10 Best Bouldering Shoes for Beginners

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Climbing has always been a hard case for most people. It needs excessive training and a more sophisticated touch to the ground if you want to keep yourself safe and sound. The best bouldering shoes for beginners are the ones that have a more exceptional grip to the ground and can be easily identified by their size and shape.

In this buyer’s guide, we’ll review the top 9 bouldering shoes on the market right now.

What Are Bouldering Shoes

Bouldering shoes are those who are embracing your feet while climbing and are secured there, usually with no laces on. The latest technology supports the presence of an elastic rubber strap on the top of the foot arches.

A climber knows that it is not wise to start climbing with regular sneakers. The shoes are giving you the chance to explore the ground and make it easier to feel its abnormalities and where you could have the best grip to continue climbing.

What to Look for When Choosing Bouldering Shoes

When you are choosing for bouldering shoes, it is crucial to look at the material that they are made. Usually, leather has been the prior selection, but lately, it has been shown that it loses its abilities to keep you warm and dry when being in higher altitude. That is why synthetic textile solutions provide a more lightweight design and perfect waterproof abilities.

Another thing you should definitely look when you are going for bouldering shoes is their gripping abilities. Their outsole needs to be made of a special rubber alloy, which gives better grip and traction to the users. This can be crucial and life-saving when you are performing climbing.

Features of Best Bouldering Shoes?

These are some of the essential features of modern bouldering shoes:

  • Lightweight design to make you climb easier
  • Better insulation on the side parts to keep you always warm
  • Cushioning is applied in the footbed area to eliminate pressures from climbing.
  • The forefoot area is roomier to give you more stability when needed.
  • EVA midsole can make you feel better when climbing

Benefits of Best Bouldering Shoes

The best bouldering shoes for beginners are always giving special benefits to its users. First, they make climbing a more comfortable and safer task for all people involved. Additionally, they keep the natural shape of the feet while climbing and also retain the blood circulation levels to the normal pattern, which is crucial for your health.

Finally, these shoes are giving you a competitive edge among your colleagues offering better stamina and endurance to yourself. They are also stylish and can be worn in your leisure time.

Best Bouldering Shoes for Beginners

1. La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace – Best Beginner Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Men's TarantuLace Rock Climbing Shoe,...
  • FAST LACING SYSTEM - Quick-pull lacing harness allows for precise regulation of inner volumes;...
  • ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE - Designed to help intermediate climbers smear, hook, and edge like pros; The...
  • CLIMB IN COMFORT - From the gym to the crags, the classic unlined leather upper is soft and...
  • BUILT TO LAST - This indoor/outdoor climbing shoe is constructed from high quality materials; 1.8mm...

La Sportiva Men’s TarantuLace Performance Rock Climbing Shoes are one of the best beginner climbing shoes. With its fast lacing system and all-around performance, this is the top-rated shoe for climbers. For climbing in comfort and making good performance, you should collect this shoe.

This shoe has a quick-pull lacing harness. It offers precise regulation of the inner volumes of the shoe. It can wrap your foot perfectly. Therefore, you can get snug support, fit as well as comfort. For the classic unlined leather upper, it is soft and comfortable.

Controlling moisture and enhancing breathability, overall this shoe is an awesome climbing shoe.


  • Comes with the fast lacing system to offer a perfect fit
  • Features Quick-pull lacing harness to allow for precise inner volumes
  • Wrap the foot with excellent support, fit as well as comfort
  • Designed to help properly with aggressive rubber heel rand
  • Help to enhance comfort and breathability, control moisture


  • May run large
  • Sizing problem

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2. Mad Rock Drifter – Best Climbing Shoes for Beginners

Mad Rock is one of the most famous brands who are making adequate supportive shoes for aggressive performance. Like climbing, sporting, hunting, gyms need excellent responsive shoes to keep the wearer ready to go. This Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe is a 100% leather shoe. It is too light as its weight is 223 grams.

Mad Rock Drifter Climbing Shoe features 2 strap closure. This versatile shoe is an ideal option for climbers. To be very soft and breathable, it has full grain leather upper. A split neoprene tongue helps to easily put-on and put-off. A 3d molded heel allows perfect fit which is very important for climbers.


  • 100% leather material offers soft and stiff free movement
  • Rubber sole comes with 2 strap closure
  • Ideal beginner climbing shoes, 223 grams
  • Last and flat profile delivers long time comfort and
  • Featuring science friction rubber for creating best friction


  • Not for hard surface
  • Size may vary

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3. Evolv Shaman – Best Budget Climbing Shoes

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe - Blue/Orange 10.5
  • Improved fit
  • Added toe rubber for toe hooking
  • Inset front strap for better medial side toe scumming

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe is one of the most popular climbing shoes from the brand Evolv. Very few brands like Evolv can make such type of supportive and protective shoes for climbing. This shoe is made of microfiber. Additionally, it helps to get improved fit.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe has an added toe rubber. It is very helpful for toe hooking. And in climbing, this type of comfort is very essential for the climbers. There is an inset front strap for creating better medial side toe. These climbing shoes for beginners promise to make current customers appreciate them.


  • Made of microfiber material and assists to improve the fit
  • Adds toe rubber for offering toe hooking
  • Features inset front strap for creating better medial side toe
  • Upgrade promises get huge customer appreciation
  • Lightweight, durable and responsive for climbing


  • Sizes are way off
  • Blue and orange in color

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4. Black Diamond Men’s – Best Beginner Rock Climbing Shoes

Black Diamond Momentum Lace Climbing Shoe - Men's...
  • Neutral, flat last for vertical climbing and all-day comfort
  • Engineered Knit Technology upper provides exceptional breathability and comfort
  • 4.3mm rubber is built for durability and molded for optimal consistency and performance
  • Soft flex midsole for added sensitivity and comfort

Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes are a classical and stylish shoe for climbers, riders or who need outstanding support. This synthetic shoe is built to last long. It allows neutral and flat last for the vertical climbing experience. For getting all-day comfort while climbing, you can try out this shoe.

Black Diamond Men’s Momentum Lace Climbing Shoes is made with engineered Knit Technology upper. It delivers exceptional breathability along with excellent comfort. Thus, you can become sweat free and odor free movement.  These climbing shoes for beginners feature lace entry for creating an adjustable fit.


  • Synthetic upper allows waterproof and stable movement
  • Help to create neutral, flat last climbing for all-day comfort
  • Designed with engineered Knit Technology upper
  • Delivers adequate and exceptional breathability with comfort
  • Soft flex midsole supply enhancing sensitivity and softness


  • Not for wide feet
  • Not for a long time

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5. BUTORA Unisex Acro – Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners

BUTORA Unisex Acro Wide Fit Climbing Shoe, Orange, 10...
  • OUTSOLE - Butora NEO Fuse sticky rubber
  • CLOSURE - Adjustable, signature triple fork closure system for quick on off and the perfect fit
  • TOE - Large thin sticky rubber toe patch for excellent sensitivity and grip while toe hooking
  • MIDSOLE - Custom blend ABS injected mid-sole that maintains down-turn for the life of the shoe

BUTORA Unisex Acro Rock/Indoor Climbing Shoes is a shoe for both men and women. It comes with a special Butora NEO Fuse sticky rubber outsole. This outsole makes the shoe stable and supportive of the frequent movement. With an adjustable and signature triple fork closure system, it allows a perfect fit.

Besides. This shoe allows quick on and off and the perfect, customized fit. There is a large thin sticky rubber toe patch in this shoe. It delivers excellent sensitivity along with grip while you are on toe hooking. The midsole is climbing specific. So, you will get the right amount of cushion.


  • Features unique Butora NEO Fuse sticky rubber
  • Adjustable and signature fork closure system ensures quick and the perfect fit
  • Excellent sensitivity and grip allows safe and protective climbing
  • Custom blend midsole allows down-turn while moving
  • Comes with high tension heel for balanced and stable movement


  • Not for wide feet
  • Inadequate heel support

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6. SCARPA Origin – Good Beginner Climbing Shoes

SCARPA Origin Unisex Rock Climbing Shoe, Iron Gray, 34
  • Upper Material: suede leather (1.8mm)
  • Closure: hook-and-loop straps
  • Midsole: Flexan (1.9mm)
  • Rubber: Scarpa Vision rubber (5mm)

Now we describe a shoe which is another rock climbing shoe for beginners. Featuring padded breathable tongue, dual heel pull loops, Flexan 1.9 midsole and many user-friendly qualities, it can be a great option for climbers. SCARPA Origin Climbing Shoe is relatively relaxed in critical situations.

This shoe allows the climbers to keep their feet into comfort.  It has its own Scarpa Vision 5mm rubber outsole. This outsole makes the shoe both sticky and resilient in all the conditions. Thus, a new climber can enjoy his adventure. The flat profile of this shoe allows an easy fit. We recommend picking the right size shoe for getting the best comfort.


  • Padded and breathable tongue adds maximum comfort
  • Feature dual heel pull loops and unique Flexan 1.9 midsole.
  • Relaxed randing allows keeping ease their feet while climbing
  • Scarpa Vision 5mm rubber outsole creates excellent support
  • Comes with thin 1.8mm suede upper and flat profile


  • Sole isn’t so durable
  • Not so breathable

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7. La Sportiva Nago – Best Cheap Climbing Shoes

La Sportiva Nago Rock Shoe - Mens Climbing shoes 45 Red
  • Claimed Weight: 8.4 oz
  • Lining: (tongue and arch) Dry-Best
  • Closure: laces
  • Last: slip

La Sportiva is a renowned brand for climbing shoes. This shoe is one of their best selling products. This leather allows soft and cloudy movement. La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoe is a man shoe. With a ventilated upper and a perforated lined, this is a breathable one. Moreover, there are leather arch areas to offer perfect arch support.

La Sportiva Nago Climbing Shoe also delivers moisture management quality. These beginner bouldering shoes don’t let you slide suddenly. Thus, it can protect you from falling any kind of injury. The 5mm Vibram Edge sticky rubber outsole is an excellent feature for climbers. With an affordable price, you can collect this shoe.


  • Leather, as well as ventilated upper, keep you flexible
  • Offers a sweat-free, odor-free and comfortable experience
  • Comes with lined as well as synthetic leather arch area
  • Excellent in moisture management and for sticky rubber outsole
  • Allows a great fit to deliver performance with proper comfort


  • Way to large
  • Limited design option

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8. Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym – Best Value Climbing Shoes

Five Ten Moccasym Shoes Men's, Red, Size 14
  • Do-it-all climbing slipper with a soft leather build
  • Easy-on, easy-off design
  • Soft build is best suited for crack climbing and gym training sessions
  • Full leather upper provides lasting comfort

If you are looking for a 100% split-grain leather shoe, we offer Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym Climbing Shoe. This a shoe that is made of 100 percent split-grain leather. It has some unique and special features for providing a better climbing experience. For beginners, it can be a good option.

Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym shoe features rubber sole, triple pull tabs, side-exit heel seam, slingshot heel, stealth C4 rubber 4.2mm and many more. All these features make this shoe perfect for any kind of energetic movement. For riding cycle, climbing or bouldering, this FiveTen is offering optimal performance and comfort in every step.


  • Made of 100% Split-grain Leather
  • Features rubber sole with triple pull tabs
  • Side-exit heel seam
  • Resoleable which is very helpful for climbers
  • Offering adequate support for performance and comfort with each step


  • Not so supportive
  • Too way to run large

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9. Evolv Shaman – Best Affordable Climbing Shoes

evolv Men's Shaman Climbing Shoe
  • Microfiber lining in forefoot for comfort and durability
  • Love Bump" midsole puts your forefoot in a comfortable position of power and fills the dead space...
  • Knuckle Box" works in combination with the "Love Bump" to provide room for your big toe knuckle to...
  • Three opposing direction strap closures for a dialed-in fit and snug arch

This is our second pick from the popular climbing brand Evolv. Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe is a colorful, stylish and supportive shoe which is known from the customer review. With blue and orange color combinations, it can create a stylish appearance. These 100% synthetic shoes can be good beginner climbing shoes from Evolv.

With a wide toe “knuckle box”, this shoe goes easily with different feet shape and size. The midsole is also roomy and comfortable. You will get non-stretch performance through the cotton heel portion. Check this out.


  • 100% synthetic shoe with proper support
  • It combines materials in the lining for ultimate comfy
  • Features non-stretch performance in the cotton heel
  • Leather forefoot allows more flexible and frequent movement
  • High-traction footwear comes with highest quality comfort


  • Smaller than size
  • Price is high

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10. Climb X Rave Strap – Good Climbing Shoes for Beginners

Climb X Rave Strap Climbing Shoe 2018 (9.5, Red)
  • Please refer to the Sizing Chart for Recommended Size.
  • Padded Collar and Heel for Comfort.

We close our beginner bouldering shoes reviews with Climb X Rave Strap Climbing Shoe 2019. It is a colorful and comfortable edition from X Rave. It features a padded collar for mid to high arches. This soft padding also offers better heel comfort. It also features double stitch construction.

This climbing shoe comes with polypropylene midsole. For a more aggressive performance and fit, this climbing shoe has a tight toe. And it is very important for climbing to wear tight shoes as he can strongly walk. But this shoe isn’t comfortable enough for a long time.


  • Featuring padded collar as well as a heel for comfort.
  • Precise enough shoe for climbing the next session
  • Features double stitch construction for long time comfort
  • Polypropylene midsole along with one-piece binding
  • Good for aggressive performance offering right fit


  • Not so comfortable
  • Lack of arch support

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Features to Look for Bouldering Shoes for Beginners

The features that can help you the most to pick beginners climbing shoes are:


Though some of you wear loose shoes or prefer loose fitting, climbing needs a tight shoe. Because when your foot gets a perfect cover all-over, it gets proper comfort and support. Moreover, it allows frequent movement which is very obvious for climbing.


There is no sacrifice for support when you are choosing the best beginner’s climbing shoes. To be flexible and enough protective, support through your shoe is important. Moreover, it helps you to be easy and enjoy your climbing. And it is very necessary to enjoy your work.

On the other hand, lack of support causes various injuries and accidents. A rigid and strong shoe keeps you away from injury and pain. It doesn’t allow various foot pain like heel pain, arch pain or other joints pain. So, keep in mind the supports of your shoe.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What Shoes Should I Wear for Bouldering?

Ans: When you are looking for some bouldering shoes, you may become confused. Because there are lots of shoes. Brands like Sportiva, Mad Rock, Four Ten, and Evolv produce excellent supportive climbing shoes. You will get plenty of the best climbing shoes from these manufacturers.

Q. How Do I Choose a Climbing Shoe for Beginners?

Ans: When you want to purchase, you should avoid shoes that have less space in the toe portion. Make sure that your toe is perfectly curved and don’t make any pain while you are moving. Your heel should be sung and perfect in fit.

Q. What Are the Best Shoes for Indoor Rock Climbing?

Ans: Some of the best shoes for indoor rock climbing are: La Sportiva Men’s Miura Climbing Shoes, SCARPA Men’s Instinct VS Climbing Shoes, Black Diamond Momentum Climbing Shoes, Butora Acro Climbing Shoes, La Sportiva Skwama Rock Climbing Shoes, Evolv Nighthawk Rock Climbing Shoes, Climb X Rave Strap Rock Climbing Shoes, etc.

Q. Do You Need Special Shoes for Indoor Rock Climbing?

Ans: Yes, you need special climbing shoes for indoor rock climbing. Climbing shoes are responsive and stable. They provide edging stability that can help you to climb more flexibly.

Best Beginner Climbing Shoes


Best bouldering shoes for beginners are very responsive, comfortable, and supportive for climbers. You should wear climbing-specific shoes to keep you easy and flexible in your way. Otherwise, you may face any sudden injury.

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