perfect grip in all directions. The padded tongue helps to distribute the impact of treading on rough surfaces evenly across the boots.

Comfort and Support

The Insole of the Dunham contains full length detachable shock-absorbing memory foam and a polyurethane midsole.  You have a fiberglass shank at the core of the boot to guarantee shock resistance. The fiberglass offer the same quality as the steel shank but at half the weight. The fiberglass shank ensure that your feet doesn’t feel the impact from walking the toughest terrains while also ensuring that your arches are kept light and safe. The Dunham is also equipped with roll bars containing medial and lateral TPU posts in a bid to straighten your feet while you walk and also encourage the right posture.

You can find these work boots in size 7-18 with medium, extra-wide and 4E wide models in certain sizes. Individuals with large feet will find a match here.


  • Detachable memory foam inserts
  • Roll bars with medial and lateral TPU posts for stride alignment
  • An array of sizes including size 4E models
  • Very lightweight
  • An aggressive thread pattern designed for great traction
  • Water-resistant
  • Gusseted tongue


  • It does not have safety-toe protection.


  1. Wolverine Men’s Buccaneer Work Boots

Wolverine Men's W04821 Buccaneer Boot, Dark Brown, 10 M...

The evident classy nature of the Wolverine Buccaneer work boots mean they can be worn easily as dress boots. The brand has successfully combined comfort and style in this dark brown package to great effect. Although these were not originally designed as safety boots, they can be useful in work places where workers are required to stand or walk for long periods of time. The waterproof design means it is well-suited for hiking purposes too. These basic qualities and its durable design means these boots are a shoe-in for this list.


These boots are made of full-grain, water-resistant leather, highly durable and flexible enough to allow natural motion for your feet. They are built using Contour Welt Construction. It possesses a mesh lining which ensures moisture control and ensures a soft feeling on all sides for the boots.

These orthopedic work boots come with a rubber outsole complete with a semi-aggressive lug pattern. For softer impact when you are in motion, Multishox technology is incorporated into the boot to evenly distribute the shock around the boot and make it more bearable on the feet. You have a strong outsole which is water, oil, chemical, heat and scratch-resistant. There are two models of these boots: the 6-inch model and the 8-inch model. It has a padded ankle collar to ensure a softer feel against the skin. It offers protection against electrical hazards. The laces are attached through three eyelets and two hooks but the hooks are not attached as strongly as we would have liked in some pieces.

Comfort and Support

Within the Wolverine Buccaneer orthopedic work boots you will find detachable full-length cushion beds which takes care of shock absorption and supports your weight fully. If you do not like these inserts, you can replace them with custom orthotics that serve the shape of your feet better. For proper arch support you have nylon shanks which also helps to remove fatigue from the arch especially when you stand for a very long time. The nylon shanks are lightweight which means these boots are also lightweight in comparison with other more heavy duty boots. Each boot weigh about 27 ounces.

You will find these boots in sizes 7-13 in medium and 3E wide toe-box styles.


  • They are lightweight
  • Detachable cushion footbeds
  • Multishox technology to ensure even shock distribution
  • Water-resistant
  • They are appealing in their appearance


  • It doesn’t offer safety features


  1. Timberland PRO Men’s 6” Rigmaster XT Steel-toe Waterproof Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's 6 Inch Rigmaster XT Steel Toe...

The Timberland PRO Rigmaster orthopedic work boots are a class above all others and appeals to the eyes especially in the dark brown and black shades. These boots come laden with every necessary safety feature with steel-toe and water-proofing forming the major highlights. The powerful treads ensure you can walk the most rugged terrains with lots of grip. The sole is built for perfect traction on all surfaces including wet and slippery surfaces. For such features, this boots offer great value for money. One could easily consider the Timberland Rigmaster best slip resistant work boots on this list.


With the Timberland Rigmaster, you have a boot made of full-grain leather with a large part of the front and sides of the heels made of abrasion-resistant leather. The full package is a physically appealing pair of boots built to withstand damage from all sides. They are waterproof and can take you through light rains and puddles without allowing your feet to get wet. The interior is lined with an anti-microbial lining that ensures an odorless feet.

The signature Timberland outsoles are a part of these boots, designed with an aggressive tread pattern to ensure perfect traction on hazardous surfaces. The steel-toes are ASTM compliant while also offering electric hazard protection. You need not worry about the time it takes to lace these up, a speed –lacing system is a part of the package.

Comfort and Support

Arch support on the Timberland Rigmaster is provided by a steel shank which swallows up all the shock you get from rough surfaces. Also built in to offer support is a contoured single-density insole with antimicrobial cover for your foot position. It has midsoles designed specifically to lessen foot fatigue especially when you have to stand or walk for long hours.

You can get these boots in sizes 7-15 in medium and extra-wide toes box styles.


  • It is water-resistant
  • It has a contoured insole
  • Possesses toe and heel bumpers
  • Steel shank for shock absorption
  • It offers electric hazard protection


  • It takes a little time to break-in


  1. Martens Men’s Ironbridge Wide ST Work Boot

Dr. Martens, Men's Ironbridge Extra Wide Heavy Industry...

When Dr. Martens launched his shoe line, it was mostly a modest outfit that used rubber tires for soles but overtime the brand has flourished to lead the invention of air-cushioned soles. The ironbridge water-resistant orthopedic work boots offer great comfort. These boots appear very handsome despite the healing properties that had to be inculcated into them. Besides great safety-features, these boots have arguably the most durable construction and strong, fierce soles. They are undeniably at home on this list.


Dr. Martens Ironbridge orthopedic work boots are made of dark chocolate tumbled grain leather. The stitching of the seams is made with contrast thread to ensure they are sealed and admit no water. The uppers are made of waterproof leather strong enough to hold up for daily use. The lace up system is achieved through 5 eyelets and 3 hooks. The physical appearance has an oiled finish which also aids water-resistance. To offer premium comfort, a few measures are also included; the tongue and the ankle collar are padded, every area on which pressure is applied while moving is soft, smooth Cambrelle lined interior and a moisture wicking lining made to keep the feet warm and odor-free.

The Ironbridge boots come with that unique air-cushioned sole for which Dr. Martens has gained wild acclaim. These soles are welded to the uppers using Goodyear welt construction so that you can get a resole when the older one wears out. The sole comes with an aggressive log pattern which ensures that you have a powerful grip on every surface, they are also slip and oil-resistant. It has steel-toe caps that complies with ASTM safety requirements. With these boots, you also get electric hazard protection.

Comfort and Support

The Ironbridge orthopedic work boots handle shock through the wood shank incorporated into it and the lightweight nature of wood shanks mean that the weight of the boot is also kept low. For proper foot support, the shoe has an air cushioned sole while the EVA insole draped in mesh ensures a soft feel for the feet.

You can get these boots in sizes 9-13 in extra wide styles. Available colors include teak and black colors.


  • Water-resistant
  • It has air-cushioned insoles for feet support
  • Steel-toe protection
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Padded ankle collar and tongue


  • It is not very durable


  1. Timberland PRO Men’s 26078 Titan 6” Waterproof Safety-Toe Work Boot

Timberland PRO Men's 26078 Titan 6' Waterproof...

The Timberland PRO Titan orthopedic work boots are lightweight boots designed for carrying out daily tasks on the shop floor. The safety features in this boots have been modified to ensure the overall weight is kept at a minimum. The dark mocha color is handsome, more so when you consider the ornate metal eyelets it houses. It is waterproof which comes in handy when you have to walk through heavy rain to work or carry out your duties in a wet environment. It takes its seat amongst elite orthopedic shoes because of its innovative design.


The Timberland PRO Titan boots come in dark chocolate brown leather and it does not just look stylish, it has the waterproof capabilities to attest to its quality. You can tighten the laces via 5 eyelets and 2 top metal hooks built in for fast lace-up. The ankle shaft is positioned 6.5 inches above the arch and the top shaft is padded to allow a free flex of your feet while you walk without causing discomfort.

The toes are protected by lightweight alloy toes which is as strong and weighs less than steel toes although it doesn’t comply with ASTM standards. These boots offer protection from electric hazards. We won’t advice you to walk on slippery or uneven surfaces with these boots on although the boots are marked as slip and oil-resistant. This is because the rubber soles do not possess an aggressive pattern. Within, you have a moisture-wicking mesh lining designed to offer extra comfort without breaking the skin.

Comfort and Support

For shock absorption and arch support, these boots come imbued with a nylon shank which allows more freedom of movement than the steel shank. There is a polyurethane midsole which extends to a heel cushion that absorbs the energy from walking and feeds it back to your feet in order to control fatigue. With the comfortable footbed, your feet rests on plush material and is made pain-free through the long workday.


  • Water-resistant
  • Heel insert to store and restore energy
  • Plush footbed
  • Lightweight alloy toe protection
  • Electric hazard protection
  • Padded collar


  • It may run a little light


  1. Chippewa Men’s 9” Waterproof Insulated Steel-toe EH logger Boots

Chippewa Men's 9' Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH...

Chippewa is a trusted brand when it comes to creating durable boots. They did not create the Super logger orthopedic work boots for loggers alone, they created this masterpiece for anyone who desires improved performance at work. These 9 inches high boots hold your feet in a cocoon of comfort and safety. On the merit of safety and more, these boots have earned their position on this list.


These boots are crafted from oiled black leather. The ankle shaft is a full 9 inches from the shaft. The Chip-A-Tex waterproof membrane ensures the feet does not entertain external moisture while A Dri-LEx membrane inside ensures that the feet are free of sweat. To maintain the natural temperature of your feet, a 400g or 3M Thinsulate insulation is built to keep your feet warm in the cold of winter.

The outsole on these boots is the Vibram Tacoma outsole which is slip resistant and heat resistant sole too tough to quit. There is an aggressive tread pattern to ensure great traction on several troublesome surfaces. The coupling is achieved with Goodyear welt construction. There is an ASTM rated steel-toe protection to keep your feet safe. These boots also offer protection from electric hazards.

Comfort and Support

The Chippewa Logger orthopedic work boots come with detachable orthotic insoles that allow your feet a comfortable base. For premium support and shock absorption, you have the steel shank. The heel sits higher than most shoes, a design element to help with a stronger grip on rough terrain.

These orthopedic work boots can be found in sizes 6-14 in medium, extra-wide and 3E wide models.


  • Detachable orthotic insole
  • Vibram Tacoma outsole
  • Steel shank for support
  • Steel toe protection
  • Electrical hazard protection
  • 400g or 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Water resistance


  • It takes some time to break in


  1. Wolverine Men’s Marauder 6 inch Contour Welt Work boot

WOLVERINE Men's Marauder 6' Contour WELT-M Work Boot,...

The wolverine Marauder Contour Welt boot are orthopedic work boots designed for jobs that does not make a heavy demand on safety. They have a padded interior and created with the best shoe construction techniques. They are built to allow you walk or stand for long hours without causing much fatigue. For comfort, they are highly rated which is why they made it onto this list.


The Wolverine Marauder Contour Welt orthopedic work boots are made of full-grain waterproof leather. With these boots you can wade through water without getting your feet wet. The shaft is 6 inches from the arch while the heels are 1.25 inches high. It has a 0.75 inches high platform. The top of the ankle is padded to provide comfortable contact with the feet. The Marauder has 400 Thinsulate insulation incorporated to maintain the natural temperature of the feet even when you work in a very cold environment.

For traction, these boots have oil and slip resistant multishox phoenix rubber sole. This boot absorbs all the shock when you walk on uneven surfaces because of the semi-aggressive lug pattern on the outsole. The boot is assembled using the Goodyear welt construction.

Comfort and Support

The wolverine Marauder Orthopedic boots possess Nylon shank to handle shock absorption while allowing for a flexible movement of the forefoot. They also come with detachable full-cushion insoles that help to absorb the impact when you work on uneven surfaces. You can switch them for orthotic soles if you have more serious foot issues or wish to obviate one.

You can get these boots in sizes 7-15 in medium and 3E wide models.


  • Cushioned insoles
  • Detachable full cushion insoles
  • 400g Thinsulate insulation
  • Water-resistant


  • It is a little costly.

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