Best 8 Inch Work Boots

Lately, there has been a great debate about the use of 8 inch boots in place of the 6 inch boots. This is true for all craftsmen as well as construction workers who need the best protection for their feet. The best 8 inch work boots are the ones that keep you safe and comfortable during your shift.

However, we have seen many work boots that you are also able to wear in your leisure activities should you wash and clean them properly. Most of these boots are made of quality leather and plastic materials that could really make a difference in your daily life.

Should I get 6 or 8 Inch Work Boots?

The 6-inch boots used to be a good choice for people being in the construction business. However, lately, the 8-inch boots have set the trend for dealing with heavy equipment in the workplace. That is because they are covering the bigger part of the ankle area.

This is a protective action against any type of injury that may happen during your work shift. Not to mention that most of the 8-inch boots now sold on the market are having steel toes that are extra protection for your toe fingers.

What Are the Best Uses of 8 Inch Boots?

The best uses of the 8-inch boots are:

  • Construction. They can help you stay steady and balanced for longer periods of time. Best for walking on hard concrete floors.
  • Driving heavy vehicles. They 8-inch boots embrace your feet and ankle area making it impossible to lose grip with the ground. That is to ensure that you will not have a driving accident when operating heavy vehicles.
  • Plumbing tasks. Plumbers will love the 8-inch boots since they pose a natural barrier between the rainwater and the inner part of the shoes. It is important to wear them while working since slippery terrains are their usual environment.

Features of Best 8 inch Work Boots

The 8-inch boots are usually having:

  • Larger upper mesh and shaft. This is to embrace the foot arches area and give you a more comfortable look when wearing them.
  • Breathable inner. They have special holes to allow the airflow passing through the boots and reduce the thermal impact that may cause tiredness and anxiety.
  • Durable and solid outsole. These boots are having more specialized lugs on the outer part to give you better grip and traction on any kind of terrain.
  • Removable insoles. This feature can give you better hygiene and allow you to wear your boots for longer with no fear for “smelly feet”.

Benefits of Best 8 Inch Work Boots

Of course, there are many benefits associated with the use of 8-inch boots. First, you look a lot more stylish and you can even use the boots for your leisure time.

Additionally, the boots are giving you the authority you need when socializing. That is why most of the craftsmen opt-out for the 8-inch boots.

Finally, the 8-inch boots give you more specialized protection to the footbed and ankle areas.

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