10 Best Logger Work Boots

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Logging work is an interesting adventure but to enjoy the adventure, you must ensure that you have all the necessary protective gear on you. Your feet should be firmly planted on the ground and impervious to water. In the course of your job, certain challenges may arise which can only be countered with safety wears. Logging boots are the perfect boots for the job, they are designed to offer support, provide traction and improve the safety of your feet.

It is a tough job and you deserve a boot that is tough enough to carry you through. Because we are concerned with your safety, we have outlined the 10 best logger work boots to keep you at the top of your game.  While they are arranged according to the features they possess and the price tag they command, rest assured that they all offer great value for money.

Wolverine Men's Buckeye 8' Gore EAA Logger-M, Black, 12...

What makes Logger work boots so special?

Most logger boots possess unique features that make them the best fit for the demanding job a logger has to undertake. Here are a few;

High Heel: The high heels on logger boots may appear to be a perplexing feature but it is a practical attachment. When you walk on uneven surfaces, your heels always hit the ground first in a bid to help you get a firm stance. The heels on logger boots help loggers get a foothold when they go downhill, dig lines or saw. The nature of the job require loggers to walk on slimy logs and wet forest debris and the heels help them do their jobs with their feet firmly planted and steady.

Steel Shank: A steel shank is a flat stretch of material jammed within the outer sole, it is positioned under the arch of your feet. This feature is found in the best logger work boots and they are there to soak up every impact and shock that might come as result of standing on ladder rungs and walking on uneven surfaces for most of part of the day. Because of the hardy nature of the job and the heat the feet takes daily, steel shanks are there to protect your feet from bruises at the end of each tasking work day. They are flexible and can follow your body’s natural movement.

Toe Protection: If you have had something fall on your toes, then you know how painful toe injuries can be. To protect the toes, the best logger work boots come with reinforcements. Steel toes are the most common materials for protecting the toes because they can bear the extra weight of heavy objects falling on them. Composite toes is another toe protection used often on logger work boots and while they do not offer the quality of protection which steel toes bring, they adapt better to temperature than steel toes.

Weather Proofing: Elements like earth, fire and water can pose a direct threat to poorly constructed boots. The best logger work boots have the ability to resist some elements of the weather. Some logger work boots have Gore-Tex cover, a quality water-resistant and breathable membrane that keeps the feet dry and odour free. Those without Gore-Tex have some water resistant quality in them.

Insulation: To keep your feet warm in extremely cold climes, get yourself the best insulated logger boots to ensure warm feet. Thinsulate, a thin, feet-warming layer, comes with most logger work boots. Those who work in warm areas do not need insulation, there are boots on this list with insulation and some others without insulation.

Chippewa Men's 9' Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH...

Ankle Support: To support your feet while you walk on rugged environments, most logger work boots come with ankle shafts that run up to 8” or more on the ankle. This ensures your ankle doesn’t roll and allows your fore foot to move freely.

Lug Pattern: To ensure you have firm traction, logger boots often come with an aggressive tread pattern on the outsole. These lugs work together with high-heels to reduce the danger of slipping or falling to the barest minimum.

Industry Standards: The best logger work boots comply fully with the assessment standards of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). ASTM provides the minimum requirements for design, performance, testing and classification of safety footwear.

Logger Work Boots vs. Wildland Firefighting Boots vs. Hiking Boots vs. Lineman Boots.

Logger boots are durable footwear imbued with all round safety features to protect the wearer from shock and other hazards of the logging profession. They have steel shank to provide support, lug pattern and heels to provide traction on rugged surfaces and a high design to further support the ankle.

Fire fighter boots are built to withstand the fiery heat of high temperature environments. There is a leather shank inserted to create a wide arch to enable firefighters step over wreckage. Silicone-tanned leather and Vibram soles are often used in the production of these boots because both materials are fire resistant. For toe protection, fire fighter boost often use soft toes instead of metal toe caps.

Sometimes, logging work may demand a short distance hike to the logging site. Hiking boots are designed to support fast-paced work on rough dirt tracks and protect your feet from stones jutting out of the ground. While they provide great support for long walks and are always lighter than work boots, they do not provide the same quality for toe and upper foot protection. If fast-paced hiking is your thing, you should take a look at track-running shoes.

Linemen boots are perfect for climbing up the rungs of a ladder. These are designed with strong steel shanks and are often 14-20” high (Sometimes, even up to 38”). The best of them come with rings and grommets for connecting climbing gear and they also possess extra leather patches on the side to ensure the foot is protected from every scratch that might come as a result of the climb.

What is the Kiltie on Logger work boots used for?

The pretty tongue with jagged edges peeping out of the laces on your logger boots is called a kiltie. It is a false tongue, about 8” long. The earliest design of logger boots had tongues made of thin leather under the bootlaces and oftentimes, the bootlaces rub on it and cause it to wear, these bootlaces also rub against the upper side of the foot.

The kiltie was originally designed to get in the middle of the thin tongue and the bootlaces and bear the brunt of the impact but now it has grown into a trademark design of logger boots and has continued to make an appearance even though modern logger boots come with thick gusseted tongue that require no extra protection.

Major Features of the best logger work boots

Timberland PRO Men's Rip Saw Comp Toe Logger Work...

Because we have tasted the pain of acquiring work boots that fall apart before you could say fetch! Because we do not want you to go through the same trauma we went through, we have carefully created this list of the best work boots paying attention to the following features;

Traction: The logger boots on this list will walk every kind of surface, wet or dry. They have high-heels which are rough enough to dig in while the lugs underneath the outsole ensure that you are firmly planted on your feet even when you step on logs.

Support: Quality logger boots support the heels and ankle shaft to ensure that your ankle does not roll while allowing you retain the benefits of the heel. Your feet is kept fresh even when you have to stand in them for 10hours or more with the help of plush insoles. You have heel and toe options that add a spring to your steps while keeping you upright.

Protection: The toughest materials are used in the making of these boots. Toe protection is often a point of primary concern to ensure full protection for your feet. These materials do not just protect your feet, they stay unbroken too.

Durability: The logger boots face some of the worst abuse out there: heavy weight fall on them, mud, debris, pebbles etc. are always there to wear them out. What we have listed out here are boots that can take all the beating without falling apart so easily.

Budget: Below, you will find best logger work boots for different price range. We aimed to include something for everyone here but rest assured, every boot on the list offers great value for the money.

List of Best Logger Work Boots


Chippewa Men's 9' Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe EH...

Often referred to as the Chippewa Super Logger boots, these boots are loved by lumberjacks and coveted by construction workers. Here are some of the features you get with the Chippewa supper Logger boots; insulation, water resistance, steel toe, steel shank and every other thing necessary for your comfort and protection. Some might consider these boots a little expensive but the aggressive Vibram tread is enough to make you part with the money. Its major selling point is the premium quality construction and that alone has placed it at the top of this list. You can still find a lot of options for the best lightweight work boots.


The Chippewa 9” Super Logger boots are a classy bunch. The 9” in the name is taken from the fact that the ankle shaft is 9 inches above the arch. They are made using the Goodyear welt construction with a strip of leather attached to the edge of the outsole. This style of construction means that that the boots are waterproof and also, you can easily re-sole when the sole wears out. Goodyear welt construction is considered the best in the industry. These boots have a 2” logger heel which combines with the lugs to ensure an excellent grip.

The outsoles of this boot is made of Vibram Tacoma with a deep lug designed to give you a good stance on loose soil, ensure slip-resistance on smooth ground and offer oil-resistance on slippery surfaces. When you stand on logs, you are assured of steady footing because of the depth of the aggressively-shaped lug patter. The major advantage of the Vibram sole is that it offers the same grip under freezing weather. The Chippewa Super Loggers have a Chip-A-Tex waterproof membrane covering which ensures water resistance and allows breathability thereby ensuring that you never have to worry about foul odors.

For Toe protection, the Chippewa Super Logger boots come with a steel toe protection powerful enough to withstand heavy impact and compression. They comply with ASTM F2413-05 standards which assures you of electric hazard protection. According to the brand, the boots are handcrafted in the US. The boots also feature speed hooks for fast lace-up, with laces waxed to ensure they stay in place after you have tied them up. The grommets and rings on the bot are rust resistant while triple-stitched seams maintain the uniformity of the boots. You can find them in black oiled and bay apache colors.

Comfort and fit

The Chippewa super logger boots are built to bear all kinds of shock and they do all these without your feet being made aware. There is a triple-ribbed steel shank built to support the ankle and the arch of the foot on every terrain. Insulation is provided by Thinsulate ultra insulation which provides warmth and allows the feet to move freely. The 400g of 3M Thinsulate ensures warm feet. A Dri-Lex lining ensures continuous moisture control.

These boots have a waterproof, detachable insole and doesn’t need a break-in period. You can acquire them in sizes 6.5 – 14 and you will find that they fit as expected although it would have benefitted from a wider toe box.


  • It has a Gooodyear welt construction.
  • Steel to protection.
  • Vibram Tacoma outsoles for great grip and protection.
  • Dri-lex lining for moisture control.
  • 400g 3M Thinsulate lining.
  • Water-resistant.


  • It doesn’t have a roomy toe box.
  • It doesn’t have the traditional Kiltie.



Timberland PRO Men's Rip Saw Comp Toe Logger Work...

Although they are not NFPA-compliant, the Timberland pro Rip Saw Logger Boots are designed for ultimate comfort in high-risk work spaces like logging, construction work, wildland firefighting etc. They have the complete traditional appearance with the kiltie included. They are built in different widths of the same sizes in order to accommodate narrow and wide feet. You have the option of acquiring the cheaper soft-toe model or the safer steel-toe model. Because of its quality, the Rip Saw walks easily into this list.


The boot has leather uppers while the areas around it are covered in Ever-Guard leather to guarantee abrasion-resistance. There is a waterproof leather lining to ensure dry feet even when you stand in 6 inches of water. This level of water resistance is aided by the kiltie. You have an ankle well sitting 9 inches above the arch. There are hooks for quick lacing and eyelets to help secure the laces tight against sawdust. Both the eyelets and the hooks are positioned atop the ankle shaft.

These boots have a 2” heels with a 1” high platform under the feet to ensure that your posture is not affected and to maintain comfort. They are made with a Vibram fire and ice sole with an aggressive lug pattern to ensure high performance at any temperature. A puncture-resistant steel shank is incorporated into the insole while the mesh lining offers anti-microbial treatment and curtails the growth of bacteria.

You are guaranteed to have a spring to your steps because of the Anti-fatigue technology which redistributes energy to key areas of your feet. Even when you stub your toe against an object, you get the energy redirected into your foot to help you walk. That might be a stretch but the PRO Rip Saw boot is guaranteed to add a spring to your steps and what’s more? They comply with the CAN/CSA-Z195-02 safety standards.

 Comfort and Fit

The Timberland PRO Rip Saw boots are amongst the most comfortable logger work boots you will find in the market. The soles are rigid enough to support you while you walk but not so stiff that you feel discomfort when you stand in them. The sole also takes most of the hit and ensure you don’t feel much even when you walk on gravel, you are made to feel like you are walking on a smooth surface at all times.

To lock the ankle in place, you can wrap the ankle shaft around your leg with the laces. There is a lot of spaces in the toe box to allow your feet move freely.

You can get these boots in either medium or wide width on every available size. This means you can get what fits comfortably based on the structure of your feet.


  • You can chose composite, steel or the soft toe model.
  • Puncture-resistant steel shank.
  • It is waterproof up to 6-7 inches.
  • Powerful traction with the Vibram fire and ice sole.
  • Light foam insulation.
  • Abrasion resistant surface.


  • The laces wear out easily.



Wolverine Men's Buckeye 8' Gore EAA Logger-M, Black, 12...

The Wolverine 5634 Buckeye 8” Boots are stylish. The kiltie is designed in the style of a furbelow and it comes with a construction to rival the best in the market. It has a full-grain leather construction and Gore-Tex which places it at the top with other premium boots albeit with a reasonable price tag. It offers the advantage of utility as it cuts across such professions as construction, logging, bush work, foundries, metal fabrication jobs etc. A large number of users rate these boots as the best in the market.


The first feature that grabs your attention when you gaze upon the Wolverine Buckeye logger boots is the full-grain leather. Full-grain leather is the best quality of leather available and allows natural air circulation through the processing stages and beyond. The boots are renowned for being waterproof and breathable because of the Gore-Tex waterproof membrane of course it can become vulnerable like all membranes do when you keep it submerged in water for long periods.

Like the Chippewa super logger boots, the Buckeye is also built with the Goodyear welt construction, with this you have a welt separating the uppers from the sole giving you the option of resoling when the current sole wears out. You have a cute kiltie peeping out from among the laces

For toe protection, the Buckeye has aluminum alloy toe which complies with ASTA EAA safety standard meaning your toes are safe from heavy logs. Aluminum toes are lighter and stronger than steel toes. The outsole is a Vibram outsole with good lugs and a 2.25” heels ensuring that you walk confidently on loose soil and gravel with some ease.

The heels will never cause any discomfort. Most of the shock from walking on uneven surfaces is borne by the outsole. Even when you have to hike for a while to reach the logging area, fatigue is never around. Other features includes: oil, slip, chemical and abrasion-resistance, it doesn’t conduct electricity.

A steel shank supports the Buckeye’s arch and is strong enough for climbing ladders. This makes it possible for the boots to double as lineman boots. What you get is an ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 EH. Speed lacing is achieved with the top three eyelets.

Comfort and fit

These boots have a 9.5” tall ankle shaft and has a detachable plush insole that provides support for your feet as you stand. You can find these boots in sizes 7-14 in medium and wide width. You get a wide toe box in both varieties because of the thinner aluminum alloy cover. The wide version is best for persons with wide feet.

On the insides you will find a 3M Thinsulate lining incorporated to ensure your feet are warm in the cold winter but these do not have enough warmth to pass for snow boots. You can wear them right out of the box because they are very comfortable.


  • Lighter and stronger aluminum alloy toe protection.
  • Gore-Tex waterproof membrane.
  • Full-grain leather uppers.
  • Vibram soles with aggressive lugs.
  • 400 3M Thinsulate.


  • To some people, the ankle may feel a little too slim.



Georgia mens Men's 8' Loggers G7313 industrial and...

The Georgia G7313 Logger work boots come with a proprietary technology to make sure your feet are always dry, stable and comfortable. They come with steel toe protection and in tumbled chocolate colors that is appealing to the eyes. The uppers are made of full-grain leather and you can take out the pretty looking kiltie if it is a little too much for your liking. Compared to the Chippewa and Timberland boots, Georgia G7313 is the more pocket friendly option and its quality drags them into this list.


Georgia G7313 comes in a chocolate colored full-grain leather construction and they show off their graceful appearance with the fancy kiltie which is removable. You may want to keep the kiltie in place because it keeps the tongue of the boots from scratching against the laces. These boots were made using the Goodyear welt construction, a construction style that encourages durability. They may not endure as long as the Chippewa Super Loggers but you can get about 1-2 years of heavy-duty use out of them.

It has ankle shafts that stand 8” from the arch and steel-toes that meet the highest safety rating of ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75. They are also ASTM F2413-11 compliant for electric hazard protection. They have quality abrasion-resistant soles which are very durable but may not offer the length of service offered by Vibram soles.

For dry feet, you have the proprietary Georgia waterproof system inside the sole. The interior is lined lightly to ensure a cozy feet in normal to slightly cold weather. Lace-up is done via solid eyelets and hooks at the top. They may be considered lightweight for logger boots since a size ten weigh about six pounds.

Comfort and fit

The Georgia G7313 may not have catchy marketing lines to throw in your faces but they offer so much. It has a steel shank for support and a detachable polyurethane insole to give your feet a soft landing while you walk. Georgia’s waterproof system allows air into your feet so that your feet are well-ventilated through the long day

You can find these boots in size 7.5-15 in both medium and wide models. The medium and wide models accommodate all kinds of feet and you are allowed enough space in the roomy toe box.


  • They are affordable.
  • Full-comfort.
  • Full-grain leather.
  • ASTM rated steel-toe.
  • Georgia waterproof technology.
  • Non-conducting sole.


  • None



Carolina Boots Men Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe Boots...

The Caroline 8” logger boots are classy with a minimalist design. The 600g of Thinsulate incorporated into these boots mean they can be useful in the cold winter months. It comes in plain brown leather, bearing every necessary safety protection in this one package. Looking at its smooth surfaces you won’t be able to guess that it packs so much in such pristine package.

With the waterproof lining and steel-toes, your feet is kept clean, safe and dry. It straddles the extremes of comfort and durability and packs an aftermarket insole. These boots aren’t just a shoe-in for this list, they also make it into the list of best insulated work boots.


The Caroline 8” is stylish and comes with copper crazy horse leather which is renowned for longevity. The leather is coated with water-resistant scuba liner that ensures dry feet on wet forest grounds. The interior parts of the boot is lined with soft tailbrelle lining and 600g of Thinsulate making it possible for these boots to be useful in the winter but they can’t be worn in hot environments of about 50°. You should order a half-size up, the thick lining makes them run slightly smaller than normal sizes.

The sole is a single piece rubber sole with the underside bearing aggressive lugs for traction. For arch support, you have a steel shank that ensures your feet is kept fatigue-free for long hours. The steel toes on these boots are ASTM F2423-05 I/75 C/75 compliant for safety.

They also offer protection against electrical hazards. It has its ankle shank 8” from the arch. For quick lace-up, there are 3 hooks and 6 eyelets. It is topped d off with Goodyear leather welt construction which helps maintain the boot’s longevity. They are not just water-resistant, they are slip and oil resistant too.

Comfort and Fit

The Thinsulate in the Caroline Logger boots provide warmth and a lush interior that provides a cozy feel and unrivalled comfort. Although the heel is not too high, it digs in to ensure traction. You can improve them further with detachable sole inserts.

The steel shank built into the arch supports your feet fully, soaking up pressure from external environment. You can find these boots in medium wide and extra wide models on each available size. You will feel extra stable with the one piece rubber sole so you don’t need to apply extra force on the ground to stay on your feet when walking on slippery surfaces.


  • 600g Thinsulate lining means you can wear this in warm and cold weather.
  • Premium quality toe protection.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Good year welt construction.
  • Electric hazard protection.


  • It may be half a size smaller because of the thick lining.



Chippewa Men's 8' Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe EH...

The Chippewa 73050 Logger boots have an appealing design with a golden ring along the black surface. Its black oiled leather glitters with the numerous features embedded in the boots. It is constructed with Goodyear welt construction which means it will give you 2-3 years of service even with the worst kind of abuse. It comes with steel-toe protection, waterproof design and insulation making it a good fit for the toughest workspaces. With their quality and features, they step proudly unto this list.


These boots look quite attractive in this black and oiled design. It is built with the Goodyear welt construction speaks of longevity and an ankle that stands 9” from the arch. If the old sole wears out, you can get an extra year of use by re-soling. The kiltie on these boots are detachable and looks very manly.

The leather uppers are securely sewn unto the sole instead of being stuck-on with glue. The leather is waterproof and ensures your feet is dry even when you slush through the forest floor on a rainy day.  Every joint on these boots are constructed with double or quadruple stitching and you have ASTM compliant steel toes for maximum toe safety.

Your feet is supported with a steel shank while Chip-A-Tex waterproof lining ensures a bone dry experience. It comes with the powerful Vibram Tacoma one-piece sole which is slip and oil-resistant. There is a brass hardware that helps you lace up to the top of the ankle shaft and you don’t have to worry, the laces are waxed to ensure tightness, they won’t slip or come off in the middle of the job. With these boots, you also get electrical hazard protection.

Comfort and Fit

The Ruby Nylex lining inside these boots ensure an all-round comfort and also maintains fresh feet by wicking away moisture.  There is also a 400g 3M Thinsulate which ensures warm feet in cold weather. You have a detachable Texon insole which works with the steel shank to provide the best possible arch support.

You can get these boots in sizes 6-14 in medium wide and extra wide sizes each of which offer more room for your wide toebed. It has a 1.5” heel that looks just normal but helps you maintain good traction.


  • Water resistant.
  • Electric hazard protection.
  • Steel toes.
  • Steel shank.
  • Good year welt construction.
  • Detachable macho kiltie.
  • 400g 3M Thinsulate.


  • They might be a little heavy.



Danner mens Super Rain Forest 200G GORE-TEX Work Boot,...

The Danner super rain forest boots are hardy boots produced in the United States. It has full-grain leather uppers coated with Gore-Tex membrane for premium water-resistance. It is built using the Goodyear welt construction, this and the wonderful Danner customer service means you can easily get a re-soling easily.

It has light insulation and is designed for use in the fall and spring. They have every necessary feature to warm and protect your feet which makes up for the expensive pricing. It earns its place on this list.


Decked out in black leather and mustard yellow laces, the Danner Super rain forest boots have a charming appearance. The leather is full-grain and doubly thick to give your feet the regal treatment while its joint is made strong with triple stitches of nylon thread.

The Goodyear welt construction ensure a powerful weld between the uppers and the sole. Of course with Goodyear welt, you can get it re-soled if the sole wears out and with Danner, resoling is easier as they handle it themselves. You can find these boots in either composite toes (11550) or soft toe model (11500). The double leather is so strong that some construction workers feel safe in the soft toe model.

Cambrelle Nylon lines the interior of these boots with a 200g Thinsulate providing warmth against the cold exterior.  They do not offer insulation for the winter. The Gore-Tex liner keeps water away even up to 8” from the arch. There is a high-quality steel shank tasked with holding up the arch of your feet.

These boots meet ASTM F2892-11 electrical hazard rating with a non-conducting sole that keeps you safe from live wires. The Vibram rubber sole has angled lugs to ensure great grip in all directions, whether wet or dry surface, you can walk confidently.

Comfort and Fit

These boots come with a plush detachable insoles saving you the stress of acquiring a separate one from your local store. The shank does its job of supporting the feet with aplomb while the nylon lining gives you a soft feel ensuring that the chances of discomfort are little to nonexistent except you get the wrong size.

You can get these beauties in medium and wide model for each size. The sizes may not match perfectly like the Chippewa Supper Loggers but the Danner Super Rain Forest is true to size generally.


  • Composite or soft toe option.
  • Double thick full-grain leather.
  • 200g Thinsulate.
  • Gore-Tex waterproofing.
  • Vibram soles.
  • Steel shank for support.
  • Electric hazard protection.


  • Tricky sizing.



Chippewa Men's 8' Waterproof Insulated Steel Toe EH...

If you are looking for a boot that has all the safety features required for logging work, get yourself the Chippewa Bay Apache boots. It comes in faded brown colors and is poised to stay for the long haul. It comes with features that make them useful in all weather throughout the year, even in the snow, it maintains powerful traction. They are water-resistant on all sides with a steel toe strong enough for woodsmen. Can you see why they are on this list?


These boots come in a full-grain leather package furnished with metal eyelets and hooks. It mixes up this style with longevity by the use of Goodyear well construction. There is a Chip-A-Tex membrane lining these boots to guarantee waterproofing while a steel toe cap protects the toe and doesn’t get too cold in the winter.

The Chippewa Bay Apache comes with Vibram soles sporting aggressive lug pattern to ensure powerful traction on both uneven and smooth terrain. In the interior, you have 400g of Thinsulate to provide warmth and a Maple Tailbrelle lining to bring that cozy feeling. The upper layer of the boot is lined with breathable Dri-Lex layer to keep sweat away and keep your feet odor free. It doesn’t have an overly pronounced heel like most logger boots.

Comfort and Fit

The Chippewa Bay Apache has a Texon Orthotic insole which forms a lush and safe bedding for your feet. You will find that these boots run true to size.


  • Steel toe protection.
  • Water-resistant leather.
  • Vibram sole.
  • Dri-Lex moisture wicking lining.
  • Detachable Texon sole.


  • It needs a little time to break in.



Ad Tec 9in Logger Crazy Horse Leather Work Boots for...

The Adtec Logger boots command the cheapest price on this list. They are soft-toe boots which are rugged for impact. They can make that seamless cross between logger and casual boots so if you are looking for something a little more Multipurpose, these boots are your best bet. They are oil and water-resistant and pack a modern style that makes them a good bet for this list.


Adtec Logger boots come in an all-leather construction. Compared to most expensive boots, they do not possess interior lining which offer an advantage to lovers of the boot during the summer. While some boot makers claim breathability for their boots, some of them just choke your feet. With Adtec Loggers, you are free to choose the sock or liner you desire. The leather is flexible and smooth on your feet.

The leather on these boots have an oiled surface which makes them water-resistant. They come with an ankle shaft that sit 9” from the arch. Compared to other boots on this list, the Adtec has a more flexible heel but durability is exactly the same as others. Considering the prize, you will be surprised to know you are getting premium construction.

Comfort and Fit

Although it may have no liners, the Adtec does not bruise your feet even when you wear them for very long. The insoles you get are of the highest quality and you can find them in medium and wide models for each size.


  • Durable construction.
  • Zero lining, zero sweating.
  • Water-resistant.


  • No steel toe protection.



Justin Original Work Men's Jmax Logger Steel Toe,...

The Justin Jmax work boots are the direct substitute for the Chippewa Super logger boots. It comes with a steel toe to ensure toe protection. They are waterproof and can serve you as you work in any given condition. It is offered at a reasonable price with a premium construction to ensure longevity. It is only right that such quality rounds off the list. You can check out our list of best work boots.


The Justin Jmax logger boots are large boots standing 10.5” from the arch, they come with a 2.25” heels and a 1” tall platform. With that design, the heel feels natural to individuals who are used to flat boots.  You are assured of great grip on dry or wet ground. You have a 100% durable leather construction with joint made with double or quadruple stitches.

The sole of the Jmax is Vibram with an aggressive lug pattern for powerful traction. They are fully water-resistant and fitted for construction work and logging even on rainy days. You get a Dri-Lex lining in these boots to ensure that moisture is kept far away from your feet. What you get here are handcrafted boots from the United States.

Comfort and Fit

The Jmax comes with the special Justin Jel detachable Orthotic insole. You can get these boots in 6.5-14 in medium and wide models.


  • Steel toe protection.
  • Vibram soles.
  • Dri-Lex Lining.
  • Water-resistant.


  • None

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