10 Best Allen Edmonds Shoes

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If you are looking for extreme quality and great prices when choosing for footwear. The best Allen Edmonds shoes are here to make you feel proud of your choice once more.

This type of shoes that are preferred continuously by many men across the globe since it can be created for their feet by craftsmen who know their job well. These hand-made shoes are one of a kind, and the only way to differ from all others when you invited to social events.

Features of Allen Edmonds Shoes?

What exactly are Allen Edmond shoes? These shoes are craftsmanship from the American footwear manufacturer that is operating for more than a century now. This brand specialized in formal and casual men shoes that primarily made of high-quality leather and soft wooden parts for the outsole.

They are stylish and usually equipped with a solid lacing system that enables you to feel better when you are wearing them. Modern design comes alongside with comfort, and that is why the insole of the Allen Edmonds shoes is softer than any other in the same category.

Lately, the company has made a lot of progress in the gripping features of the outsole, and that is why they are very popular.

Where Can You Buy Allen Edmonds Shoes?

The best Allen Edmonds shoes can buy in physical stores in the United States or online markets like Amazon. With world trade thriving today, there is no need to visit a physical store just to get the right Allen Edmond shoes for your case.

Benefits of Allen Edmonds Shoes

All the best Allen Edmonds shoes have exclusive benefits that include:

  • A perfect fit that makes you feel comfortable when wearing them
  • Lightweight design with perfect breathability of the external leather layers
  • A particular water-resistant substance covers waterproof abilities since the leather.
  • Extreme heel and foot curve cushioning to make it easier to stand while wearing them
  • Protection of the foot arches area with laces that do not suppress the feet

These are some of the most essential features of the popular Allen Edmonds shoes.

10 Best Allen Edmonds Shoes

1. Allen Edmonds Shoe – Men’s Kenwood Slip-On

Allen Edmonds Men's Kenwood Slip-On,Black,11 D US
  • Unlined handsewn beefroll penny loafer
  • Leather lined plug
  • 800 Last
  • Single leather sole

If you check out Allen Edmonds review, you will find this shoe in most of the recommendations. This Allen Edmonds Men’s Kenwood Slip-On is a comfortable one made of 100% leather. This unlined handsewn penny loafer is premium men footwear. It can go perfectly with any formal dress.

This shoe is made of leather lined plugs. There is a single leather sole to make the shoe stable and supportive. It features all classical and preferable qualities at a high level. To be enough support. There are all capabilities to walk comfortably. Overall, this shoe can’t go wrong with you. Check out this and make a tremendous look in your office or outing time.


  • 100% leather shoe with a durable and waterproof synthetic sole
  • Unlined handsewn beef roll penny loafer
  • Comes with leather lined plug with single leather sole
  • Lightweight, supportive and reinvent classic loafer
  • Stylish and quality shoes for regular uses


  • Too much expensive
  • Only for formal use

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2. Allen Edmonds Shoes – Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford

Allen Edmonds Men's Strand Cap-Toe Oxford
  • Classic lace up oxford featuring medallion toe and stacked heel
  • Traditional broguing and pinking
  • Lined premium calfskin leather upper
  • Single leather sole and regular heel. Care use Allen Edmonds leather lotion to remove surface...

The allen edmonds review would be incomplete if we don’t include this shoe. It is a classic but semi-brogue oxford style with shoes. This Allen Edmonds Men’s Strand Cap-Toe Oxford shoe is made of leather. It makes the shoe soft and lightweight. The leather type is cowhide which is very soft and good quality leather.

There is a rubber heel patch at the leather sole. It can go incredibly with jeans, formal dress, occasional outfits and so on. With lots of color variation and, it is stocked in many widths and sizes. It is also recraftable.


  • Made of leather material along with leather sole
  • Features rubber heel patch at the sole to produce maximum comfort
  • A formal shoe with brogueing and pinking
  • Lace-up at top of the shoe delivers proper fitting
  • Help to increase adequate support and maximum cushioning


  • Isn’t wide enough
  • Insufficient color option

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3. Allen Edmonds Men’s Shoes – Strandmok Oxford

Allen Edmonds Men's Strandmok Oxford Shoe
  • Cap-toe oxford featuring decorative broguing, contrast stitching, and medallion toe
  • Care Instruction: These types of leathers can be cleaned using a damp cloth to remove dirt and any...
  • Lace-up vamp; Pinking trims

Allen Edmonds Men’s Strandmok Oxford Shoe is a classical brogue. From allen edmonds resole, this shoe comes with a casual expression. Offering an authentic and timeless style, it can’t go wrong with any formal dress. Moreover, it has a subtle antique and distressed look which is very appealing. It helps to lead your office, meeting and any other occasion.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Strandmok Oxford Shoe offers classic fit. It is designed with 360 degree bench Welt construction. This unique construction quality adds extra for durability and stability. The soft footbed and custom cork insole also create a custom fit.


  • Designed with authentic and timeless style for an attractive look
  • Features classic fit and fits true to size
  • 360 degree bench Welt construction adds proper mobility and durability
  • Soft footbed and custom insole help to naturally mold a custom fit
  • Comes with All-weather Dainite Sole for producing traction and grip


  • Highly expensive
  • Poor support in heel

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4. Allen-Edmonds Shoes – Men’s Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford

Allen-Edmonds Men's Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford...
  • Lace up oxford featuring stacked heel and broguing at toe box. Care instructions The shoe can be...

Allen-Edmonds Men’s Fifth Avenue Walnut Calf Oxford Shoe is one of the best selling shoes. With lightly padded leather footbed, this shoe is very comfortable for walking all day long. It delivers amazing softness and helps to remove stiffness. The most interesting feature of this shoe is it is very supportive for high arches.

Besides all other features, it is made of the smooth single-oak leather outsole. This allen edmonds resole has a supportive heel for a steady stride.  This brogue styling shoe can create a polished and gentle appearance. Along with traditional lace-up closure, it allows an adjustable fit. Don’t be late to experience the comfort of this shoe


  • Lightly padded leather footbed keeps you stable and supportive
  • Cap-toe balmoral comes with premium leather uppers
  • With brogue style creates a polished appearance with formal dress
  • Traditional lace-up closure creates an adjustable fit and support
  • Breathable leather interior locks comfort for long time


  • Leather isn’t so soft
  • Size may vary

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5. Allen Edmonds Shoes – Men’s Cornwallis Oxford

Allen Edmonds Men's Cornwallis Oxford
  • Lace-up balmoral plain-toe with medallion dress shoe
  • Lined premium leather upper
  • Single oak leather sole and regular heel
  • 360 degree goodyear welted construction

We offer Allen Allen Edmonds Men’s Cornwallis Oxford from the Edmonds recrafting. It is a 100% leather shoe. With leather sole and leather insole, this shoe can create a great comfortable movement experience.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Cornwallis Oxford features chiseled toe. It also features beveled arches. That’s why it can offer elegant style rather than any other shoe. This shoe comes with quality, service and integrity altogether.  But for narrow feet, this shoe isn’t so comfortable. We recommend it for wide feet people.


  • 100% leather shoe, features chiseled toe and beveled arches
  • Best allen edmonds recrafting
  • Built with supreme quality leather and supportive sole
  • Very comfortable and easy-going shoe for daily use
  • The manufacturer includes 212 separate production steps


  • Little bit tight
  • Fits narrow

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6. Men’s Nashua Moccasin – Most Popular Allen Edmonds Shoes

Allen Edmonds Men's Nashua Moccasin,Black...
  • Made in the USA
  • Handsewn moccasin with single shawl and tassels
  • Leather lining
  • 114 Last

Allen Edmonds Men’s Nashua Moccasin is a perfect stylish shoe for a modern and smart man.  This leather shoe features perfect durability with a durable rubber sole. The shaft is measured approximately low to the top from the arch. It has Handsewn moccasin with a single tassel.

The shoe has added leather lining. With unique and special hamlet rubber sole, these allen edmonds recrafting are very special for formal uses. However, this shoe is costly compared to others. And it has a limited color option to choose from.


  • Leather material makes it soft and cushioned
  • Rubber sole provides proper stability and durability
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Leather lining of the shoe make it rigid
  • Hamlet rubber sole offers exceptional mobility


  • Costly
  • Limited color option

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7. Allen Edmonds Men’s Boulder Recraftable Shoes

Allen Edmonds Men's Boulder Slip-On...
  • Designed to repel dirt. Premium traction. Rubber sole
  • Handsewn construction. Built on the handsewn 145 last. Premium calfskin leather with constrast...
  • Matching Allen Edmonds belt: midland avenue

Allen Edmonds Men’s Boulder Slip-On Loafer is a 100 percent leather loafer. These loafers from allen edmonds shoes go amazingly with jeans, formal dress, office outfit and any party dress. This is a shoe which is very cheap in rate if we compare with the other allen edmonds shoes. But with the affordable price, this shoe doesn’t compromise with quality and comfort.

This shoe has a rubber sole as most of the shoes have. It ensures durability and support. The heel measurement of this shoe is approximately 1 inch. More interesting feature is it is designed to repel dirt. It can supply premium traction with the rubber sole so that the wearer can be stable on his way.

On the other hand, this shoe has a lack of arch support in some critical situations. For rocky or hard surfaces, it can’t minimize the fall down rate as it is not a slip resistant shoe.


  • 100% leather classical professional dress shoe
  • Heel measurement is approximately 1 inch
  • Premium traction is delivered by the rubber sole
  • Handsewn construction introduces with premium calfskin leather
  • Comes with contrast stitching


  • Problem in fitting adjustment
  • Limited support

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8. Allen Edmonds Men’s LGA Oxford Recraftable Shoes

The Allen Edmonds Men’s LGA Oxford is a classical shoe for any weather. It offers you everything that you want in a shoe. It has a removable and high-quality footbed. The footbed is also a heel-cup footbed. It helps to use custom inserts if you want. So, you can minimize your foot pain if you use it regularly.

There is a durable XL Madison outsole in this shoe. A form-fitting cork layer insole produces more comfort. It can easily go with many foot shapes. Along with a more rounded toe shape, it is super footwear for safe and flexible movement. Collect these allen edmonds shoes quickly.

But one thing, this shoe suits a formal dress rather than another. So, if you want to purchase a shoe to wear with any outfit, you can avoid this one.


  • 100% leather shoe, removable and high-quality
  • Heel-cup footbed allows using of inserts for custom fit
  • Features rounded toe shape for comfortable toe portion
  • Built with 360-degree Goodyear welted construction
  • Premium leather upper provides proper breathability and air-circulation


  • Not breathable
  • Style for formal dress

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9. Allen Edmonds Shoes – Men’s McAllister Wing Tip

Allen Edmonds Men's McAllister Wing Tip
  • Luxurious wingtip oxford with decorative broguing, pinking, and piping
  • 360 degree welt construction. Care use Allen Edmonds leather lotion to remove surface residue and to...
  • Six eyelet lacing

From the most popular allen edmonds shoes, we pick this Allen Edmonds Men’s McAllister Wing Tip for its quality and comfort. It is a 100% leather shoe featuring a leather sole. This luxurious wingtip oxford has been built with 360 degree welt construction. It is special care of allen Edmonds.

The company uses good quality leather to keep you soft and pliable. The six eyelet lacing lets you get custom fit. For its rich and attractive leather upper and responsiveness, it will become a great collection for your dress wardrobe.

But this shoe has some bad sides also. It is not so comfortable for a long time. Therefore, you have to use them on short trips or short time uses. But all other features are very special and help to neglect this simple drawback of this shoe.


  • 100% Leather shoe comes with leather sole
  • A luxurious wingtip oxford collection
  • 360 degree welt construction allows amazing traction and grip
  • Proper care keeps the leather soft as well as pliable
  • Feature unique six eyelet lacing


  • Uncomfortable for long time
  • Arch support isn’t so high

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10. Allen Edmonds Men’s Carlyle Oxford Recraftable Shoes

We include Allen Edmonds Men’s Carlyle Oxford as our last shoe in this review. It is another member of the classical Allen Edmonds collections. It is made of 100% leather as well. It also has a leather sole. The heel isn’t so high. It is approximately 1″. So, you can easily go with any type of outfit.

Allen Edmonds Men’s Carlyle Oxford is made with premium leather uppers. It is breathable and lightweight. The type of built method is Bench Welt construction. Therefore, it delivers optimal cushioning. With full leather linings and leather soles, the wearer can get a soft feeling in every step. These most popular allen edmonds shoes are very attractive also.


  • 100% Leather shoe with leather sole
  • Heel and platform are measured approximately 1″ and 0.25″
  • Premium leather uppers produces super level cushion
  • Featuring bench Welt construction along with full leather linings
  • Good for regular use


  • May run large
  • Sizing problem

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Criteria to Choose the Best Allen Edmonds Shoes

There are obviously some criteria to pick the best shoes from allen Edmonds. You can’t randomly pick from this brand as all companies have good and bad shoes. The associated features are described below.


First of all, when you are in Allen Edmonds collections, price is a great issue. It can’t be ignored that most of the shoes of Allen Edmonds are pricey. But you must consider their material, their quality, and their return policy. We think it is a good idea to pick an allen Edmonds shoe rather than three from other glued shoes.


The next factor is the style of the shoe. It should be kept in mind because you want to put-on a shoe with many dresses. That’s why buy such a type of shoe which can go easily with various types of dresses. Slip-on, loafer, and sneakers can be good options. But the choice is yours obviously.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Allen Edmonds Shoes Good Quality?

Ans: Most of them are good in quality, but not all of them. Allen Edmonds uses good leather, the right way of craftsmanship with good materials. They have great popularity among many customers. They have a good return policy. That’s why most of the users love their products.

Q. Is Allen Edmonds Worth It?

Ans: Allen Edmonds shoes worth a good price. Because they have that much quality and features worth it. Most of them are comfy, supportive, and durable.

Q. Can You Wear Allen Edmonds With Jeans?

Ans: Obviously, Allen Edmonds goes perfectly with various kinds of jeans. To nail the different looks, Allen Edmonds offers a stylish and attractive look. Such as smart casual, formal dress, business casual, or any other party-go dress can easily suit with Allen Edmonds.

10 Allen Edmonds Best Shoes


For getting the best Allen Edmonds shoes, our writing will help you a lot. You can try any of them, but you should prefer your desired color and budget. Most of them go properly with formal dress, jeans, and occasional outfits.

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